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Behind Captain Zhao were two good-looking women and men.

Among them, there was a short-haired woman dressed like a man.

Her talent was [Shield Strengthening].

Any shield or armor could become extremely sturdy under her support! She could even turn a shield into a wall or change its shape freely!

Without a doubt, she was the teams perfect defense and solid backing.

She had saved the lives of her teammates countless times, and they trusted her completely.

As for the well-endowed lady with long black hair, her talent was a C-grade [Healer].

She mainly healed injuries.

She could heal ordinary wounds within five minutes.

Even if someones arm was chopped off, she could reattach it and buy two hours for the injured to enter the hospital to receive better treatment.

In simple terms, she was a healer.

As for the remaining two men, one had a square face, and the other had a long beard.

The square-faced uncle did not smile.

His talent was the B-grade [Soul Taunt].

When he used his talent, the monsters nearby would attack him first.

With the womans freely-moving shield, they could create a perfect attacking environment for the captain.

The bearded uncles talent was [Training Maniac].

Through training, he could improve his combat skills, muscle strength, and speed.

At this stage, his talent had been developed to 100%.

His strength was almost three tons, and his speed was twice as fast as the other team members.

He was also the groups core combat strength.

The five of them all had a murderous aura.

However, the moment they entered the ward, theysmiled amiably.

“Ah Xuan, Ah Yan, Wheres your son How is he”

“Hes reading on the bed.”

“Reading Childrens books Hahaha, time really flies.

Your second child is already one year old…”

The five of them looked at the hospital bed.

However, when they saw Lin Qiyes appearance and the thick book in his hands, theylooked particularly uneasy.

“Ah Yan, Ah Xuan, wheres the child”

“Thats him.”

“Isnt this an eight-year-old child Your son was only born a year ago, wasnt he Did we get it wrong, or did you guys get it wrong”

Everyones faces were filled with confusion.

At the side, Gu He explained in a soft voice, “My younger brother grew up quickly.

In a month, hes already taller than me, and he can read many books.

Brother, quickly greet them.

The bald man is Uncle Zhao, the bearded man is Uncle Xiong, the square-faced man is Uncle Li, the short-haired woman is Aunt Wang, and Aunt Zhou with the long hair.”

Lin Qiye greeted them obediently.

However, the group of Awakened could not calm down at all.

Their eyes widened with disbelief.

“Is… Is that really little Gu Shaoshang”

Lin Qiye smiled with a pale face.

“Uncles, Aunts, its me…”

Seeing that his family was not lying, the captain was dumbfounded.

He looked at Father and Mother Gu.


“Yes! My little Shaoshang grew up so quickly.

The doctor said it might be due to his extraordinary talent.

This time, his vomiting blood might also be related to his talent…”

Upon hearing that, the group of Awakened was shocked.

“Looks like Ah Xuan and Ah Yan have given birth to a treasure! In the future, hell definitely awaken a top-notch talent!”

“Not bad, not bad!”

Captain Zhao rubbed Lin Qiyes head andtook out a crystal from his backpack.

“This is an Evolvement Crystal our team found by chance.

Its said that wearing this crystal can help you condense your talent in advance.

Itll make the quality of your talent even higher.

Take it as a one-year-old gift for you.”

Seeing the crystal, Father and Mother Gu immediately declined.

“Captain, how can you give such an expensive gift Take it and sell it.

The value of this crystal is equivalent to receiving a B-grade missions reward!”

The captain and the team members shook their heads.

“Ah Xuan, Ah Yan, dont treat us as outsiders!

“We are family who has gone through life and death together.

Take it well.

We are still waiting for you to return to the team!”

“One of your talents is [Fast Reaction], and the other is [Hormone Secretion].

It can double the combat strength of our team.

“We know you want to take care of your children and give them better conditions, so we will help you a little more.

When you are at ease and go on missions with us without any worries, we will still be the ones enjoying.

“Moreover, as the childrens elders, we have no objection to giving him a one-year-old gift!”

Captain Zhaos tone gradually became serious.

