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“Your Highness, Your Highness!”

Olivia rushed into Louis’ bedroom in a hurry.

“The Prince…!”

But immediately her face hardened when she saw Anastasia guarding the bed where Louis was lying.

Olivia strode to Anastasia.

“Why is Your Majesty here…”


A sharp rupture prevented the words from continuing.

Anastasia slapped Olivia on the cheek with an angry face.


Olivia stared blankly at Anastasia with her eyes wide open.

“…what are you doing, Your Majesty”

“I think that’s what I need to ask.”

A cold angry voice flowed out of her lips.

It was a frosty voice that Olivia heard for the first time since she came back to the palace, and it was surprisingly cold.

“The Prince collapsed in front of me.

I thought his illness had worsened, so I called the court doctor in surprise.”


“Do you know what they said”

Anastasia said after biting her lips once.

“I hear you’ve overworked this six-year-old kid.”

She could feel the shuddering anger in the voice that chewed out each letter.

Anastasia gave Olivia a hard stare and notified.

“You’re fired.

Get out of my palace right now.”

“Your Majesty, you can’t do this!”

“Why I have the right to do that.

I’m the guardian of Prince Louis.”

Unlike Olivia, who ranted with anger, Anastasia was calm the entire time.

To be precise, even the strength to be angry was devoured by her immense rage.

“I can’t believe I entrusted you with the discipline of the Prince.

My blood feels like it’s rising.”

“Why are you blaming this situation on me”

Olivia trembled as if she was innocent and made an absurd argument.

“I rather believe that Your Majesty is responsible for this.”

“Oh, yes.

If it’s my fault then it’s my fault to have the young lady as the prince’s nanny.”

“What, what”

“The young lady doesn’t feel any guilt in this situation That’s amazing.”

“Why should I feel guilty”

Olivia argued in an incomprehensible voice.

“Your Majesty made a mistake.

Why me”

“Mistake Me”

“Yes! This is what happened because Your Majesty the Empress visited the Imperial Palace everyday for nonsense playtime.”


“Because of that, His Majesty the Crown Prince didn’t have enough time to study, so he stayed up all night.”

“…he stayed up all night”

Anastasia was once again appalled by the words she heard.

“You’re so crazy.

You knew that, but you just watched it happen


“And is the young lady the babysitter Aren’t you ashamed as the aunt of the Crown Prince”

“It’s what His Highness wanted.”

“Stop making excuses for the Prince.

How dare you use the Prince’s title with that selfish mouth.”

Anastasia was angry at the brazenness of not admitting her fault to the end.

“Even if I visit the palace every day, it’s only an hour.

Does it make sense that a 6-year-old child doesn’t have enough time to study after playing for an hour Isn’t he old enough to just run around and play”

“His Highness is not an ordinary six-year-old child.”

“So what if he’s not a normal six-year-old kid”

Anastasia’s lips curled up.



“What is it Tell me.”

Anastasia was roughly anticipating what Olivia wanted to say.

‘She wants to say that he is the heir to the throne in the future, so he is different from other children.’

But the moment she says it out loud, it’s treason.

Anastasia clamped Anastasia imprisoned Olivia by asking her to say something.

“Why can’t you speak I asked how the prince was different from other six-year-olds.

Answer me right now.”


At that moment, Olivia bit her lips hard as if she were bleeding with an embarrassed expression.

Anastasia glared at Olivia and pressed her as if she had to hear an answer.

“…he is a royal family member.”

Eventually Olivia stepped back.

“Of course, he can’t have the same life as the aristocracy and the commoners.”

“I don’t know why the young lady says that.

Even so, it’s just an adult’s problem, why should a 6-year-old’s life be different”


“You can’t answer.

You, of course, have never been asked by His Majesty to educate him so strictly.”

Anastasia asked in a suspicious voice.

“Don’t tell me there’s an impure meaning, right”

“…if you mean anything impure.”

