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“Burning down the imperial palace has already dealt a serious blow to the Wolf Tribes pride.

It has given them a great humiliation.

“The effect would not be as obvious if we burn down the other cities.”

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

“I reckon the Wolf Lord should be coming out of seclusion soon.

We cannot clash with the Wolf Lord in the Wolf Tribes land.

“If the Wolf Lord burned his life to delay me and then let 20 million Golden Core experts launch a suicide attack on you, Im afraid I will be gravely injured.

You will even be in life-threatening danger.

“I said I would bring you out safely,” Lin Qiye explained seriously.

Hearing his last overbearing words that filled her with security, Zhu Yuhengs face suddenly turned red.

She felt a bit dizzy.

But soon, she snorted and said, “Are you looking down on me How could I hold you back”

“Its not that youre holding me back, but we dont need to be in the enemys nest.

When we return, well cultivate twenty million Golden Core experts and then wipe out the Wolf Tribe.

Isnt that better”

Zhu Yuheng pursed her lips.

“How long will we have to wait”

Lin Qiyes eyes burned, full of confidence.

“It wont be long.”

“Alright, I believe in you!”

After spending so much time together, Zhu Yuheng was quite familiar with Lin Qiyes character.

If he were unconfident, he would not say anything.

Once he said something, he was sure about it.


“But Im curious.

How can you nurture ten million Golden Core cultivators in a short time”

“Youll know when the time comes.

Its a bit complicated, so its hard to explain.”

Zhu Yuheng didnt have any foundation in scientific research.

She probably wouldnt understand even if he explained for three days and nights.

Therefore, Lin Qiye saved his energy and doubled his speed instead.

He rushed toward the National Fate Pass at lightning speed.

Five days later, Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng landed on the city tower of the National Luck Pass.

“Soldiers! The seventeenth prince and Goddess of War have returned unscathed!”

The soldiers guarding the city gate passed the message loudly.

The shouts echoed over the walls.

After some time, the Golden Core soldiers lined up neatly in the air, casting worshipping gazes in the direction of Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng on the National Fate Pass.

“Welcome back, Your 17th Highness! Welcome back, Goddess of War!”

“Welcome back, Your 17th Highness! Welcome back, Goddess of War!”

“Welcome back, Your 17th Highness! Welcome back, Goddess of War!”

The loud cheers came from their hearts.

It was full of emotion and touched people.

Zhu Yuheng only felt an inexplicable surge of electricity at the bottom of her heart.

She stole a glance at Lin Qiye and found that he seemed to have long been used to the military atmosphere.

His handsome face was cold, and his breath was long.

“Guard the pass well.

I will wait here for the Wolf Lord.

As long as he dares to come, I will kill him!”

Lin Qiyes powerful declaration spread throughout the National Fate Pass, makingthe soldiers excited.

“The seventeenth prince has the confidence to kill the Wolf Lord”

“The Wolf Lord is the proud Son of Heaven from the Wolf Tribe! He was the strongest in tens of thousands of years!”

“So what Our seventeenth prince is even stronger, okay He went straight into the heart of the Wolf Tribe and burned down their palace.

He could still escape unscathed, making the millions of Wolf Tribe Golden Core cultivators shiver with rage.

It is true invincibility!”

“Moreover, the seventeenth prince is only eight years old and has already lit up the seven Gates of Heaven!”

“In front of the seventeenth prince, is the Wolf Lord worthy of being called the Son of Heaven Only our seventeenth prince deserves the title! The Wolf Lord should crawl on the ground!”

The soldiers chattered, incomparably arrogant and rampant.

Their conversation happened to fall into Zhu Yuhengs ears.

Eight years old

Her expression suddenly became weird.

She began to feel uneasy.

She followed behind Lin Qiye robotically and walked into the National Fate City.

“Xia Ji… How old are you”

Lin Qiye raised his head.

“Dont you know Its been eight years since I was born.”

Zhu Yuheng was confused.

Her face suddenly became abnormally hot, and her earlobes glowed with a ruddy luster.

“Whats wrong”

“Nothing… I feel ashamed.

You could light up seven Gates of Heaven when you were eight.

Im more than 160 years old, but Im still not as good as you.”

Zhu Yuheng hurriedly covered up her abnormal heartbeat.

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Theres no need to belittle yourself.

Your talent is unique in the world.

Im an exception.”

In the face of this consolation, Zhu Yuheng did not reply.

Her gaze secretly fell on Lin Qiyes face a few times.

His face did not show any childish signs.

He had cold features and an imposing aura, looking like an emperor!

He had once devoured the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool and controlled thousands of lightning bolts.

He had once risen in anger and destroyed the six great sects.

He had once toured the Qin Dynasty and upheld justice for the people.

He had built houses, roads, and water projects for the people.

The people called him God, and he was loved by everyone.

He had once brought her deep into the heart of the Wolf Tribe and burned down the imperial palace.

He was such a monster, but he was only eight years old.

Zhu Yuheng was in a daze.

She tried hard to convince herself to accept this fact.

However, she had not yet accepted it.

Outside the city gates, there was a commotion.

“Urgent report! We are the officials in charge of the teleportation array in the Heaven Zen Sect! We have an emergency token.

Quickly open the city gate.

We want to hand this person over to the seventeenth prince for his inspection!”

A team of Golden Core guards rode fast outside the city, escorted an ice coffin, and rushed toward the National Fate City!

“Its the emergency token.

Let them fly over! Theres no need to go through the city gate!”

The experts on the National Fate City did not stop them.

A Golden Core cultivator took the lead, standing in front of the ice coffin escorting team.

“Follow me.

The seventeenth prince has already returned.

He should be in the palace.”

Thus, the group ignored all the rules in the city and stopped in front of Lin Qiye in a hurry.

“Your 17th Highness, we have something urgent to report!”

Lin Qiye was slightly curious.

“What is it”

The Golden Core experts pushed the ice coffin in front of Lin Qiye and quickly summarized the situation.

“Your 17th Highness, the Heaven Zen Sects teleportation array seems to have been used as a jumping node by this human from another universe.

“He suddenly fell from the array.

When we saw him fall, he had a pair of wings on his back that looked somewhat similar to yours.

Moreover, he could freely hide his wings in his body.

“We think that he might have some connection with Your Highness.

However, he was gravely injured, and his body was surrounded by black gas.

He was already on the verge of death.

We didnt dare to neglect him and rushed two days to bring him to you.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Qiyes gaze landed on the ice coffin.

A familiar face appeared before his eyes.

It caused Lin Qiyes cold face to reveal a bit of shock, but more than that, he was ecstatic.

“Its Qin Xingtong!

“However, why is his body covered in evil black Qi This black Qi seems to have some relationship with the black fog of the main world.”


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