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Lin Qiye was expressionless when he listened to the notification.

He was already used to it.

After all, the Empress Universe was extremely dangerous and unique.

There was no way to cultivate here.

There were only natural talents and special abilities.

Furthermore, with the great prosperity of demons and devils, even the Heavenly Dao would be eroded.

One could imagine how creepy it was.

Lin Qiyes life had been fraught with misfortune, and he was already used to it.

He had long since sensed that a great calamity would arrive every three months.

Therefore, his face was calm, and he was only thinking silently.

Without a doubt, the suppression of a peak God-level expert was a great calamity.

However, thanks to Lin Qiyes wisdom, there were still six months left before the disaster happened.

In other words, Lin Qiye bought himself three more months, allowing him to face this matter more readily.

“However, six months is still not enough.

By then, I should be able to reach the semi-god level.

“But the problem is that the powerhouse who suppressed me is a peak God-level expert from Yan Jing! He must be SS-Grade and above.

His talent development rate must be at least 98%.

He might even have some special abilities.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been suppressed to death.”

Lin Qiye frowned.

Six months later, he would be at the semi-god level, and he had the support of the Thunder God Aspect.

Since he could still be suppressed, meaning that the other party must be a veteran powerhouse.

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

“I cant beat him in a fight, and I cant run away either.

Then, the only way is to stall for time.

And theres only one way to stall for time-

“Ill let this expert have no reason to come to Jiang City!”

Lin Qiye immediately grasped the key to solving the situation.

If the twenty-six cities werent destroyed, Jiang City wouldnt stand out.

If the expert wanted to come, he would have to find an excuse.

And while he was searching for an excuse, Lin Qiyes cultivation could still improve further.

To Lin Qiye, time was the most precious.

If he had a few more months, he would definitely be able to rush to the level where he could crush the other party!

Therefore, what Lin Qiye was fighting for was time!

“According to the prompt, twenty-six cities have been invaded by the Scale-skinned Demon… If I can find all of them, everything will be fine.

“With my first experience, I can definitely find them quickly.

The demons are usually in the mission centers or a place that can be in close contact with the Awakened ones…”

Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

“As long as I can expose them, I can stall at least another three months!”

His gaze burned, and he immediately copied the search method he used in Jiang City and gathered all the information he could find.

If he couldnt find any information, he would use Deduction of Genesis to get the means of hacking.

After he got it, he would use the same method to search and try to find the Scale-skinned Demon.

Hence, in the next three months, Lin Qiye focused on his training while he started to gather information about the cities infiltrated by the Scale-skinned Demon.

Using the Deduction of Genesis, he quickly became the mastermind behind the scenes.

He quietly monitored all the information about the cities.

Whether it was ordinary civilians, Awakened ones, Demon Hunters, city officials, or jobs in close contact with the Awakened, Lin Qiye checked them out one by one.

The main targets were naturally the jobs in contact with the higher-ups of the human race.

Lin Qiye put himself into the Scale-skinned Demons shoes and selected potential targets.

And so, the people of the 26 cities were classified by Lin Qiye into three levels of possibility.

Heavy, middle, and light.

For these suspicious people, Lin Qiye went through them repeatedly.

For three months, his workload made ones scalp tingle.

However, Lin Qiye was already used to it.

There was nothing much to say.

After all, he had super intuition and the blessing of the Gold-tier Wisdom Card.

He could determine whether the other party was infected or not through many details.

Hence, during the day, he worked hard to train his talent.

At night, Lin Qiye would spend some time in the vast crowd looking for traces of the Scale-skinned Demon.

Whenever Lin Qiye began to search for traces of the Scale-skinned Demon, he was like a God.

All data and images became Lin Qiyes eyes and ears, eavesdropping on the situation for him.

Of course, if the Yin Crow hatched, Lin Qiye could save a lot of effort.

However, that egg hasnt moved an inch.

Lin Qiye smiled.

Suddenly, a skilled socialite in the video caught his attention.

“Ive caught one! A courtesan, is it It is indeed the identity that the Scale-skinned Demon likes.

“Very good.”

Lin Qiye paused the videos and locked his gaze on the courtesan.

She was hidden very well, but there was something wrong with her expression just now.

That expression did not belong to her identity or her human and social class.

Lin Qiye recorded all the information about her identity in his notebook.

Then, he made his move again and found a few more Scale-skinned Demons.

Now, it was nothing challenging for Lin Qiye to find the Scale-skinned Demon.

Although they were good at disguising and were almost the same as humans, demons were still demons after all, and there was always a slight difference between them and humans.

As long as one paid attention to it, their disguise could be easily seen through!

Thus, in the first month, Lin Qiye found four Scale-skinned Demons.

His talent development rate also reached 75%.

In the second month, he had already caught all the Scale-skinned Demons in thirteen cities.

His talent development rate also broke through to 76%.


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