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“Maybe Goddess Ning Luo invited me to the hotel because she has me in her heart”

Unrealistic fantasies surfaced in the mind of the commander.

“I have to dress up well! People depend on clothes.

Dressing up a little more sophisticated can increase my confidence and make my fighting spirit soar!”

And so, the commander rummaged through his drawers.

“This wont do!”

“This is too old-fashioned!”

“This is too fancy!”

He went through all the clothes in the wardrobe before finally picking out a military uniform.

It was the same uniform from Jiang Citys high school.

At that time, the school invited him to give a speech and custom-made a uniform of the same style for him.

“This is just nice.

It will remind Goddess Ning Luo of the past.

High school life is so beautiful.

If thats the case, Ill get extra points, right”

Jiang Citys commander was secretly delighted.

The heroic uniform of the same style from high school was perfect for this date!

He was overjoyed, but when he noticed the slightly sparse hair on his head, his face immediately darkened.

“Time doesnt forgive! Why am I bald after only ten years”

He sighed in his heart, looked in the mirror, and started to fiddle with his hair.

“Someone! Help me!”

He called the makeup team and asked them to prepare for an emergency “hair implant.”

They put hair wax on his head like it was worth nothing.

All kinds of creams covered up the fact that he was about to go bald.

“Commander, are you satisfied with this hairstyle”

“Yes, not bad!”

Looking at himself in the mirror, who looked at least ten years younger, the commander nodded in satisfaction.

He had beautified his image but did not dare to go out for a long time.

The commander paced around the room.

When it was almost time for the date, he gritted his teeth and rushed out with the gift he had prepared.

“Dont be afraid.

I have to be confident even though I am not good enough! It has been ten years.

I have to muster up my courage and look at her seriously.

I must reveal my true feelings!”

Just as the commander of Jiang City was hurrying on his way, in Jiang Citys Shangtian hotel, Room 7, Liu Ying was happily bathing and preparing for the night.

Meanwhile, Xia Shishi sat by the bed.

Her eyes were dark green.

There was killing intent in her eyes, along with a hint of unease.

“This is baffling.

Why do I have a strange feeling in my heart”

It came to the door and secretly checked the situation outside, but it couldnt find anything.

“Did I miss something”

It sat at the head of the bed and carefully sorted out all the details.

From sneaking to Jiang City to dating Liu Ying to meeting at the hotel, it did not show any flaws in the process.

No matter how the demon thought about it, it was impossible to make any mistakes.

But even so, it still felt like it was being watched, as if there was a mastermind behind the scenes staring at it with a deep gaze.

The feeling made Xia Shishi uncomfortable.

She checked the hotel room again.

“There are no cameras, and nobody is watching outside, but why…

“Could it be that I have a guilty conscience… and Im scaring myself”

Thinking of this, Xia Shishi couldnt help but shake her head and laugh.

“Haha, Im really having imaginary fears.

My disguise is so well that I almost fooled myself.

How can anyone see through me Impossible!

“I dont believe that anyone could see through me, and even more so, no one would set up a trap to get rid of me in advance!”

Xia Shishi smiled confidently.

“As long as I take down Liu Ying, the whole plan of infection will have entered an irreversible stage of development.

When that time comes, even if someone discovers my existence, they will be unable to stop Jiang Citys destruction!”

Xia Shishi was resolute and decisive.

If she infected Liu Ying, she could take down a whole Alp-level demon-hunting squad.

An Alp-level demon-hunting squad would be at her disposal.

Even the commander of Jiang City could not turn the tables around!

At this moment, no one could stop this from happening.

After a quick analysis, Xia Shishi no longer paid attention to the inexplicable feeling in her heart.

At the same time, Liu Ying swaggered and pounced on Xia Shishi.

After some time, Liu Ying felt that his body was drained.

His energy, strength, and even his mind felt foggy…

It made him exhausted, but at the same time, he was also thoroughly satisfied.

“Youre really… indescribable!”

Liu Ying sighed.

He enjoyed it very much.

Xia Shishi smiled widely. “Brother, youve f*cked me for so long.

Now, its my turn to f*ck with you, isnt it”

As she spoke, Xia Shishis face turned unrecognizable in an instant.

Her originally voluptuous and curvy figure started to crack inch by inch.

Under the human skin was eerily-green skin.

It was like the skin of a snake.

Every inch was covered with mesh-like soft-scale armor.

A fishy oily mucus kept seeping out from the gaps between the armor plates.

Her head split into three petals that looked like a blooming flower of flesh and blood.

However, it was particularly terrifying.

There was a row of eyes on the top of the petals, and most of her face was a bloody mouth with densely packed sharp teeth.

A sticky liquid was constantly dripping down from the adhesions.

In her mouth, there was even a syringe-like thing to suck blood.


“Let me penetrate you too!”

The Scale-skinned Demon pounced toward Liu Ying with its big mouth.

Liu Yings body had already gone soft from the shock!


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