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On the screen, the Wolf Lords narrow blood-red eyes burned with flames of fury.

He looked down at the screen, and his face was filled with savagery and ruthlessness as if he was an enraged beast.

Because he was too mad, the space behind the Wolf Lord started to distort and collapse, and the sky and earth became blood-red.

It was as if the world could not withstand his anger.

“Great! Great! The 17th prince of the Qin Dynasty, right You dared to burn down the imperial palace while I was in seclusion! How dare you! Youve successfully angered me!

“Ive remembered you!

“When I march south, Ill crush your bones and scatter your ashes! Ill chop you into pieces and kill you!

“Dont worry! Ive prepared the most tragic way to die for you humans.

Ill deep fry you in oil! Ill chop you into pieces! Ill let you be eaten by ants and maggots for a month!

“Dont even think about dying peacefully for you humans!”

The Wolf Lords smile was cruel, and his voice boomed like a bolt from the blue, rolling in the clouds.

Around the pyramid, the twenty million Wolf Tribe Golden Core cultivators, lined up neatly, were kneeling on the ground, trembling in fear.

Looking down at the endless Wolf Tribe warriors, the Wolf Lords spirit soared.

A supreme aura soared into the sky!

He hovered in the air, and the eight Gates of Heaven in his body emitted a dazzling light.

It was as if eight blazing suns were hibernating in his body.

The blazing light made people not dare to look directly at it.


His dense aura covered a radius of tens of thousands of meters.

The Wolf Lord grinned and smiled sinisterly.

He pulled out the sword on his waist and pointed toward the south with a murderous aura.

“Go south! Go south! Break through the human races National Fate Pass! Destroy the human race!

“I have already lit up eight Gates of Heaven.

With a raise of my hand, I can suppress everything in the world! The Qin Dynasty Universe belongs to the Wolf Tribe!

“From this moment on, my ambition has begun! I will lead the Wolf Tribe to conquer one universe after another!”

The Wolf Lords blood-red eyes burned with anger as he gritted his teeth and gave the order to march south.

His order sounded like thunder and entered the ears of every Wolf Tribe warrior.

In an instant, the morale of the 20 million Golden Core experts skyrocketed, boiling like oil in a raging fire!

“Go south! Go south!”

“Go south! Go south!”

The Golden Core experts of the Wolf Tribe madly shouted.

They turned into a swarm of locusts, looking like a black flood as they charged in the direction of the Qin Dynasty.

The massive army shook the heavens and earth, and even the blood-red screen of light started to tremble.

Wild winds howled.

The mountains and rivers shook.

Even through the screen, one could feel the overwhelming morale of the Wolf Tribe army.

They could feel a sense of pressure and suffocation.

At that moment, in the Qin Dynasty under the light screen, everyone was terrified, and their faces were deathly pale.

The old saying rang in their ears.

When the Wolf Tribe came at them, they could not be defeated.

“Could the human race stop the boundless and mighty experts of the Wolf Tribe”

“Will the 17th prince really lead us to victory”

The strength of the Wolf Tribe terrified the commoners.

“Its hard, isnt it”

“Our human race has been defeated for 20,000 years.

We humans just cant beat the Wolf Tribe!”

The commoners felt suffocated as despair filled their hearts.

The old emperor, far away in the imperial palace, also sighed a long breath.

“Little Seventeen made a bad move.

He shouldnt have attacked the imperial palace.

He should have patiently developed for ten years…”

The old emperor shook his head and sighed.

“Now, the Wolf Lord has been blinded by anger.

The 20 million troops heading south are determined to cross the National Fate Pass!

“If the Wolf Lord spared no expense, the two million soldiers on the National Fate Pass would all die! If that happened, the enemy would overtake the pass!”

The old emperor frowned and was worried.

Suddenly, hisheart twitched.

An absurd idea suddenly arose.

“Little Seventeen has been staying in the National Fate Pass since he burned down the Wolf Tribes imperial city.

He has no intention of coming back.

“He seems to be waiting for this day.

Could it be Could it be…”

The old emperor was in disbelief.

On the side, Consort Ning raised her head to look at the blood-red light screen.

Her palms were sweating, and she was so nervous that she couldnt breathe.

“Your Majesty, the Wolf Tribe is attacking wantonly.

Little Seventeens life isnt in danger, was it Your Majesty, please think of a way…”

The old emperors gaze was deep and forbearing.

After thinking for a long time, he finally heaved a long sigh of relief.

“There wont be any danger.

Im afraid this is Little Seventeens meticulous trap.”

Consort Nings beautiful face was full of astonishment.

“The National Fate Pass is in danger.

How could it be a trap”

Consort Ning could not believe it.

The Wolf Lord commanded 20 million soldiers.

He vowed to break the National Fate Pass with his life.

What kind of trap could there be

What trap could turn the situation around

Although Consort Ning did not know much about war, she knew the situation before her was close to hopeless.

She was so nervous that she gripped the hem of her dress tightly.

The old emperor held Consort Nings hand.

“Theres no need to be too nervous.

Little Seventeen went deep into the Wolf Tribes land, killed all of the princes and concubines, and burned down the imperial palace and city.

Im afraid he was deliberately provoking the Wolf Lord.”

Consort Ning looked confused.

“Why did he deliberately provoke the Wolf Lord The difference in strength between us humans and the Wolf Tribe is huge.

Provoking the Wolf Lord is playing with fire.

After all, the Wolf Lord is determined to break through the pass.

The National Fate Pass cant hold him, right”

Hearing this, the old emperor smiled and rubbed Consort Nings face.

“If the Wolf Tribe did not care about anything else, the National Fate Pass wont hold.

Little Seventeens actions also seem to be playing with fire.”


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