Lin Qiyes parents could not refuse.

They could only take the crystal and hang it around Lin Qiyes neck.

“Quickly thank your uncles and aunts.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhao, Uncle Xiong, Uncle Li, Aunt Wang, and Aunt Zhou.”

Lin Qiye revealed a smile.

After thanking them, he quickly focused on the crystal.

Just a moment ago, when he wore the crystal, Lin Qiye felt that his innate Qi and Holy Violet Genuine Qi started boiling.

The speed at which they condensed increased, which surprised him.

“It has the same effect as the Golden Dragon of Fortune.

What treasure is this”

Lin Qiye was curious.

“No, the quality of the universe has become higher, so many treasures become more effective.

“And this universe doesnt seem as simple as a Platinum Universe.

Something feels wrong.

Apart from that, the crystal also makes my bones itch.

It seems like lightning is about to come out and awaken naturally.”

Lin Qiye grabbed the crystal, his eyes burning.

“I wonder how many days it will take for me to become an Awakened This life is too difficult.

Even if I get through this crisis, there will be another next!

“Only when I dig out my supernatural talent and have enough strength can I face everything.”

Strength was the foundation of a stable life.

Lin Qiye held the Evolvement Crystal andpondered silently.

On the side, the team chatted happily with Father and Mother Gu.

“We plan to not do any missions for a month.

After little Shaoshang recovers from his injuries, well take on a good mission together.

With the two of you around, well dare to go all out!

“Were teammates who have shared our hearts.

We can trust each other unconditionally.

If we recruit other people, whether its cooperation or trust, they wont be as good as our old comrades for more than ten years.”

The seven chatted back and forth, reminiscing and looking forward to the future.

And so, in the next few days, Captain Zhao and the others brought fruits, snacks, toys, clothes, and books to visit Lin Qiye and Gu He every day.

Fifteen days later, Lin Qiye had almost recovered.

Captain Zhao and the others suddenly rushed into the ward in shock.

“Ah Xuan, Ah Yan, did you know Something big happened!”


“The mission we were planning to take last time! A nightmare-level demon was involved in it! Six Hill-level demon-hunting squads and even two Mountain-level squads were annihilated!

“Thats a Mountain-level demon-hunting squad! They are all A-grade Awakened with a development rate of around 50%!”

Captain Zhao broke out in cold sweat.

Stone, Pillar, Hill, Mountain, Alp, and God.

Demon-hunting squads were divided into six levels.

Their squad had been fighting for more than ten years, but their points were only at the Pillar level.

Facing a commander-level demon that could wipe out two Mountain-level demon hunting squads… Only death awaited them!

Luckily, they didnt go on the mission.

Otherwise, they would have been in an urn now!

Everyones heart palpitated with fear.

They looked at Lin Qiye.

“If we didnt come to see little Shaoshangs injuries and give up the mission at the last minute…”

At this moment, Father and Mother Gu felt their heartbeats quicken.

“If Shaoshangs injuries hadnt happened, the two of us would have died without a burial ground, leaving only little Shaoshang and his sister…”

The couples hearts twitched violently.

They couldnt imagine the consequences.

“So, Shaoshangs injury is a blessing in disguise”


“This time, Shaoshangs injury saved everyones lives!”

Mother Gu quickly shook her head.

“How is that possible”

“No, its true.

I heard that geniuses with extraordinary talent are protected by the heavens and receive blessings… Little Shaoshangs injury might be like this.”

As they spoke, the demon-hunting squad looked at Lin Qiye with a burning gaze.

Lin Qiye acted innocent, but he couldnt help but want to curse in the next second!

Because the Life Lantern Gems notification sound slowly rang.

[When you are one year and three months old, the nightmare-level Red Winged Wolf King descended into Jiang City, landing above your villa.

Your family of four were crushed to death like ants.

They were trampled into meat paste by the aura.]

Lin Qiye: “…”

Is this a life decent people could experience

“As expected, the Heavenly Dao of this world didnt forgive me.

Its determined to send me back to the main world.”



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