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The sudden inspiration made Lin Qiyes lips curl into a smile.

“What happens next will be interesting…” He muttered with a grin.

Half a year ago, Lin Qiye had investigated Jiang Citys commander andunintentionally found out about a secret love affair.

Thirteen years ago, the commander was just a poor kid.

Because of his uncles care, he could attend high school in Jiang City.

And when he was in high school, he got to knowa young girl who had stunned him for more than ten years.

Her name was Ning Luo.

She had straight black hair, a tall and slender figure, a face as pretty as art, a family background that made people look up to her, and outstanding overall ability.

She could be described as a proud daughter of heaven.

There were too many suitors for such an outstanding and beautiful girl.

Even young talents from other provinces came to confess but were all mercilessly rejected.

As a poor boy, when Jiang Citys commander was young, he did not even dare to raise his head and look directly into the girls eyes for several months.

Only occasionally did he dare to pursue the girls shadow.

He was amazed by Ning Luos excellence and beauty.

It was as if she was born to be a Goddess and admired by everyone.

Time flew by.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye.

During the graduation season, the commander was fortunate enough to be assigned to the same group as Ning Luo to carry out their graduation mission.

At that time, Ning Luo had awakened an SSS-Grade talent while he had an S-Grade talent.

And behind her was the Southern Alliance, one of the ten great families.

The commander was only a poor lad.

Just standing beside Ning Luo made him feel ashamed.

All this while, he knew that he was a nobody.

He had a crush on Ning Luo, but he had never dared to say it out loud.

In fact, he didnt even have the courage to speak to her.

Only during the graduation mission did he communicate with Ning Luo.

She was a prideful genius and chose the most challenging mission, commanding the team to get perfect marks.

During the mission, she taught him many principles.

However, she was too outstanding, so much so that the commander despaired.

Until the end of graduation season, he was just a loser who didnt dare to look up to her.

When the graduation season ended, Ning Luo was selected for Project Sky.

In that generation, only 30 people were chosen.

Every single one of them was outstanding.

Hence, Goddess Ning Luo left Jiang City and never returned.

In the next few years, the commander worked hard to chase after Ning Luos footsteps.

After experiencing so much hardship, he finally ascended to the position of Jiang Citys commander.

However, rumors had it that Ning Luo had become a high-ranking figure in the country.

It made him feel bitter and helpless.

He knew the gap between the two of them.

He would never overcome it in this lifetime!

She was a swan high up in the sky, while he was just a stray dog and would never be able to catch up to her.

His teenage crush could only be hidden deep in his heart.

It was like the white moonlight, shining on the path he worked hard on.

However, the commander still had a fantasy in his heart.

He knew that although Goddess Ning Luos family was based in Nanzhou City, her ancestral land was in Jiang City, and she had also grown up here.

Therefore, he always had a glimmer of hope in his heart, thinking she might return to visit.

The truth seemed to be the case.

Because of the Emerald Lake Incident, Goddess Ning Luo had recently applied for a transfer to the Southern Alliance.

And if she returned to the Southern Alliance, she might be his direct superior.

Ten years.

After ten whole years, he could finally meet the Goddess of his youth again.

At that time, the commander once sighed.

Did he now have the courage to look up and see the Goddess of his past

“Haha…” Lin Qiye, who had found out Jiang Citys commanders secret, laughed.

“Dont blame me for using your feelings.

The safety of Jiang City is important.

You dont want Jiang City to be destroyed, do you, commander”

The corners of his mouth curled up.

The Goddess Ning Luo had been fighting in the front lines for the past ten years.

She had accumulated countless military merits and reputation.

She applied to return to the Southern Alliance because she had noticed something wrong.

Her actions might or might not have a connection with the commander.

If she directly contacted him, the commander would be suspicious.

However, it didnt matter.

As long as Lin Qiye played some tricks, the commander would willingly lie to himself.

So, even if Lin Qiyes plan isnt perfect, the commander would still be inclined to believe it.

Wasnt there a saying that love would make one blind and foolish

“Hehe.” Lin Qiye snickered.

He silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce the details of the Jiang City commanders secret crush on Ning Luo.”

[This deduction requires 20,000 movement points.

You have 1.96 million points remaining.]

[The deduction is successful.

You have obtained the details of Jiang City commanders secret crush on Ning Luo…]

Of course, to reduce the number of flaws, Lin Qiye did everything he could.

After all, Lin Qiye liked to be sure of everything.

He wanted the commander to fall for his trap, sohe had to make it almost perfect!

Hence, Lin Qiye deduced the details no one knew about.

Looking at the stupid things that happened when the commander was young, Lin Qiye smiled.

All humans love reading gossip.

Lin Qiye read it with relish.

After that, he was deep in thought.

He used the Deduction of Genesis once more.

“Use Ning Luos tone to write a letter to meet the Jiang City commander at Shangtian Hotel.

Also, make a copy of the room key.”


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