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As he spoke, Lin Qiye sensed his surroundings.

The regular sculptures were firmly rooted in the Black Fog Swamp, unable to be moved by external forces.

But the Gold Practitioners that had just become a sculpture had yet to take root.

Hence, Lin Qiye swept out a lightning dragon and moved a new sculpture.

The sculptures green eyes stared at the neck-twisting demon.

The neck-twisting demon seemed to have been thrown into a swamp instantly.

Its movements were sluggish.

It let out a venomous scream and glared at Lin Qiye with its gloomy eyes.

Lin Qiye remained unmoved.

He walked quickly to Song Shu, Jiang Qingxue, Jiang Nian, and the others.

Seeing Lin Qiye swagger past the neck-twisting demon with his back facing it, everyones hair stood on end.

“Be careful, Lin Qiye.

Thanks to us keeping an eye on it, this demon didnt break your neck.

If you act rashly next time, you wont live to see Star City.”

Song Shu frowned.

However, Lin Qiye smiled.

“Its alright.

Ive already restrained it.

Theres another neck-twisting demon behind it, but Ive suppressed it.

“I used the regular sculpture to look at it, so its movements became slow.

Ive also subdued this one.

Lets go quickly! A sculpture can only hold it off for fifteen minutes.”

Hearing Lin Qiyes words, everyone was stunned.

Some were skeptical.

But after careful consideration, they more or less believed him.

One by one, people shifted their gazes away.

As expected, the neck-twisting sculpture did not pounce over.

“Using the regular sculptures gaze to control the neck-twisting demons movements He is fighting evil with evil.

To think that you could come up with such a method!”

Song Shu raised his eyebrows, his tone full of praise.

“Well done, Lin Qiye!

“Youve made a great contribution this time.

I never thought there would be two neck-twisting demons here.

If they were to join forces, the consequences would be unimaginable!”

Song Shus face was pale, but there was a hint of happiness in his eyes.

“Lin Qiye found a way to restrain the neck-twisting demons, so its safe now! Keep moving forward! Keep moving forward!”

And so, the group walked forward peacefully for ten minutes.

Then, the first neck-twisting demon that was controlled caught up.


Eerie laughter spread throughout the swamp.

The Silver Practitioners at the end of the group whispered to each other.

“Its coming.

We have to turn around and look at it!”



Before he could finish his sentence, a few Silver Practitioners had their necks broken.

They stared with their eyes wide and mouths agape.

They wanted to look at the neck-twisting demon, but their necks were already limp, and they could not move.

They could only see the sculpture at the side from the corner of their eyes.

The moment they saw the sculpture, their corpses quickly began to petrify.

Lin Qiye frowned.

His fingers covering his eyes opened up a little gap.

His gaze accurately landed on the neck-twisting demon, fixing it in place!

After that, the lightning dragon lashed out.

It rolled up a sculpture newly petrified and positioned it at the demon.

The strange laughter came to an abrupt end.

In front, a Gold Practitionerfelt a chill in his heart.

“What a powerful Silver Practitioners.

Is this the strength of an S-grade talent He is even stronger than ten Gold Practitioners.

He saved at least half of us!”

The Gold Practitioners exclaimed in admiration.

“I admire a newbie like him.”

“In time, he will be one of the strongest.

Who knows When we arrive at Star City, we might even have to rely on him!”

The eyes of the Gold Practitioners burned.

Their evaluation of Lin Qiye rose rapidly, reaching a terrifying height.

At the side, Jiang Nian also smiled faintly, her dimples showing.

“He is indeed a genius.

To think he could come up with such a countermeasure in a critical situation.

He is quick-witted.”

Jiang Qingxue nodded.


The sculpture in the Black Fog Swamp cannot be moved.

Although this is a law, it does not apply to the newly formed ones.

It is all thanks to him, a Silver Practitioner, to find this detail in such a critical situation and use it to deal with the neck-twisting demon.”

“He is smart, bold, and quick to take action.”

It was the first time Jiang Qingxue praised Lin Qiye.

Jiang Nian smiled faintly.

“Sister, you rarely praise people, but you praised him.

It seems that this little boy is something else!”

Jiang Qingxue quickly returned to her icy beauty demeanor.

“Im only telling the truth.

However, there is still a long way to go before he matures.”

Jiang Qingxue shook her head.

“Lets go.

We will be much safer once we leave the Black Fog Swamp.”

Whispers broke out as the group of Gold Practitioners dashed through the swamp.

An hour later, Song Shu, Jiang Qingxue, Jiang Nian, Lin Qiye, Chen Fan, and the rest of the Gold Practitioners finally left the group of sculptures.

Without the sculptures, the evil laughter of the neck-twisting demon vanished into thin air!

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, especially the Silver Practitioners.

Tears streamed down their faces as they cried joyfully, “Oh my God, weve finally made it out!”

“What a despairing group of sculptures!”

In front, Song Shus face was solemn as he shook his head.

“Dont celebrate too early.

Although weve left the evil sculptures, weve also arrived at the territory of another group of demons! This demon is even more dangerous.”

Song Shu looked at the buildings faintly discernible in the turbid and evil fog.

His face gradually turned a little pale.

He sighed deeply.

“The thing I was most worried about still happened…

“Everyone, unfortunately, we have encountered the most bizarre Temple Demon.”


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