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Lin Qiye studied it carefully.

Finally, from his complicated memories, he found the source of the familiar feeling.

“Could this guy be the young Laster of the Wolf Tribe that I crushed”

“Its really him.

What a small world.

In his previous life, he was so weak.

I didnt expect to meet him again in this life, ha…” Lin Qiye laughed.

He connected everything.

The Life Lantern Gem had mentioned that the Fated Empress had once sent an avatar out to seek help but met a demon race organization.

And the Wolf Tribe of the Qin Dynasty Universe had just appeared out of nowhere.

It was probably the Wind Emperors doing.

As for the other universes, there had to be an evil demon race trying to stop them.

It also confirmed the Wind Emperors claim that it was in a deep slumber.

It was in a deep slumber to stop…

“Based on this deduction, the Empress of this world is Zhu Yuheng, that girl.”

“No wonder she yearned to become the Empress.

Perhaps she has been stopped so many times that she has forgotten her ultimate goal, but she still remembers her belief.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

His strong intuition told him that the Wind Emperor in the video was the Wolf Tribes Young Lord!

And the spell that even the demon race feared was the Doom Arrow.

Because of its existence, the demon race and the Winged Wolf Tribe fought endlessly, and they wouldnt even be distracted to destroy humans.

“So, according to the original foundation, the timeline hasnt changed.

Then, the Black-Winged Wind Emperor might have used the Doom Arrow on the demon race before the Fated Empress rose.

“It will cause the Winged Wolf Tribe to attract the hatred of the demon race.

“And now, I have interrupted the original script…”

Lin Qiye rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

The gears of fate were truly treacherous and unpredictable!

He shook his head helplessly.

“If I can fix it, the danger will cease to exist, right”

As he thought of this, Lin Qiyes eyes suddenly lit up.

He had grasped the means to break the situation – It was too easy if he could figure out the cause and effect!

Lin Qiye smiled.

“All I need to do is let the demon race discover the Doom Arrow and realize how heaven-defying and strange it is.

Then, we can use the benefits to sow discord between the two parties.”

He sneered.

The demon race and the Winged Wolf Tribe had similar strengths and were wary of each other.

Life-and-death battles between the two had occurred many times.

It wasnt difficult to sow discord between them, especially since the demon race didnt know that the Wind Emperor had the Doom Arrow.

If the Demon Emperor knew about the Doom Arrow, what would he think

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiye came up with a complete plan.

Then, he did not waste any time and immediately began to make arrangements.

He wanted to write a letter and send it to the Demon Emperor and the higher-ups of the demon race.

However, he did not write a letter to the Demon Emperor directly.

Instead, he drafted a letter to the Wind Emperor.

The letter was written in the tone of Jiang City Commander as if he was colluding with the Wind Emperor.

The letter detailed how the commander solved the Emerald Lake Incident under the Wind Emperors command, dealt with the Scale-skinned Demon invasion, and killed 26 of them.

He hailed the Wind Emperor as the top expert in the world.

With both wisdom and courage, the Wind Emperor would unify and rule the world!

After that, the “commander” congratulated the Wind Emperor for comprehending the Doom Arrow and looked down on the demons.

Once the Doom Arrow was released, the Demon Emperor, a piece of trash, would have his fortune halved.

He even said he would send a sacrificial offering for the Wind Emperors pyramid altar.

In short, Lin Qiye unintentionally revealed all the heaven-defying aspects of the Doom Arrow.

It could destroy a races fortune, and all geniuses are helpless against it.

Also, the Doom Arrow was already an immortal technique.

At the same time, he also unintentionally revealed the method to determine if the Wind Emperor was preparing the Doom Arrow, which was to find the pyramid altar.

On the other hand, Lin Qiye imitated the commanders tone, saying that he and his superior were hiding in the upper echelons of the human race.

They were waiting for the Wind Emperor to give the order, and they would intentionally bring along human experts to continuously weaken the elites of the demon race.

They would make the demon race suffer in silence and not notice anything!

It could even be said that the Winged-Wolf Royal Family could pretend to ally with the demon race to attack the humans but suddenly turn on the demon race with the humans, letting the demon race realize that they were too naive.

In short, between the lines, it was all about the Winged-Wolf Royal Family and the human race scheming against the demon race.

If the Demon Emperor were to see this, he would be gritting his teeth in anger.

After writing this letter that would cause the Demon Emperors blood pressure to rise, Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

“The best way to sow discord is to let them accidentally see this news and convince themselves…

“Ill let the demon spies in Zhongnan City obtain this letter and send it to the Demon Emperor.

When that time comes, the Demon Emperor will definitely hold a grudge against the Wind Emperor.”

Lin Qiye folded the letter and sent it through the communication channel where the Winged-Wolf Royal Family had planted spies among humans.

At the same time, he also revealed the letters whereabouts to the demon races spies.

No one realized that a letter that could change world history was sent to Zhongnan City.

Neither the Winged-Wolf Royal Familys spies nor the spies of the demon race found anything unusual.

They were under Lin Qiyes silent and untraceable control.


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