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The old emperor emphasized, “Well, Zhu Yuheng has been waiting for you in the imperial city for eight months.

I have already sent someone to inform her to meet you.”

Lin Qiye was a little surprised.

“She waited in the imperial city for eight months What do you mean”

The old emperor asked, “You dont understand”

“What do I need to understand”

Seeing Lin Qiyes blank expression, the old emperor smiled meaningfully and said, “Little Seventeen, as someone who has been through this, I have to tell you that when love arrives, you must take hold of the opportunity.

Dont regret doing nothing in the future.”

As he spoke, the old emperor moved closer to Lin Qiyes ear and wanted to continue imparting his experience.

But not far away, wisps of cold air drifted over, andZhu Yuheng arrived gracefully.

The old emperor straightened.

He patted Lin Qiyes shoulder and turned to leave.

“I still have some affairs to deal with! You two young people should spend more time together.”

As his voice fell, the old emperor disappeared.

Only Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng were left.

Their eyes met.

Seeing Lin Qiye, Zhu Yuhengs phoenix-shaped eyes had a different look, but she soon frowned and glanced at Lin Qiye with disdain.

“Your cultivation progress is too slow! How are you going to deal with that stupid wolf

“It seems like you have to rely on me!”

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Zhu Yuheng raised her chin proudly as if she was waiting for Lin Qiyes praise.

Lin Qiye naturally understood the hidden meaning in Zhu Yuhengs expression.

“Youve recovered quickly.

Are you about to light up the Seventh Gate of Heaven”

Zhu Yuheng nodded slightly, her face full of pride.

“Half a year.

Give me some time, and I could light up the Seventh Gate of Heaven! At that time, I will definitely kill that stupid wolf and chop his head off! Ill throw it on the ground and stomp it into the mud!”

Zhu Yuheng gritted her teeth.

She must honor her dignity with her enemys blood.

However, Zhu Yuheng raised her brows in the next second.

A serious and vigilant look appeared in her phoenix-like eyes as she suddenly glanced towards the north.

At this moment, she felt a terrifying aura surging towards her from the north.

“There seems to be some movement from the Wolf Tribe Is the killing move you mentioned coming”

Lin Qiye let out a breath of white mist.


The Wolf Tribe is releasing the Doom Arrow.

Their killing move is specifically aimed at fortune and could seal a genius cultivation.

Once they released the arrow, Im afraid neither you nor I will be able to break through.”

As they spoke, Lin Qiyes gaze seemed to pierce through tens of millions of kilometers to see what was happening in the Wolf Tribes land.

In that direction, the Wolf Lord stood at the top of a 1,000-meter pyramid altar.

His deep and domineering voice resounded through the clouds.

“It has been 48,000 years since the Wolf Tribe descended into the Qin Dynasty Universe.

In these years, every Wolf Lord has been ambitious and strived to break through the borders!

“By now, the Wolf Tribe has already seized 90% of the Qin Dynasty Universes territory.

We are only 10% away from ruling the entire universe!

“And I am the only genius who has comprehended the ancestors divine arts in the past 100 thousand years.

However, our Wolf Tribes Golden Dragon of Fortune does not rule this world, and the Heavenly Dao does not recognize the Wolf Tribe.

“Therefore, even though we have suppressed the human race for 30,000 years, even though my ancestor used the Dragon Suppression Spike to dismember the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune, they could still produce countless geniuses.”

“A year ago, a proud daughter of Heaven even crushed my heart! How terrifying is their fortune

“Is the Wolf Tribe weak Were definitely not weak!”

“The Wolf Tribe hasnt been defeated for ten thousand years, but recently, I feel more uneasy.”.

“The human races Golden Dragon of Fortune has already recovered, and the two geniuses feel extremely dangerous.

If we dont kill them now, the Wolf Tribes accumulated advantage of over 50,000 years will become nothing!

“Therefore, after careful consideration, I have decided to use the Doom Arrow!

“Once I shoot the Doom Arrow, the human race will fall within 10 years.

We, the Wolf Tribe, will destroy the human race and become the only ruler of this universe! We will obtain the best fortune!

“Everyone, for the sake of our future generations, for the sake of the Wolf Tribes 10,000 years of hard work not to be wasted, for our glory, for the eternal survival of the Wolf Tribe, sacrifice yourselves! Sacrifice your souls and bodies!”

The Wolf Lords voice shook the clouds.

Below the pyramid altar, 300 billion Foundation Establishment Realm Wolf Tribe loyalists roared like devout believers.

They didnt hesitate.

They pulled out their longsword orderly.

“For the glory of the Wolf Tribe, for the eternal survival of the Wolf Tribe!”

“For the glory of the Wolf Tribe, for the eternal survival of the Wolf Tribe!”

“For the glory of the Wolf Tribe, for the eternal survival of the Wolf Tribe!”

Amid the roars, 300 billion Foundation Establishment Realm wiped their necks.

They sacrificed their souls and bodies.

They melted into balls of blood with distorted facial features.

Behind the Wolf Lord, three evil blood dragons 100,000 meters long appeared.

The three evil dragons had a ferocious ghost face on each of their scales.

They were the souls of the sacrificed wolves.

The 3 billion ghost faces let out wails and moans.

The ominous and creepy feeling made peoples scalps go numb!

However, the Wolf Lord was unmoved.

An overjoyed smile appeared on his lips.

“This is truly a power that can conquer everything.

What kind of powerful existence is our ancestor”

The Wolf Lord laughed coldly and raised his eyes.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed at the void.

The 100,000 meters long evil blood dragons rapidly shrank and turned into three pitch-black and translucent red arrows.


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