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[This deduction requires 20,000 movement points.

You have 1,940,000 points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: You obtained the private letter written by Ning Luo (fake) to the commander.

You have gotten the key to room 7 of the Shangtian Hotel.]

Looking at the letter and key in his hand, Lin Qiye glanced at the contents and sealed them together.

From the commanders point of view, he could not see any flaws in the letter.

After all, it was forged by the Deduction of Genesis, so Lin Qiye did not need to worry about any mistakes.

Everything was ready.

Lin Qiye personally made a trip.

He sent the letter to Jiang Citys commanders residence andpassed it to the guard.

At this moment, Lin Qiye wore a mask.

Lightning flashed on his body as he looked down at the guard.

“Give this letter to the commander of Jiang City.

Remember, you must deliver it immediately.

This matter is of great importance.”

The guard sensed the terrifying aura from Lin Qiye.

Not daring to be the slightest bit negligent, he trotted into the manor.

After seeing the guard enter, Lin Qiye disappeared from where he was.

In the manor, the guard immediately delivered the letter to the commander.

“Commander, theres a terrifying Awakened covered in lightning outside the door.

He seems to have touched the God-level and sent a letter.

“Please take a look, commander!”

The commander raised his eyebrows.

Normally, only extremely important confidential information would be sent by a God-level expert.

It would probably be a major event that would shock Country Hua!

The commander did not dare to be negligent.

He hurriedly received the letter.

A few bolts of lightning were sealed on the letter, a device to prevent it from being destroyed.

The commander was solemn and immediately opened the letter.

But when he saw the first word, heimmediately sat up straight.

The writing was too familiar to him.

“Its… Its Ning Luo!”

The Jiang City commander held the letter, and his hands couldnt stop trembling.

He took a deep breath.

It had been ten years.

Ten years…

He couldnt find a reason to speak to Ning Luo, nor did he dare to contact her.

But he never expected that ten years later, the Goddess would contact him on her own!

The commander gulped.

Sweat appeared on his forehead as he browsed through the letter with intense excitement and curiosity.

The letter wrote:

“To Jiang City commander, Xu Xiaoshuang:

Today, I heard you are doing a competent job as Jiang Citys commander.

I didnt expect the cowardly deskmate in the past could take charge on his own now.

The plan to deal with the demons of Emerald Lake was indeed groundbreaking and saved 70% of the city.

The whole Country Hua has received your favor.

However, the demon invasion has become more urgent in recent years.

Its hard to sit still.

Ive applied for a transfer to the Southern Alliance and willarrive tonight.

Tonight, at Shangtian Hotel, room 7.

I have something to tell you.

Signed: Ning Luo.”

There wasnt much content in the letter, but Lin Qiye talked about their past in high school.

He made fun of the commanders cowardice back then.

The commander read the letter more than ten times, holding it and analyzing it back and forth many times.

“Its Ning Luos tone and handwriting.

Looking at this letter, I can almost see that Goddess who was like the white moonlight back then… Shes talking in front of me.

And some details made fun of me.

Other than us, no one else knows about it!”

Jiang Citys commander analyzed it carefully.

In the letter, when Goddess Ning Luo mentioned the good times of the past, her tone was the same as the beautiful girl in his memories.

But when it came to serious matters, her tone became capable and decisive again, and a murderous aura assaulted his face.

She was the proud daughter of the heavens in the Project Sky, with many battle achievements and prestige that overshadowed the three armies.

The commander did not doubt it!

He had been quietly observing Ning Luos movements.

He knew that she had fought on the battlefield a few years ago.

That kind of determination and courage was compatible with her.

Looking at the letter in his hand, the commander felt like he saw Ning Luo standing before him.

Could this be fake

How could someone be so familiar with Ning Luo And know the details that only heaven and earth knew


No one would know so much!

“It seems that she has returned!”

The commander was excited.

The Goddess he had longed for, the woman that made him unable to look at another woman for ten years, has finally returned!

The faint fragrance from the letter made his heart pound, and he could not control himself.

“This time, can I muster up the courage to speak boldly in front of her Does she want to meet me

“In these ten years, Im no longer the cowardly and poor kid from back then, am I”

The commander took a deep breath.

Although there were no ambiguous words in the letter, the commander had held hope in his heart for many years.

He read the letter repeatedly, and his heart pounded as if he had regressed into an innocent youth.

“I want to dress up for the date!

“However, more than a decade has passed, and I seem a little bald.

Moreover, Im only a small commander now, but she is… Will she despise me for being useless”

The commander could not stay calm and paced back and forth in the room in a panic.

He was sitting on needles and wanted to go on the date immediately, but he was worried that his current appearance would make her look down on him.


“I have to see her.

Even if I know I dont deserve her, I must be confident.

Just this once, I will draw a full stop to the remnant dream in my heart…”


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