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Lin Qiye was not an indecisive person.

He did not hesitate to use his Talent Ability Derivative Card.

The moment he used the card, it quickly turned into a golden ray of light and fused into Lin Qiyes body.

An indescribable sense of comfort seeped into his soul and swept through Lin Qiyes limbs and bones!

He could clearly feel that the Spirit and Qi in his body were tugged in an instant, undergoing an earth-shaking change as if their quality had increased!

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“It seems this is a special opportunity in a simulation, directly improving my Dao bone.

As expected of this world!”

Lin Qiye was pleasantly surprised as he felt the changes in his body.

His original Dao bone was just lightning, full of destruction that made people despair.

But now, the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone had a trace of a protective attribute.

It was a kind of spell that was born!

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“Thunder God Aspect”

After he felt the spell flowing in his blood, he couldnt help but be curious.

He immediately collected his thoughts and sank his mind into his consciousness.

Lin Qiye looked at a giant sculpture floating in his consciousness.

It was transparent, and its body was flowing with purplish-blue light.

The sculpture was tall and slender.

It was the same as Lin Qiyes body.

However, its body was covered in a layer of exquisite and dense scales.

The scales were like dragon scales, giving off a tyrannical and intimidating aura.

On his shoulder, adragons head looked over.

Meanwhile, the sculptures right hand gently supported the pitch-black long saber.

The sculpture stood in the center of his consciousness.

Lightning surged around it, making it seem like a God from the heavens, awe-inspiring and inviolable.

Lin Qiye sensed the connection between the sculpture and himself and immediately knew.

All he needed to do was gather the power of lightning and draw out every detail of the sculpture.

Once it was filled with the power of lightning, he could summon the sculpture to strengthen himself.

If his sculpture wasnt broken, his real body wouldnt be destroyed!

“If my sculpture is intact, physical and magic damage wont be able to hurt me Is this the Thunder God Aspect! Is it really not another SSS-Grade talent”

Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

He was too surprised.

There was no doubt about it.

The Thunder God Aspect was an ultimate defensive measure!

The Thunder God Aspect would summon the sculpture inside him.

All the enemys damage would be absorbed by it at the first instance.

If the sculpture wasnt broken through, Lin Qiye himself wouldnt be harmed!

Such a defensive method could be said to be heaven-defying!

In addition to its powerful defensive ability, the sculpture could change its form freely in theory.

As long as he had enough lightning power, it wouldnt be a problem to expand the sculpture to tens of thousands of meters.

Similarly, if the users control ability were precise enough, it wouldnt be a problem for him to turn his sculpture into a sparrow or even a needle.

How domineering would it be for him to expand his sculpture to tens of thousands of meters, looking down on the mountains and sea, trampling over everything, and making an army of millions seem like ants beneath him

The army could only look up to him.

No matter how hard they attacked, they could not break his sculpture.

They could only feel a deep sense of despair.

Of course, the miniaturized sculpture also had unimaginable power.

After shrinking in size, it would have more agile mobility and could be used as a sneak-attack weapon.

At that time, it could transform into a bird and turn into a bullet to pierce the enemys heart.

This attack method would probably make any opponent tremble in fear.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the Thunder God Aspect alone would be an SSS-Grade talent!

Now that the two SSS-Grade talents were combined, along with the divine ability Deduction of Genesis, invincibility was right in front of Lin Qiye!

At this moment, Lin Qiye smiled.

His heart felt refreshed and relaxed.

“I must bring back the Thunder God Aspect! Compared to the Gold-tier defensive martial art, Golden Rainbow Bell, the Thunder God Aspect is definitely peak diamond-tier.

Not only can it defend, but it also has lethality.

“If I dont bring it back, Ill lose a billion movement points!”

Lin Qiye let out a breath.

The conviction in his heart became even more firm.

The main world was extremely dangerous!

The Painted-skin Demon was even more dangerous than the Scale-skinned Demon.

Outside Star City, the Hydra Demon was still eyeing him like a tiger eyeing its prey.

If he didnt bring back the good stuff, Lin Qiye wouldnt be able to establish a foothold in the main world!

“Regardless of the ability to control lightning or the Thunder God Aspect, I have to bring them back!”

Lin Qiye thought to himself.

No one could stop him!

However, he also knew that if he wanted to take away those treasures, he still needed to obtain an SSS-grade rating and save the Fated Empress.

Hence, in this simulation,he had to solve all the problems perfectly!

No one could stop him from changing this world! He would kill any God that stood in his way!

Even if Zeus came to block his way, Lin Qiye would still smash his head into pieces!

As his thoughts reached this point, faith rose within him.

At this moment, the Life Lantern Gem suddenly resounded in his mind.

[Life Lantern Gem Notification: You are three years and nine months old.

Country Huas Southern Alliance was in turmoil, and the Scale-skinned Demon invaded 26 cities, turning them into a demon paradise.

The humans suffered heavy losses.

Jiang City became a base for humans to fight against demons.]

[A large number of Awakened fled to Jiang City, making it tougher to manage.

Many leaders descended from the sky, and there were even top-tier experts from Yan Jing.]

[For some reason, the Shanhai demon-hunting squad had offended a higher-up.

All members were locked up in prison, and the commander was demoted.

You resisted, but a peak God-level expert suppressed you, and you died without a place to bury you.]


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