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This time, Zhu Yuheng, who had been tricked countless times, did not hesitate and immediately nodded.

“Can you ask him how are his preparations for dealing with that stupid wolf going Its a normal question.”

A normal question

The old emperors eyes twinkled as he promised and thought, “Future daughter-in-law, you are still too inexperienced.

Dont you know that the more you try to cover it up, the worse it gets”

He then said, “No problem, Miss Zhu.

You can leave it to me.”

After receiving the old emperors promise, Zhu Yuhengs eyes brightened up a little as she walked back to the palace with light steps.

At this moment, she felt that the flowers in the palace were blooming exceptionally beautifully, making her refreshed.

Hence, for the next couple of days, Zhu Yuheng worked hard, forgoing food and sleep while waiting for Lin Qiyes letter with great anticipation.

Unexpectedly, the speed of her cultivation increased with expectations in her heart.

The strength of her new heart had already reached the Sixth Level of the Golden Core Realm.

However, the expected letter did not arrive even after half a month had passed.

There was not even a single piece of news.

Zhu Yuhengs heart was empty once again.

Although she still had expectations for Lin Qiyes letter, she felt that something was wrong.

Should she go to the imperial palace She could not bring himself to do so.

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The stubborn Zhu Yuheng could only bury her head in cultivation.

Another month later, the old Emperor finally came.

Seeing the old emperor, a bright light flashed in the depths of Zhu Yuhengs eyes like a trace of undetectable anticipation and joy.

She silently watched the old emperor, waiting for him to speak and give her a surprise.

However, the old emperor shook his head sadly.

“Im sorry, Miss Zhu.

Little Seventeen was busy recently and hasnt written for more than a month.”

Hearing this, the light in Zhu Yuhengs eyes quickly extinguished as if she had lost her soul.

Upon seeing that the incomparably proud and cold womans hope extinguish in the face of repeated disappointment, the old emperors eyelids jumped, and he subconsciously felt a sense of guilt.

He thought that Zhu Yuheng would rush over to look for Little Seventeen after enduring for two to three months.

However, Zhu Yuheng was more stubborn than he thought.

She gritted her teeth and held on for seven months.

“Miss Zhu, if you really want to meet Little Seventeen, you can look for him directly!

“But this time, Little Seventeen is really coming back to the imperial palace.

I guarantee it.”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head.

Her phoenix-like eyes regained their luster.

“My injuries have recovered.

Im only one step away from lighting up the Seventh Gate of Heaven.

I need to continue cultivating!

“Little Seventeen is trying his best to prepare a way to deal with that stupid wolf.

Naturally, I cant fall behind.

This time, Ill definitely kill him.

It wont be too late to talk about it after Ive dealt with the stupid wolf.”

Zhu Yuheng was slightly solemn.

There was a heroic air between her facial features, and it was exceptionally dazzling.

The old emperor was stunned, and a look of admiration appeared on his face.

After seven months of observation, he came to realize that Zhu Yuheng was a good woman in every aspect.

Even though she was a little rebellious, even though she had trouble conveying her feelings, even though she was arrogant, they were all her strength.

There was no need to be too harsh on such an outstanding woman.

The old emperor looked at Zhu Yuheng guiltily.

“When Little Seventeen comes back, I will definitely ask him to accompany you more.”

The old emperor looked at Zhu Yuhengs back as he left and added loudly.

Zhu Yuhengs footsteps halted for a moment, but she quickly closed the door as if she did not care.

After cultivating bitterly for a month, which was the eighth month, Zhu Yuheng was still unable to light up the Seventh Gate of Heaven.

However, Lin Qiye had already arrived outside the imperial city.

It was silent in the imperial city.

Whether it was the crown princes faction, the other princes faction, or the important officials, they all kept silent.

The reason was simple.

To cooperate with Lin Qiyes plan, the old emperor announced the New Law.

Cultivators and nobles who were originally high and mighty and enjoyed the privileges of being superior suddenly became the targets of heavy sanctions.

Not only were half of their privileges taken away, they also attracted a bloody purge that affected the whole imperial city.

The forces in the imperial city were suppressed, and some even had their foundation shaken.

How could they not harbor anger toward Lin Qiye

They had anger and resentment in their hearts.

Even though they had surrendered to Lin Qiyes strength for a short period, they were secretly plotting how to collude with the Wolf Tribe to get rid of the old emperor and the seventeenth prince.

Human nature had always been vile and dark.

Often, the upper classes would be even more vicious and treacherous.

In their eyes, there was no kingdom, no patriotism, and they did not understand that they would not survive without the kingdom.

There was only naked self-interest.

They would hold a grudge against whoever harmed their interests.

And to obtain the interests in front of them, they betrayed the kingdom without any hesitation!

Lin Qiye certainly knew that an undercurrent was stirring under the imperial city, but so what

In this world, the best and most efficient strategy was to increase ones strength until they were on a different level from the others.

When one reached that level, they would discover that all schemes and tricks appeared silly and cute.

Outside the imperial city, the old emperor was waiting to welcome Lin Qiye long ago.

Seeing his precious son, the old emperors face was full of smiles as he pinched Lin Qiyes arms and shoulders.

“After not seeing you for a year, your composure is completely different.

Your talent as an emperor is becoming more and more solid.

Not bad!”

The old emperor clicked his tongue in wonder and was full of admiration.

He was satisfied.


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