“Well, the young lady would know better.”

Anastasia replied in a strangely sarcastic voice, and Olivia bit her teeth.

“Anyway, I can no longer leave the education of the Prince to those who have this idea.”

“My nanny status was given by the Emperor himself.

No matter how much your Majesty…!”

“I’ll report it, so don’t worry about it.”

“Then who will raise the prince”

Olivia asked in a bewildered manner.

“Is the Empress going to do it”

“That’s a good idea.”

Anastasia said as if she had found a solution.

“I can take him to the palace and take care of him.

It’s not that there’s no one there, and it’s not that the Empress’ Palace is so small that it can’t hold a single child.”

Anastasia raised her eyebrows.

“But anyway, it doesn’t seem to matter to the young lady.”

“I’m his aunt.”

“I’m the aunt of the Prince.

What do you mean”

Anastasia continued, frowning.

“I don’t think you have a clue how important this issue is now, but letting him study late at night is nothing short of abuse.

How could not one of the many palace ladies stop the Prince”

No matter how much they followed Olivia from Schweig Island, they went too far.

She was so angry that she couldn’t forgive herself for not noticing it.

“What sin have I committed to call it abuse, Your Majesty”

She must have no guilt at all, if she would do this herself.

Anastasia looked at Olivia in amazement.

“I have raised the Crown Prince as my child for the past three years.

Is motherhood my sin”


Anastasia paused when she heard it.

When the woman, who she thought would shoot back immediately, suddenly stuck to her silence, Olivia flinched and looked at Anastasia.

  Anastasia asked Olivia with a straight face.

“Can you swear that that motherhood is pure, without a speck of dust”



“I doubt it, don’t you’”

“Well, that would be better for the young lady.”

It was the same answer as before.

Olivia asked, trembling.

“Are you going to separate me from His Highness”

“I never said that.

It’s just that the young lady’s education is very inappropriate, so it’s not suitable as a nanny.”

Anastasia replied with a shrug.

“As an aunt, you can always come and see the Prince.”

“Your Majesty the Empress!”

“I think you understand me enough, but let’s get ready for your leave.

I want you out by the end of the day.”

Anastasia, who finished speaking, pressed Olivia with a cold stare as if to leave immediately.

Olivia protested the situation with an air of disbelief.

  “…Won’t you ask the Prince for his opinion”

Olivia called out her last reinforcement in a trembling voice.

“His Highness doesn’t want me to quit babysitting.

Your Majesty is so free to…!”


Then, Louis’s voice was heard faintly.

Olivia, who was raising her voice, and Anastasia, who was listening quietly, turned her head toward the bed with a surprised look.

“What are you talking about”

When he woke up, Louis opened his eyes and looked at Anastasia and Olivia alternately with a confused expression.

“Prince, when did you wake up…”

“Your Highness the Crown Prince!”

At that moment, Olivia screamed and hurled herself onto Louis’ bed.

“Help me, please.

Her Majesty is about to kick me out of this palace.

She’s trying to separate me from Your Highness!”

“Your Majesty the Empress…”

Louis shifted his gaze from Olivia holding him with a panicked look to Anastasia.

“Is what Olivia says true”

 “…it’s true.”

Anastasia quietly affirmed.

“According to the palace doctor, Louis collapsed from overwork.

I can no longer have Olivia as Louis’ nanny who has been aiding and abetting the situation until this happened.”


“So I’m going to take care of Louis until I find a new nanny.”

 Anastasia hesitated there for a momentarily.

“What do you think, Louis”

Without further explanation, the question was concluded.

Louis looked for a moment to see if he had quickly grasped the situation.


Louis, who was expected to give an answer soon, unexpectedly opened his mouth after a long silence.

Anastasia closed her eyes with a calm expression, and Olivia, who was crying while holding onto Louis, looked at him with twinkling eyes.

In time, an incredible answer came to everyone.

“I’ll follow the Empress’ will.”


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