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Chen Yihou was amazed as she looked at Qin Yous dark wings.

In the second year of the new age, there was a new development in Chen Yihous faith cultivation method.

The experts of the Xia Universe began to slaughter the evil demons.

The vast and mighty war to eliminate the devils began.

In the 30th year of the new age, two emperors descended upon the sky.

The two great emperors complemented each other.

Xia Universe was invincible!

In the 40th year of the new age, the Xia Universe passed through the demons third line of defense and came into contact with Platinum Spacetimes demons.

Thus, Xia Universe waged a war against the evil demons of the Platinum Spacetime.

In the 50th year of the new age, Qin You discovered and dug out the secret hidden in her body.

The Xia Universe suddenly became unique.

One could not peep into it or enter it at will.

One could also not take away treasures and cultivation methods.

[Due to special reasons, your viewing has ended.]

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[During your simulated life, you have chosen to use up your lifespan to bring back the minor Immortal Technique.

Your life has ended.

Your soul and body are returning.]

As the notification sounded, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows slightly.

Light flashed in his eyes.

In the end, it stopped abruptly.

He fell into darkness.

“Is it over like that”

Lin Qiye had a strange expression on his face.

He was a bit confused and felt incredulous.

“That girl had an epiphany after I glanced at her… I can barely understand this!

“However, how did she summon me when sheinvited the God to descend It looked exactly like me, and even the temperament was the same.

“But the thunder wings were purple-gold… The divine dragons beneath his feet had a divine kingdom in their mouth, which was quite exaggerated.

“And the lotuses of different colors and the sound of the bell ringing, the Dao rhythm ripples spreading out, all of which were so unfamiliar.”

Lin Qiye frowned.

“Regardless of the divine kingdoms or the several colored lotus flowers, they are not ordinary divine items.

Needless to say, they are top-notch treasures.

However, I dont have them…”

Lin Qiye was confused.

He silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

Unfortunately, the movement points required were something that Lin Qiye could not afford.

He could only give up on the deduction.

Instead, he racked his brains.

“If she summoned me, why cant I feel anything”

“Could it be the future me Chen Yihou invited the future me, who has already become a god”


A vague guess flashed through Lin Qiyes mind.

“But can she really summon a future God Is that an Immortal Technique But even so, she cant invite things from the future, right”


Lin Qiye was deeply confused andthought hard.

He could not conclude.

Lin Qiye gave up on exploring this question.

However, after abandoning the first question, a second question arose from the bottom of his heart uncontrollably.

“Why is it that only by believing in me can they obtain the effect of dispelling the black fog and killing demons

“What is the difference between me and other Gods”

Lin Qiye muttered to himself as he fell into deep thought.

Unfortunately, he was still at a loss on the second question.

Lin Qiye was confused as he gently rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

He decisively gave up on thinking about the second question.

However, the third question quickly surfaced.

“What secret did Qin You discover that caused the Xia Universe to undergo a second change It even stopped me from continuing watching…”

Lin Qiye was filled with doubts.

His head was hurting as he racked his brains for some time.

Lin Qiye sighed faintly and shook his head helplessly.

“There are so many suspicious parts that its terrifying.

Its completely impossible to find the answer by relying on imagination.

I can only wait until I become stronger and slowly unravel the mystery.”

Lin Qiye extinguished the wild thoughts in his mind.

Soon, the spacetime eggshell that wrapped his soul and body shattered inch by inch.

The next second, Lin Qiyes soul fell from the soul anchoring square.

“Phew… Ive finally returned after simulating for a lifetime!

“I got an SSS-grade rating this time.

Moreover, its considered to be ahead of my time and over-achieving.

Its way more than an ordinary SSS rating.

I should be able to get a better reward.”

While Lin Qiye was muttering to himself, the Life Lantern Gems notification rang in his mind.

[You have broken through the limits of your life and created numerous legends.

The quality of your Life Lantern Gem has increased and reached gold-tier.]

[As you have killed five Galaxy Practitioners, you only need to use half of your movement points to cultivate until you reach the Fourth Level of the Nascent Soul Realm.]

[At the same time, you can also cultivate gold-tier cultivation methods to increase your cultivation.]

[During this simulation, your performance was heaven-defying.

Youve completed many impossible fate changes.]

[You were dazzling in your youth and highly regarded by the old emperor.

You condensed an Innate Divine Body at age two and reached the Foundation Establishment Realm at six!]

[You traveled around at seven, devoured the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool, awakened 10% of your supreme innate bones, and saved the unique cultivator born with two hearts.

After that, you destroyed the six great sects instantly, establishing your prestige.]

[You were invincible at eight and traveled thousands of miles to attack the enemy.

You burned down the Wolf Tribes imperial palace, killed the Wolf Lord, and saved Qin Xingtong.

You left behind the Dragon Operation, the Empire Infrastructure Plan, and the points store, establishing the Qin Dynasty Universe.

The human race had an absolute advantage over the Wolf Tribe!]


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