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But now, hundreds of thousands of spore demons were submerged under the passage!

Thinking of those spore demons crushed to death by the immense pressure and suffocated by the lack of oxygen, the Heart-seizing Spore Demon felt a sharp stab of pain.


It was too excruciating!

It had been preparing for three whole years but failed the month before its victory.

The feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

The Heart-seizing Spore Demons eyes were red, but it didnt dare to stay any longer.

It turned into black smoke and fled.

Without a doubt, the crisis in Jiang City had been resolved.

Jiang Citys commander led the Demon Hunters to the other exit andcarefully observed the tunnel.

“Without the support of the pipeline coral, the tunnel couldnt withstand the waters infiltration and softened.

It has completely collapsed.

If someone wants to enter Jiang City through the tunnel, theyll need to dig for at least three more years.

“Looks like the crisis has been resolved!”

“I did not expect it to be so smooth.

We did not do much, and there was no life or death battle… It was really easy.”

The Demon Hunters laughed.

The mission this time was indeed easy.

After working for two weeks, they were able to get mission points.

And all of this was thanks to the Shanhai demon-hunting squad.

Several gazes, filled with gratitude, looked at Father Gu, Mother Gu, and the other members of the Shanhai demon-hunting squad.

“I have to say, Shanhais strategy this time deserves a few words of praise!”

Some Alp-level demon-hunting squads cast an appreciative gaze at the Shanhai squad.

“Such high intelligence is enviable!”

“Lets get to know each other.

We are the Greenwood squad, and we belong to the Alp-level.

If we encounter problems that we cant solve in the future and need your intelligence, please dont reject our request for help.”

“We are the Oceans squad, Alp-level! How about exchanging business cards”

“We are…”

Without a doubt, intelligence was very popular among Demon Hunters.

As a result, 5 Alp levels,15 Mountain levels, and dozens of Hill-level demon-hunting squads exchanged contact information with the Shanhai demon hunters.

When Captain Zhao received their business cards, his face turned red, and he was excited.

One had to know that in the past, even if they met a Hill-level squad, they would still have to be respectful and envious.

It was because a Hill-level demon-hunting squad had more than five A-Grade awakened talents!

But now, not only were the Hill-level squads friendly to them, even the legendary Mountain level and Alp level squads wanted to network.

At this moment, the seven members reached the peak of their lives.

Their footsteps were a little erratic as if they were in a dream.

However, they also knew that the glory belonged to the expert behind them – Little Shaoshang.

If it wasnt for the precocious Little Shaoshang, who saw through everything and found a solution, how could they have the glory of this moment

Of course, they were grateful to Lin Qiye in their hearts, but they didnt expose him.

Little Shaoshang had already warned them not to expose the fact that he had proposed this matter.

Hence, the five of them kept their mouths shut.

Father and Mother Gu naturally would not reveal their child.

They stood in the center of the crowd and gave a speech.

“Seniors, experts, the reason why Shanhai was able to come up with this method is mostly a coincidence.

“We dont know if we will be so lucky next time.

However, if you guys help us, we will definitely give it our all!”

Father Gu acted as the spokesperson.

He spoke in neither a servile nor overbearing manner.

In reality, he also wanted to gain some connections.

After all, if he could cooperate with the demon-hunting squads of the Hill, Mountain, and Alp levels, even if he was merely a tactician, he could obtain rewards that far exceeded the B-level missions!

He was tempted, but he also knew that their squad did not have the strength.

They couldnt possibly let Little Shaoshang come up with ideas every time.

That was unrealistic.

Moreover, it was too eye-catching.

He would think about it when Little Shaoshang grew up and could protect himself.

Anyway, they wouldnt be able to improve any further.

As B-Grade Awakeners, their supernatural abilities had already been developed to 100%, and the end of their journey was the peak Pillar level.

There was no need to take the risk to earn more as they did not have the strength.

Hearing Father Gus words, the demon-hunting squads smiled.

“Luck is also a part of strength.

In the future, when we look for your Shanhai squad, its not because we value your strength but because of your intelligence.

If you can solve some difficult problems, we will give you a generous reward.”

“I hope we can have a chance to work together in the future!” The leader of the Greenwood squad said.

On the other side, the commandernodded and let out a hearty laugh.

“I remember that Gu Xuan and his wife live in Jiang City, right

“And I remember that Shanhai is good at relying on intelligence to win.

You are much stronger than the average peak Pillar-level demon hunting squads.

“How about this Are you guys willing to work in Jiang City I will hire you guys for a high salary!”

Upon hearing that, Captain Zhao was stunned, then he looked at his teammates.

Everyone looked happy and nodded at Captain Zhao.

Following the commander was like working under royalty.

It was much better than going out on missions and risking their lives!

Most importantly, they could enjoy special equipment and treatment!

Those types of equipment could not be bought with points.

They had to have a military license.


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