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Lin Qiye did not dare to try it.

For a moment, Lin Qiye could not help but feel helpless.

“Mental control is an illusory, invisible, and untouchable method.

Its strange and troublesome.”

Lin Qiye silently simulated the battle in his heart.

He realized that he might not be able to handle a battle with a mental-type powerhouse with SSS-Grade talent unless he could successfully launch a sneak attack.

However, with the strength of the opponents mental power, he would definitely detect it in advance.

Even if the opponent was a fragile mage, what could Lin Qiye do if he could not get close

Lin Qiyes head started to hurt.

“How should I kill this enemy”

“I cant deal with the Painted-skin Demon.

I can only target the Destroyer, but when Im fighting a mental-type powerhouse, I could do nothing…”

Lin Qiye frowned.

He was at his wits end.

However, an hour later, Lin Qiyes brows suddenly relaxed.

“How could I forget about this If I want to kill the Destroyer, why must I fight alone

“I can gather experts from the higher-ups, find some experts with mental-type talents, and gang up on the Destroyer.

Isnt that enough

“I only need them to delay the Destroyer, and Ill carry out the assassination.”

Thinking up to this point, Lin Qiye chuckled.

In the human alliance, isnt it simple to find a few top-notch mental-type Awakeners

With their help, it shouldnt be difficult to kill the Destroyer.

Hence, Lin Qiye immediately took out his phone to contact Ning Luo.


Gu! Is there anything you need me to do”

Ning Luo was currently dealing with some important matters.

When her phone rang, she was a little impatient, but when she saw that it was Lin Qiye calling, she immediately put down the matter in her hand.

She acted respectfully.

After all, the scene of Mr.

Gu holding down the Demon Emperor and the Son of the Netherworld by himself shocked her deeply.

Towards this man, Ning Luo didnt dare to be negligent.

“If theres anything, Ill help you handle it.

Just say the word.”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“I ran into some trouble.

Right now, I need a batch of Awakened ones with mental-type talent.

The higher the grade, the better.”

“Remember, I only want the best.”

It was the first time Lin Qiye emphasized this point.

Ning Luo was stunned and a little puzzled, but shedidnt ask in detail.

Instead, she replied firmly.

“Okay! Mr.

Gu, please wait for a while.

Ill immediately contact all the mental-type Awakened ones! Even if theyre on a mission, Ill get them back.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Go ahead.

Im on my way.

Ill come to Yanjing personally.”

Ning Luo was stunned.

It seemed like something had happened.

Otherwise, Gu Shaoshang wouldnt have personally visited.

Ning Luo acknowledged.

Then, she quickly informed the higher-ups.

“What Mr.

Gu is making a move again”

“What is it”

“I dont know.


Gu didnt tell me in detail, so I didnt dare to ask.”

A few elders pondered.

“Mental-type Awakeners are rare…”

“What is he trying to do Its hard to guess.

Could it be that he has a mental-type opponent”

The group looked at each other.

Half a day later, Lin Qiye arrived at Yanjing.

Ning Luo came out to welcome him and brought Lin Qiye to the Awakener Alliance.

“Do you want to meet Mr.

Chen Mr.

Chens talent is the SSS-Grade Law of Speech.

Like you, hes the guardian of Country Hua.”


Lin Qiye went to meet Mr.



Chens hair was grey, but his eyes were shining.

He pulled Lin Qiye and chatted for a long time.

“The humans are lucky to have you.


If it werent for Mr.

Chen, the humans would have perished long ago.


Chen is the pillar of the country.”

The two of them talked about business.

A few hours later, the best mental-type Awakeners had all returned.

They waited for Lin Qiyes arrival in the office.


Gu wants our help”

“What kind of dangerous area would it be Even Mr.

Gu needs help.”

“There will definitely be a danger, but there might be opportunities.

After all, this is a powerful expert who can suppress the Demon Emperor and the Son of the Netherworld alone.”

The four mental-type powerhouses discussed animatedly.

Of course, there was also a lonely young woman sitting in a remote corner.

Lin Qiye slowly walked into the meeting room and cleared his throat.

“Hello, everyone.

My name is Gu Shaoshang.

This time, I would like to ask you to help me fight.”

Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

He swept his gaze across the five powerhouses.

In Country Hua, there were only five top-notch mental-type powerhouses among a population of two billion.

It was pitifully few.

No wonder the humans were suppressed so badly by the demons and the Winged Wolf Tribe.

Could five mental-type powerhouses at the God level and above really stop the Destroyer

Lin Qiye was a little doubtful, but he did not show it.

Instead, he invited them warmly.

“Are you willing to fight with me”

The five of them nodded, including the young woman sitting in a remote corner.

“Im willing.


Gus goal is to protect humans.

Why would we reject you”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“Since thats the case, please introduce yourselves and your abilities.”

A bald old man stood up, “My name is Lu Hu.

My ability is Mountain Army, S Grade.

It can give an armys spirit group strengthening, ensuring that their morale and spirit will not collapse.

It can increase their combat strength by 100%, but the maximum increase number is 50,000.”

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