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Kaede Takahashis entire body shuddered, and he froze.

From his side, he saw a fan-shaped area in the east where Mo Fan had unleashed his radiation power.

The arena, wall mountain, and distant barren mountain in that area were reduced to a land of ashes!

Shao Watani was supposed to be an even match with Mo Fan.

He floated in midair and landed on the ground after everything was destroyed.

By the time he returned to the ground, his legs were weak, and he was drenched in sweat.

He had to rely on his willpower to keep himself from falling down in a heap!

Chihaya was equally baffled.

She had not expected the sparring session that had begun seconds ago to end this way.

She stared at Mo Fan.

She did not seem to know him anymore.

Even though it was still the same Mo Fan, he was so different from before.

He gave them a lazy smile.

The crowd remained on the stand.

They all looked panicked.

Thankfully Mo Fan had his back to them.

The direction in which he had flicked his finger was a barren land.

Otherwise, they would all have perished.

They wondered how powerful Mo Fan must be if he could just cause this amount of destruction with a snap of his finger.

He was once the champion of the World College Tournament, which was already rare in all fields in the world.

“Im sorry.

Ive just finished practicing my cultivation, so Im still not very familiar with my own power,” Mo Fan glanced at Shao Watani apologetically.

Shao Watani just stood there.

A while ago, he had been full of fighting spirit just like old times in Venice.

He finally had the chance to spar with the strongest man for that year and wanted to fulfill his wish.

However, at that moment, he seemed to have fallen into an abyss of despair.

The light surrounding him faded rapidly as soon as he closed his heart from everything else, leaving only an aura of darkness that seemed to be whipping at him.

‘Why was their gap so big

Even though Mo Fan was undoubtedly the worlds number one, he could not possibly have become who he was today in just a few years time.

He could not even hold back one of Mo Fans attacks.

Mo Fan was showing him mercy.

Otherwise, Shao Watani would have been destroyed, just like the barren mountain.

“Shall we continue” asked Mo Fan.

“Im willing to admit defeat.” Shao Watani was aware of his own inferiority compared to Mo Fan.

Therefore, there was no need to continue the sparring match.

The gap between the two could no longer be made up by another game.

They were no longer in the same level of cultivation.

They did not even share a similar level of realms.

Shao Watani thought he had been working very hard over the years.

He had achieved super-level in three of his elements.

He was the best among the young generations.

However, he realized the small gap between him and Mo Fan during the World College Tournament only meant that he would be left farther behind in the future.

He could not possibly surpass Mo Fan in this life.

Shao Watani lost all his fighting spirit.

He felt doom.

It was not an easy feat to accept such a harsh reality.

The showdown ended unexpectedly.

They had their meals in the restaurant.

The atmosphere was slightly awkward.

On the contrary, Mo Fan ate his food very happily.

He could not resist tasty food.

“Im at least an instructor in the Twin Guardian Towers.

Since youve achieved that level of realm, why dont you make a show and fight a few more rounds with me Otherwise, it would be very difficult for me to carry on with the lessons later,” Shao Watani could not help but whisper to Mo Fan.

“Ive told you that Ive just finished practicing my cultivation behind the closed-door.

Besides, Ive already shown you some mercy,” said Mo Fan.

Shao Watani laughed and did not say anything more.

Meanwhile, the students on the other table saw Mo Fan wolf down his food.

They stared at him as if he was a monster.

This was especially so for Kaede Takahashi and Chihaya.

They suffered a huge blow after witnessing Mo Fans powerful strength.

‘How were they supposed to surpass him in the future

“Sinchino, come over here,” Chihaya called him.

Shao Watani also waved his hand at Kaded Takahashi, signaling him to sit with them.

Nagayama joined them shamelessly.

“Let me introduce you.

Hes Mo Fan.

I suppose youve seen him in the fighting arena just now.

Mo Fan, hes my younger brother, Sinchiro Mochizuki.

Hes still immature.

Ill appreciate it if you could provide him with some guidance in these few days,” said Chihaya.

“Im far from being a mentor for him.

Moreover, Im here to accompany her on a trip to Japan.

She just started college and is very eager.” Mo Fan pointed at Lingling.

Mo Fan did not mention his true purpose of visiting Japan.

There were still many things that he was unsure of.

Hence, he used Linglings trip to Japan as an excuse.

“No matter what, I hope you could share your experience with them since they havent gone out of town.” Chihaya behaved like an elder sister to them.

It was clear that she cared a lot for Sinchino and hoped he could grow more mature.

After Chihaya arranged accommodation for Mo Fan and Lingling, she stayed in the West Guardian Towers.

Mo Fan frowned as soon as he entered the house.

Lingling was just about to go take a shower, when he stopped her.

“Whats wrong” asked Lingling.

“Somethings wrong.

I sensed a strong aura the moment I entered the West Guardian Towers.

The Sublimed Evil Bead also warned me about a massive evil energy in this place.

However, after we had our dinner, the strange aura was gone, and the Sublimed Evil Bead showed no more response,” said Mo Fan.

“Do you mean the Red Demon Kazuaki sensed your presence” Lingling guessed.

“Its possible.

But we havent truly contacted the Red Demon Kazuaki.

Weve mostly interacted with its doppelgangers,” said Mo Fan.

“It has scruples about you.

You have to keep your aura in check.

It could be that your strength has alerted it,” said Lingling.

“Even if thats the case, I dont think it will leave this place.

The Ascension Ceremony is around the corner.

The Red Demon is an evil spirit that must possess someone elses body.

I think it is possessing someone at the moment.

Whose role is it currently playing You remember how it pretended to be one of the Lu family members…”

“I have the same thought too.

Its most likely among the crowd in the West Guardian Towers, but who could it be” Lingling thought about the issue.

They had knowledge of the Red Demons nature.

It was not purely an evil spirit.

It had to rely on someone else to survive, much like a parasite.

It had to take control of the persons mind and steal their memories.

It could even perfectly impersonate the person it possessed.

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