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Who could resist the temptation of treasures and opportunities

Didnt the Practitioners travel through time and space to obtain treasures and opportunities

The Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body was an opportunity.

The innate Qi was an opportunity.

The Holy Violet Genuine Qi derived from the Golden Dragon of Fortune was an opportunity.

Killing other Gold Practitioners and plundering the spoils of war was an opportunity.

And the Wolf Lords minor Immortal Technique was the best opportunity of all!

Not to mention that Lin Qiye wanted to get the minor Immortal Technique!

Even if Diamond Practitioners came, they would definitely think of a way to get the minor Immortal Technique! They would also think of a way to bring it back to the main world.

If they couldnt take it away, they might regret it for the rest of their lives.

Thus, after sensing that the Wolf Lord might be preparing to shoot out the Doom Arrow, Lin Qiye stopped everything he was doing.

Of course, it didnt mean that theDragon Operation had stopped.

After a full eight months of enmity and intimidation, Lin Qiye had already established a supreme deterrent force.

The Dragon Operation was spread out perfectly.

The Science and Technology Academy and the Cultivation Academy could already operate automatically.

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The cultivators eager to exchange their points for various prizes and even heaven-tier prizes had their enthusiasm for work soaring.

They frantically searched for scientific research and cultivation talents.

It wouldnt be long before the genius class was full.

Lin Qiye only needed to wait for the plan to blossom.

“Ill return to the imperial city or go to the northern border to see how strong the Doom Arrow is! If theres a chance, I must experience and comprehend the Doom Arrow.”

Lin Qiye was on his way back to the palace at the thought of this.

At this point, its been eight months since Zhu Yuheng came to the imperial city to look for Lin Qiye.

In other words, Zhu Yuheng has been trapped by the old emperor in the imperial city for eight months.

The old emperor was determined to help Little Seventeen tame his “wife”, and at the same time, he wanted Zhu Yuheng to face her feelings for Little Seventeen.

Therefore, the old emperor kept playing tricks on her.

Every once in a while, he would coincidentally provoke Zhu Yuheng.

“Miss Zhu, do you want to meet Little Seventeen”

“Miss Zhu, Little Seventeen has sent me and his mother a new letter.

Do you want to see it Although they are family letters, it shouldnt be a problem for you to read them.”

“Miss Zhu, Little Seventeen is in the southern province, and he has been treated like a God again.

The people love him very much, and they are reluctant to let him leave.

Hell be even busier.

If youre in a hurry to see him, you can leave as you wish.

Theres no need to be sneaky.”

The old emperors spies were everywhere in the imperial city.

Every time Zhu Yuheng wanted to leave secretly to look for Lin Qiye, the old emperor would coincidentally bump into her, and his words would rile up Zhu Yuheng.

Admit it directly

It was too embarrassing.

With Zhu Yuhengs character, she would definitely not admit her feelings.

Thus, Zhu Yuheng could only go back to seclusion with a cold face after countless “accidental encounters.”

After tormenting herself for three months, the old emperor suddenly came up with a new idea.

“Miss Zhu, Ill reply to Little Seventeen and ask him to write you a letter as well.

After all, its not easy for you to wait for him bitterly in the imperial city! Do you want it As long as you say yes, Ill instruct him.”

His brand new suggestion caused Zhu Yuhengs heart to flutter slightly.

A letter for her

It seemed to be something interesting and worth looking forward to.

If Lin Qiye could write a letter specifically for her in the future, she wouldnt feel tormented even if she stayed in the imperial city and waited for a few more months.

Zhu Yuheng was slightly delighted in her heart, and special anticipation rose from the bottom of her heart.

However, there was still a coldness in her phoenix eyes.

She only nodded slightly and left gracefully.

However, many days passed, and the letter did not arrive.

The delivery carriage entered and left the imperial city hundreds of times.

The little anticipation in Zhu Yuhengs heart had failed hundreds of times.

“Why didnt the letter arrive Was he unwilling to write me a letter”

Zhu Yuhengs heart suddenly throbbed for no reason.

“Am I not worthy Although I usually treat him like an ordinary person, Ive praised him before, right”

“The old emperor has also instructed him.

Why isnt he willing to write to me”

“Am I not important to him at all”

Zhu Yuheng started to let her thoughts run wild.

She was afraid that she would lose something important.

She even started to feel a faint pain in her new heart, hinting to her that something bad was about to happen.

Zhu Yuheng panicked.

She was restless, and for the first time, she decisively rushed toward the imperial palace.

She wanted to find the old emperor and ask him about the situation.

But standing on the eaves of the imperial palaces city tower, she looked at the rolling red palace walls beneath her feet.

Zhu Yuheng suddenly cowered.

She turned around and silently left.

Not far away, the old emperor had already seen through everything.

He quickly rushed in front of Zhu Yuheng.

“Miss Zhu, are you here to pick up the letter

“Sigh! You ignored me the last time.

I thought you didnt want Little Seventeen to write a letter, so I didnt ask him anything…”

Zhu Yuheng did not say anything.

She did not realize that while she was angry in her heart, she also heaved a long sigh of relief.

“So its not that Im not important.

The old emperor didnt tell him anything!”

Zhu Yuhengs worried brows relaxed.

However, she was still pissed off regarding the old emperors actions.

If the old emperor wasnt Xia Jis father, she would definitely kill him

Sensing the restrained killing intent, the old emperors heart skipped a beat, and his scalp went numb.


But for Little Seventeens happiness, the old emperor braced himself and said, “Dont worry.

When Little Seventeen sends a letter, Ill definitely instruct him to send you a letter!”


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