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“The potential of the Temple Demon is the greatest! If it was allowed to develop, Star City would be in danger of being overthrown.

“If we can get rid of the Temple Demon, we can at least reduce the pressure on Star City by half!”

Wen Shuhong laughed as if he had been relieved of a heavy burden.

“Good! Things are getting more optimistic step by step.”

“Li Ren, bring the civilians of Li City into the city and go directly to the Ideal Islands territory.”

Wen Shuhong waved his hand.

The Platinum Practitioner named Li Ren hurriedly nodded.

Song Shu glanced at Lin Qiye as ifhe was asking for Lin Qiyes consent.

Although he was not sure whether the beam of light from last night came from Lin Qiye, he could guarantee that Lin Qiye had gotten rid of the Temple Demon!

Moreover, on the way here, he saw Li You and the practitioners from the Jianghu faction had all died tragically.

He no longer regarded Lin Qiye as a fourteen-year-old child.

Instead, he regarded him as their backbone.

At this moment, he was seeking Lin Qiyes opinion.

Lin Qiye nodded.


Ideal Island is not bad.

Its quite similar to Uncle Songs Academic faction.”

“Okay.” Song Shu grinned.

He was in a good mood because Lin Qiye called him Uncle Song.

He quickly joined the team and walked into Star City, which was not far away.

“Looks like youre willing to join Ideal Island”


Those who would save civilians wouldnt be too bad.”

Wen Shuhong patted Lin Qiyes shoulder.

“Young man, I have high hopes for you.”

“Ill give you the jade pendant.

“Take this, and youll be a member of Ideal Island.

No one in Star City would dare to attack you.

If you need anything, come to Ideal Island and look for me!”

Wen Shuhong stuffed the jade pendant into Lin Qiyes hands.

“Drop your blood into it.

It is a type of magical artifact.

Although its not high-end, youre much safer with it.”

Lin Qiye nodded.

His intuition told him there was no problem with the jade pendant.

Thus, Lin Qiye dropped a drop of blood.


Ill go into the city to meet a few friends first.

When I have time, Ill go to Ideal Island to take a look.”

After saying that, Lin Qiye quickly rushed into the city.

But suddenly, the sky darkened, and gloomy clouds rushed over from afar.

A terrifying evil aura locked onto the space between Lin Qiyes eyebrows from a distance of ten thousand meters.

It was as if a sniper rifle were aimed at Lin Qiyes head.

Lin Qiyes hair stood on end.

“F*ck! Whos targeting me again!”

Lin Qiye was shocked.

This time, he truly felt his life was in danger.

It was as if the gates of Hell opened right before his eyes.

Lin Qiye was drenched in a cold sweat, and his back tingled.

He subconsciously opened the golden wings on his back and instantly disappeared from the spot.

His speed was so fast that no one below Platinum Level could see him.

However, the evil aura that locked onto him was even faster.

Moreover, the destructive aura was getting closer and closer to Lin Qiye, making his heart race like a drum!

“A Diamond Level demon is targeting me F*ck!” Lin Qiye cursed.

“You came here in broad daylight to suppress me Am I that hateful”

Lin Qiye, his scalp numb, held his breath and rushed into Star City.

Behind him, apitch-black ghost head attack locked onto Lin Qiye.

It traveled through 10,000 meters of space and crashed into Lin Qiyes back.

Lin Qiyes heart was in his throat.

“Its a top-notch Diamond Level demon.

With my cultivation level in the early stage of the Embodier Realm, I cant avoid it.”

Lin Qiye clenched his teeth and turned pale.

At the side, Wen Shuhong raised his eyebrows, surprised to some consternation.

“A Diamond Level demon personally moved to pursue Lin Qiye

“What has he done to deserve so much hate”

Wen Shuhong was astonished.

He couldnt understand it at all.

However, while he was stunned, he didnt hesitate.

A golden mountain appeared before him.

The mountain was thick and heavy, flowing with light and overflowing with colors.

There were strange divine runes on it, and its thick aura suppressed everything within a range of a thousand meters.

It caused that pitch-black ghost head attack to become much slower.

And in that split second, the mountain stood in front of Lin Qiye and took the Diamond Level demons attack.


An earth-shattering sound rang out.

The golden mountain shattered, but Wen Shuhong had already appeared in front of Lin Qiye.

Several golden mountains solidified.

The ghost head attack was fierce and pierced through five golden mountains before it finally stopped.

However, after continuously blocking the Diamond Level demons attack, Wen Shuhong seemed to be under pressure.

Blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

His aura became dispirited.

“Go! Quickly go! This demons strength far surpasses mine.

Bring the commoners and quickly enter the city! It will be safer.”

Wen Shuhong shouted, his voice somewhat urgent.

The three Platinum Practitioners and the Silver Practitioners in the group hurriedly brought the crowd and ran madly into the city.

As for Lin Qiye, he had already landed on the city wall.

In terms of escaping, Lin Qiye had some skills.

But he also knew that if not for Wen Shuhong taking the attack head-on, he could not have blocked the Diamond Level Demons sure-kill attack.

That attack was too vicious!

A non-diamond expert wouldnt be able to block it.

Even a Diamond Practitioner like Wen Shuhong had been injured from taking the ghost head attack.

Lin Qiye frowned as he looked at the evil demon that quickly appeared on the horizon.

It was a three-meter tall humanoid Hydra monster.

Its body was covered in red and black scales.

The scales had a strange color and gave off an evil aura.

Below its neck was the shape of a human, but its limbs were like mantids.

Whether it was its legs or its arms, they were as sharp as steel blades.


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