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(Anastasia’s 3rd Person POV)

From the moment those long legs had appeared out of the carriage, Anastasia’s heart began to beat erratically as if it was broken.

Soon after, that familiar god-like-face appeared.

As soon as she saw him, Anastasia held her breath as if she was choked.


She could finally see that jet-black hair again, and if she was to be looking at him from below up, she would have gazed for a long time.

Although his face was not fully revealed, Anastasia knew at once who it was.

Anastasia looked at Wilhelm, who was casually glancing around after getting off the carriage.

But it wasn’t that long that suddenly, Wilhelm’s eyes turned upwards to where Anastasia was.

Naturally their eyes met.


At that moment, Anastasia immediately turned around, and was startled from their eye contact.

Like a person who was caught doing something bad, her eyes got bigger, and her heart beat once again.

“Your Majesty”

Because of her unusual action, Madame Rochester couldn’t help but notice it.

Anastasia kept quiet, took a deep breath, and soon entered the grand chapel in a hurry.

“The noble moon that protects the empire, her Majesty the Empress.”

At the call of the servant, the people who were seated wearing black clothes, rose at the same time and bowed down to the Empress.

‘…Oh well.’

Anastasia could tell that there was no respect in the way they looked at her….

‘Wow the Empress went out of the palace wearing just a simple dress.’

‘She may have realized her fault from last year when she came in wearing a white dress full of ornaments and combined with diff accessories.

Well who would actually wear something like that to a memorial service’

‘I guess she was quite embarrassed that everyone was shocked back then.’

‘But wasn’t she the type of person who doesn’t care about other people’s opinion I just thought that she might have done it on purpose at the last memorial service.’

The gazes were just full of curiosity.

No one spoke out loud, but it was not difficult to guess the contents going back and forth through their eyes.

However, Anastasia did not pay any attention to it and reached her seat at a graceful pace.

To be precise, she didn’t have the heart to care about that right now.

“The great sun of the Empire, your Majesty the Emperor.”

Before she could even prepare her unstable heart, she already heard the servant’s announcement.

Anastasia’s heart sank once again.

This time, Anastasia also stood up and greeted the man who was walking through the open door.

Jet-black hair and blue eyes, a beauty that can move through the deep sea.

(TN: Hehehe Anastasia, simping our daddy Wilhelm.)

(PN: how could you not simp for him haha.)

A nose that sits elegantly up high with lips carved by a master craftsman.

A statue-like face that surpassed all of them.

A tall stature paired with a dignified physique that anyone should look up to.

(PN: look, even the author is simping hard)

Wilhelm walked in as the servant said the word ‘Majesty’ as he embodied the word.

People’s eyes were different from when she entered the hall.

It felt that everyone present revered and worshiped him.

Funny enough, it finally hit her at that moment.

‘He’s alive.’

The fact that the emperor that she admired, respected, and the only man that she ever loved…was alive and breathing.

(TN:My gosh my heart is breaking.)

The fact that she came back to the past, so that she can save him.

‘Please live.’

(TN: I can feel her pain and longing, my gosh.) 

She was distressed to the point that tears were about to fall off, and it was hard for her to remain standing because her legs were shaking.

When she first saw him, she was only surprised but she didn’t feel very emotional.

That’s why she thought that her plan would be successful.

But it was just her willful thinking.

It was a simple mistake by not looking at his face properly.

Anastasia thought that it was a good idea to have worn a veil hat.

If it weren’t for it, she would have been caught crying.

Fortunately, he came and sat next to her with no changes to his expressions.

Then everyone, including Anastasia, was able to sit down.

Soon after, High Priest Lyell appeared and held the memorial service.

“Thank you to everyone who is here today.

I will now begin the memorial service with a silent remembrance of His Majesty Seon.”

A moment of silence followed immediately.

Anastasia was able to calm her mind a bit with the sound from the orchestra’s soft, flowing music.

After the silence, the prayer followed suit, and even then Wilhelm had never looked at Anastasia.

