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World Online Chapter 30 Opening

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"A new shop is opening And it is having a grand sale"

"I should be able to get some good equipment then. The starting boots are absolute trash."

"Yeah, I grinded for a few days so that I could save up and get a good Rare grade sword."

"Me I want some armor. And the armor outside in those NPC stores is way too expensive."

In just a few hours, Jake managed to make the entire city talk about the shop that he was opening. Banners were put up everywhere for a little more money, but all this advertisement was about to bring in customers.

Forums all over the city were talking about a new shop where there seemed to be deals that players could actually afford.

Soon, there was a huge crowd of people in front of the shop, and just minutes left to go before opening.

Jake stood in front of everyone calmly, and smiled.

When everyone looked at him, the only player among so many NPCs, clearly having some status, they were confused.

"Welcome to the grand opening of the newest addition to the central street of Diffast. I am the guild leader of Bright Horizon, and I welcome you all to our shop, where everything is actually available for an affordable price. VIP guests will be accommodated on the second floor, and investors who are willing to invest in the guild will be accommodated in the third." Jake smiled and then nodded to the guards.

"We are now open!"

Hordes of players rushed into the shop, but no one dared to make a scene. The guards who were in place were not just there for namesake. They were guards who belonged to the Empire.

They were not weak by any standard.

People looked at the amount of equipment available and just went into a shopping spree. Items flew off the shelf while stock replaced it.

But there was only enough stock.

Within an hour, the entire shop was picked clean by the rush of people who had come in. Jake was all smiles though. He made quite the amount on just the first day.

And these were the items that the blacksmiths had given to him to sell, because they could not sell it themselves.

"We are currently out of stock. However, for a premium price, and a downpayment, we are able to take custom orders. All those who are interested, please proceed to the second floor." Jake announced again.

"Custom orders What does that mean"

"It means you can try and focus on what stats you want to build. But it will cost a little bit extra. Around thirty silver per Rare grade item, plus a twenty silver down payment." Jake said.

"Fifty silver for a Rare grade item That is robbery!" one of the players shouted.

They came here late, and missed all of the items.

"It is your choice, whether you want them or not. Outside, you can not get a rare grade item for less than fifty silvers. And here, we give you a custom order for that." Jake smiled.

He then proceeded to enter the second floor himself. There was nothing left for him to do on the ground floor.

Some people did not think that this was worth it. While others did.

And Jake went overboard on hiring talent. He went and got himself a hundred blacksmiths and paid them for a whole month upfront.

He may have lost all of his cash at the moment, but just this one day alone got him around ten gold coins in commissions!

That was how many items were sold in this rush. And that was just in commissions, because the items being sold were not his own, but the blacksmiths'.

Now, because he hired them, and was paying for the materials, he would have much better margins. He could make twice, maybe five times that a day.

And that number would only increase with the amount of players grinding and making enough money to buy items that were more expensive.

The only item that was not sold was the one Epic grade item at the center of the shop. No one could afford that.

Jake sighed and sat on a couch of the second floor.

People were slowly coming in, and they saw dozens of counters with blacksmiths behind them.

"Go and check with the blacksmiths and see if they can fulfill your request. After you are done filling out the information forms, pay the deposit and come back three hours later." Jake said lazily.

"You will pay the remaining amount after you come back."

Slowly, people went to the counters, where the blacksmiths were overwhelmed by customers for the first time.

Before, they were at the outskirts of the city, a place that no one bothered to come to. Now, they were at the center of the very city. Where their services were required.

The moment a blacksmith got an order that he could finish, he would take it up and leave, while another blacksmith replaced his counter. He would disappear to the forge that was deep inside the building, where he would start working on the item.

It took around thirty minutes for these blacksmiths to make a common grade item, while it took an hour to make a rare grade one.

So, after around ten minutes, all one hundred of the blacksmiths were occupied with orders, but they couldn't possibly have enough place to work in that tiny forge that occupied the second floor.

They went back to where they were based at, in the forges that were in the outskirts.

"Looks like it will take another hour for you guys to order new items. All our blacksmiths are busy." he said, rubbing his hands.

One hundred orders meant twenty gold coins of profit for him.

Although this ordering rate would slowly decrease, over the month, he would surely make a profit, and would be able to put up multiple shops to supplement the growth of his guild.


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