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Jiang Qingxues personality was like an iceberg.

She was unperturbed when she met anyone.

She was aloof and cold.

However, the girl in front of them was much livelier than Jiang Qingxue.

The dimples at the corners of her mouth contained a faint smile.

Her mouth curved up, making her exquisite features look playful and cute.

Furthermore, Jiang Qingxues eyes were blue, but the girl had a pair of golden eyes.

Her golden eyes shone like gemstones, and it was easy to let down ones guard.

Without a doubt, the girl was good at socializing.

She landed in front of Lin Qiye precisely.

“Can you give me a few skewers of meat The aroma is making my stomach growl.”

Hearing Jiang Qingxues cheerful voice, Chen Fanraised an eyebrow in surprise.

Then, he whispered into Lin Qiyes ear.

“Isnt… Isnt the Island Master a cold beauty

“Brother Ye, did you take her down in secret Impressive, Brother Ye.”

Chen Fan gave Lin Qiye a thumbs up and smiled ambiguously.

In Chen Fans mind, whether it was his ability or good looks, Brother Ye was more than enough to have something special with Jiang Qingxue.

After all, he was Brother Ye.

Chen Fan chuckled.

Lin Qiye shushed him.

“This is not Jiang Qingxue, but someone else…”

While they were whispering, Lin Qiye handed three skewers of dragon meat to the girl.

“Only three skewers.”

“Thank you, Handsome!”

The young girl took the skewers and bit into them with her teeth.

She pulled the skewers skillfully and stuffed them into her mouth.

Her golden eyes lit up, and a satisfied smile appeared on her face.

She wolfed down the skewers and finished them in an instant.

Chen Fan was speechless.

“This is not the Island Master.

She doesnt look like a beautiful woman when she eats.

She is a glutton.”

Chen Fan shook his head andstared at the young girl curiously.

The young girl ignored Chen Fan.

She wolfed down the skewers and stared at Lin Qiye intently.

After she finished the food, the young girl exhaled a mouthful of white smoke.

“Can I have another hundred skewers”

Chen Fan was speechless.

Lin Qiye said, “No, you have to grill your own skewers.

Also, you have to pay Xiao Fan for it.

After all, you ate a little too much.”

“Money is not the problem.

The key is the food!”

The girl sat down across from Lin Qiye.


She moved fast and placed ten skewers of meat on the grill.

Then, she rested her chin on her hands.

Her golden eyes looked at Lin Qiyes body.

Her gaze scanned the tip of Lin Qiyes brows to his eyes, then from his eyes to his nose and mouth, and even his pupils.

She stared at him for a long time.

She suddenly said, “Handsome, where have I seen you before”

Lin Qiye was baffled.

He frowned and said straightforwardly, “Ive never seen you before.”

The girl tapped her delicate chin and said thoughtfully, “Maybe I remembered it wrong.


Lin Qiye narrowed his eyes.

“Handsome, my name is Jiang Nian.

What is your name” Jiang Nian stared at Lin Qiye with interest.

Chen Fan was dumbfounded.

Although he knew that Brother Ye was a charming man, a top-notch beauty had taken the initiative to check him out.

It was obvious that she was interested in him!

Chen Fan was envious.

However, Lin Qiyes heart didnt waver at all.

“My name is Lin Qiye.

He is my childhood friend, Chen Fan.

Both of us are newbie Silver Practitioners.”

Jiang Nian smiled meaningfully.

“Silver Practitioners Hehe.

“Oh! I know why you are so familiar with me now!

“You look like a powerful auntie that I know.

You have the same eyes and face, and you even have the same charm.”

Lin Qiye was indifferent and did not care.

“There are many people who look alike in this world.

Theres nothing special.”

Jiang Nian shook her head.

Her lively eyes were filled with a sweet smile.

“No, you look the same! Your eyes and face are similar to that of auntie.

No wonder youre good-looking.

Back then, that woman was the number one genius and beauty on Heavenly Court Island.

“But… There was an accident later.


You have to be careful.

Dont let that ancient clan on Heavenly Court Island meet you.

If they see you, they will kill you.”

Jiang Nian said something strange as if she was reminding Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye suddenly raised his head.

He realized that Jiang Nians words came from the bottom of her heart.

In other words, Lin Qiyes mother might be alive!

Moreover, he might be involved with some ancient clan.

As his thoughts came to this, Lin Qiye frowned.

“Whats the name of the aunt youre talking about”

Jiang Nian smiled mysteriously.

“I wont tell you.

She suppressed an entire generation back then.

“Unfortunately, her clan produced an even more monstrous genius.

“After that, when auntie and her husband went out to train, their son was treated as the sacrifice to achieve the Daluo Plan.

“Not only was he robbed of something important, but he was also thrown into the black fog as a sacrifice.

At that time, the child was only three years old.

It was too pitiful.”

Jiang Nians golden eyes flashed with a strange light as she muttered to herself while making guesses.

Lin Qiye understood some of the content.

To put it simply, an ancient clan on Heaven Court Island had a plan called the Daluo Plan.


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