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Looking up, the entire sky was covered by the Wolf Tribes Golden Core experts.

The Wolf Lord, who lit up the eighth Gate of Heaven, stood proudly in front of the 20 million Wolf Tribe cultivators.

The aura on his body condensed into evil blood-red dragons that rolled in the sky behind him.

He snickered.

The Wolf Lord narrowed his blood-red eyes coldly and disdainfully glanced at the National Fate Pass.

The first person he saw was Zhu Yuheng.

“I never thought that you would still be alive.

“However, your cultivation has stopped at the weak seventh Gate of Heaven, and I have already stepped into the supreme eighth Gate of Heaven!

“The difference between us is like heaven and earth! You cant even take ten moves from me now.”

The Wolf Lord looked down at Zhu Yuheng.

Then, his long blood-red eyes moved to Lin Qiye.

“As for you, you are also a weak seventh Gate of Heaven.

Ha, even if both of you attack together, you cant do anything to me!

“Today, even if you have the National Fate Pass protecting you, the human race will be reduced to ashes!”

After lighting up the eighth Gate of Heaven, the Wolf Lords confidence swelled to the maximum.

He was too strong.

He could easily crush other half-step Nascent Soul cultivators of the seventh Gate of Heaven.

In this world, he no longer had an opponent!


He had already begun to study the powerful enemies of other universes!

Thinking of this, the Wolf Lord threw his head back and laughed.

“Human rats! Do you dare to come down and die

“Dont you dare

“Cowardly turtles! Since you dont dare to come out, I will smash the natural hazard you are so proud of! I will shatter your remaining confidence!

“10,000 blades – Split open the sea!” The corner of the Wolf Lords mouth twitched as he shouted coldly.

As his voice fell, ablood-colored blade river surged down from the nine heavens!

Zhu Yuhengs eyes trembled slightly.

She knew that the Bloody Blade River was the Wolf Lords ultimate trump card.

Back when she fought the Wolf Lord to the death, his Bloody Blade River made her feel an intense threat to her life.

And now, the Wolf Lords Bloody Blade River was ten times stronger.

Even if she tried her best, she probably couldnt block one attack from him.

“How strong! Is this the strength of an eighth Gate of Heaven expert”

Zhu Yuhengs heart trembled.

She watched helplessly as a vast and mighty blood-colored blade river fiercely crashed into the National Fate Pass.


A shockingly loud sound resounded throughout the National Fate Pass!

The terrifying explosion shook the ears of countless experts, causing their minds to tremble and their hearts to be filled with shock.

And within that shocking explosion, rocks flew on the walls of the National Fate Pass, and a 100-meter-wide gap appeared.

Seeing this scene, the soldiers on the National Fate Pass shuddered with fear and trepidation.

“Hiss – How is this possible He created a gap on the National Fate Pass”

“Thats the National Fate Pass! For tens of thousands of years, no expert could shake it in the slightest! But the Wolf Lord did it.

He even caused damage to the walls!”

The three generals of the Meng family turned pale as despair filled their hearts.

“If the National Fate Pass cant stop the Wolf Lord, the human race will have nowhere to hide!”

“Its over.

Are we really at the end of the road”

Feeling the despair in the hearts of the human warriors, the aura on the Wolf Lords body became thicker and unfathomable like an abyss!

“Are you feeling despair The National Fate Pass that youre so proud of cant withstand a single blow in front of me!

“Ten more times, and the National Fate Pass will shatter! It wont be able to stop the iron hooves of the Wolf Tribe anymore!”

The Wolf Lord laughed wildly and raised his arm again.

An even more terrifying Bloody Blade River condensed!

The Bloody Blade River blotted out the sky and covered the sun.

It suddenly fell from the nine heavens like a bloody dragon, pouncing towards the National Fate Pass, wanting to smash it into dust.

Zhu Yuhengs eyes narrowed slightly.

“The Wolf Lords strength seems to be unexpectedly strong.

Can you kill him”

Lin Qiye did not speak.

He only spread his wings anddisappeared from the spot in an instant.

Zhu Yuheng hurriedly chased after Lin Qiyes figure.

Unfortunately, he had long disappeared in the air.

“His speed has increased by two times compared to two months ago.

Hes really progressing at a godly speed!”

Zhu Yuheng muttered in admiration.

At this moment, in the air, the Wolf Lord, who was controlling the blood-colored river, suddenly felt his heart tremble.

His heart beat wildly, his eyelids twitched, and his scalp tingled.

His subconscious told him that an existence that could threaten his life was approaching.

The Wolf Lord turned pale with fright.

He stared at the ghost-like Lin Qiye with his blood-red eyes.

“What incredible speed.

I had to use all my strength to catch a few afterimages! Those Heavenly Lords didnt realize that an enemy was coming! And the 20 million Golden Core cultivators didnt know anything about it!”

The Wolf Lord sucked in a breath of cold air.

His heart was in turmoil.

However, he didnt hesitate.

In a flash, the evil blood dragon behind him pounced on Lin Qiye.

At the same time, the Wolf Lords mind moved.

Tens of thousands of Golden Core experts in front of him instantly self-destructed.




Terrifying explosions rose and fell continuously like tiny suns exploding.

The violent shock wave covered the sky and shattered the space.

The Wolf Lord took the opportunity to retreat.

As he rushed backward, he cursed.

“B*stard! What kind of monster is this That guy at the seventh Gate of Heaven has the ability to kill me”

The Wolf Lord couldnt believe it.

He couldnt accept this fact!

He had lit up the eighth Gate of Heaven!

He had also cut off the human races fortune and killed the path of breakthrough for that woman and man!

He had taken double insurance.

The final result should have ended with him corrupting the human races fortune.

The human race should be crushed by his iron hooves!


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