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Rou Rou With Greatly Increased Attributes, Uninvited Guest

Everyone was shocked to hear that several high schools in G City were going to hold a joint mock exam.

It wasnt that there werent mock exams in the past years, but each school had held their own. It was the first time in recent years that they had jointly held one.

From what Ma Dongmei said, the format of the examination this time was different from previous years.

Everyone was whispering.

“Why are they holding a joint mock exam this year And even changed the form”

“Who knows Maybe theres some change in the college entrance exam this year” someone guessed.

“Ah It shouldnt be”

“If we dont do well, that would be embarrassing.” Some people were worried.

“Whether its embarrassing or not is the business of the top students. We still have some acquaintance. Just do your own thing.”

“I wonder what the exam will be like.”

Someone who knew the inside story said, “I dont know what form it will take, but its true that the rewards for this exam are quite generous.”

Everyone hurriedly asked, but that person only smiled and said nothing.

A new form... Wang Yu did not join in their discussion.

There was no point in discussing this now. Rather than worrying about this and that, it was better to spend time on leveling up.

Whether it was the mock exam or the college entrance exam, as long as one had the ability, everything was not a problem.

Wang Yu opened the little Azure Dragon Rou Rous panel, and its information appeared in front of him.

[Name: Azure Dragon (Rou Rou)]

[Level: 15]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Basic Attributes: Strength 310, Spirit 310, Constitution 310, Agility 100]

[Combat Attributes: Attack 3,100, Magic Power 3,100, Health Points 310,000, Mana 5,000, Defense 50% (Damage Reduction), Movement Speed 20 (m/s), Attack Speed 1 (att/s)]

[Skills: Dragon Scale Lvl Max, Lightning Blessing Lvl Max, Lightning Spear Lvl 5, Lightning Decree Lvl 5, Lightning Explosion Lvl 5, Lightning Gods Descent Lvl 5]

In three days, Rou Rous level had improved by leaps and bounds, and it was now Level 15.

On the other hand, Wang Yus level had not changed since he had given all his experience to the little Azure Dragon. He was still at Level 16.

Wang Yus sacrifice was worth it.

Rou Rou had 3,100 attack and mana points, as well as 310,000 health points. This was even more ridiculous than most Rank 2 professionals, let alone Rank 1 professionals.

However, this did not mean that it could defeat a Rank 2 professional.

After all, whether it was in terms of skill combination, props, or equipment, there was a huge gap between profession class holders.

Wang Yu was already very satisfied with this. He just had to slowly close the gap. There was no hurry. The road ahead was still long.

Now, however, he was facing a very tricky problem.

He didnt have enough skill points.

Skill points, as the name suggested, were used to upgrade skill levels.

After all, every time a skill leveled up, there would be a huge difference in damage, range, duration, and effects.

The source of skill points was quite limited, other than the one point rewarded for every level up.

Only the first clear of dungeons, killing wild bosses, and special items like skill point potions could obtain these.

Wang Yu was now Level 16, so he had a total of 26 skill points.

Of the 26 points, 16 were from leveling up, and the other 10 were from clearing the Dark Old Forest instance dungeon.

Wang Yu pondered for a while and used 24 points to upgrade his [Inspect] and [Identify] skills, as well as the rest of Rou Rous skills to Level 5.

As for the remaining 2 points, he planned to keep them.

There was no need to elaborate on the Rou Rou skills, but he had decided to upgrade the detect and identify skills after careful consideration.

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At first glance, these two skills didnt seem to be able to directly increase ones combat ability. However, if one obtained crucial information, it could determine the outcome of a battle.

The effect was also very obvious.

Take Rou Rous Lightning Spear as an example.

Not including defense, the original Lightning Spear could deal 2,000 magic damage to the enemy. Now that Lightning Spear had been upgraded to Level 5, the damage became 5,986.

Although this was partly due to the increase in Rou Rous own magic power, the increase in skill levels was not to be underestimated.

It was the same for the other three skills.

That was why Wang Yu desperately wanted more skill points.

He didnt have a better idea now.

There was no need to think about the first clear of the dungeon. The appearance of a new dungeon was already very rare. They were purely lucky to have run into it the last time. If he wanted to run into it again, it would take a long time.

It was the same for wild bosses. As soon as they appeared, they would be surrounded and killed by profession class holders. There was no chance for him.

It seemed that he could only count on those special props. The little fatty might have a way, so he should be able to try it out from him.

After making up his mind, Wang Yu continued to level up.

Since most of the Iron Skin Boars nearby had been killed, and no new tribes had migrated here, it took a while for them to meet one Iron Skin Boar.

In the end, Wang Yu gave up on leveling up and returned to the camp to rest.


As for leveling further away, forget it. His life was more important.

As the sun set, the group of people successfully returned to G City.

After saying goodbye to Su Bai, Wang Yu went back to his little broken house.

When he arrived at the building, he found a few people standing there, two men and one woman.

The two men were tall and handsome. They wore gorgeous leather armor, their golden hair combed back, and they each held a thin sword in their hands. They were also very gorgeous.

The young girl was also beautiful. She was wearing a gorgeous princess dress, which showed off her beautiful figure. She had an oval face, cherry-like lips, and long hair that fell over her shoulders. However, she looked a little mean.

The girl also held a staff in her hand. It was inlaid with all kinds of gems, and it was more gorgeous than the two thin swords.

At first glance, the combination of the three profession class holders was quite eye-catching, especially the equipment engraved with the wordtycoon and theirs handsome appearances, which attracted many peoples attention.

The three of them seemed to be enjoying the attention of the crowd.

To Wang Yu, it could be summarized in one word.

Flashy but without substance.


It was obvious that the equipment was made by a tailor to scam the rich. It was hard to say how much attribute bonus it had, but it was definitely not high.

Of course, it couldnt be said to be a scam. After all, one was willing to buy and the other was willing to sell.

Seeing Wang Yus appearance, the three of them looked over at the same time, not planning to look away.

Well, it seemed like they were looking for him.

Wang Yu was a little puzzled. He had never interacted with these three people before. Why did they come to find him

Wang Yus expression didnt change as he walked over.

When he arrived in front of the three people, before he could say anything, he heard the young girl say, “Youre finally back. Weve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Wang Yu heard her tone. It seemed like there was an inexplicable resentment, but it also sounded like a young woman who was guarding an empty room.

Wang Yu was speechless.

Who are you Do we know each other Wang Yu was puzzled and asked what he wanted to say.

“And you are Do we know each other”

Who knew that the young ladys next words would strike him like lightning.

The girl said, “Im Park Eunhee, your future girlfriend.”



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