He finally spoke to her after the long prayer.

It was when the High Priest recited the achievements of Emperor Seon in a yearly manner.

“You were avoiding me earlier.”

When his voice was suddenly heard, Anastasia looked to her side in surprise.

Not too close, but not too far away either.

Wilhelm was staring at her intently.

Seeing the face of the person who she loved the most, looking at her in a very cold manner, managed to calm Anastasia’s unstable heart.

‘Now is not the time for this…’

Since he doesn’t love her now, he neither sympathizes nor cares.

Standing in front of him, she is just a wife who causes trouble every day.

An Empress who has no qualifications at all, but gives him an indispensable headache.

Just that much.

Anastasia in the original story also didn’t like Wilhelm, so any sentiments will only hinder the set goals.

“Why are you trying to avoid me”

“It doesn’t mean anything.”

Anastasia swallowed dry saliva and answered.

“If you think it’s rude, then I apologize.”

“…Sorry It’s really not normal, especially coming from you.”


“Dressed in this simple outfit while saying sorry are things you have never done before, and now you’re even using a polite tone to speak.”

That was the moment.

Wilhelm pulled himself closer to Anastasia.

The narrowed distance was unexpected, Anastasia held her breath without her noticing it.

The way he looked at her was so threatening and oppressive.

As if he would eat her at that moment.

Feeling like a rabbit in front of a lion, Anastasia secretly avoided his eyes.

Wilhelm never missed that moment.

“To the point of suddenly becoming merciful to the subordinates.”


“You’re avoiding my eyes again.”

Wilhelm murmured in a very strange tone.

“Why is it It’s like you’re becoming a different person.”

His intuition was right, but she couldn’t be caught.

“…I just thought I should change a little.”

Anastasia answered calmly and slowly moved away from him.

Wilhelm narrowed his eyes.

“Change Why all of a sudden”


I just suddenly realized it.”

“It is said that when a person suddenly changes, it means they’re dying.”

It was a sharp point.

Anastasia, who had once died and was resurrected, was silent.

“Have you ever contracted a deadly disease”

“Sorry to disappoint you but no.”

“You just suddenly feel sorry.”

“You don’t really like me, do you”

Anastasia calmly said those words, as if she meant everything that she said. 

She had never imagined that she would ever say those words to him after her regression.

“Isn’t it”

“……Well that’s the same for you.””

“That’s right.”

Anastasia did not deny it and so Wilhelm was suddenly dumbfounded.

“I just made a promise after seeing my father, who’s having a hard time because of me.

I think it will be different in the future.

Since I’ve been living like an idiot for the past years.”

“Can we finally see the Empress maturing I never thought that I’d live to see that day.”


“Although I don’t know how long that promise would last.”

‘……Is Wilhelm always this annoying’

Anastasia found herself strangely annoyed, as she was immersed in this situation, and forgetting her affection for him.

It was a very unfamiliar feeling for her, since this is the first time that this happened, but she was happy nevertheless.

It hit her that she really came back to the past, a smile came out of her face.

Since she didn’t respond any further, Wilhelm also moved his gaze to the front while Anastasia concentrated on the remains of the memorial service.

Trying not to be conscious of him as much as possible.

“This concludes today’s memorial service.”

Anastasia let out a sigh of relief.

The two hours spent with Wilhelm felt like two days.

‘I need to return to the Empress’s Palace as soon as possible.’

That was the moment when she was about to leave the main chapel that she was stopped.

“Your Majesty.”

Someone caught her.

A familiar voice made it possible to know who it was without turning around.

Anastasia sighed inwardly and turned around with a smile.

“The High Priest.”

There was a man standing by the wall with straight golden hair that is a little darker than hers, hanging down to his chest.

High Priest Lyell was a man who turned forty this year, but he had the beauty of being in his twenties.

Perhaps due to his enormous divine power.

“You’re leaving early.

Well, I just wanted to say hello to you.”

He spoke in a very sarcastic manner.

Anastasia smiled awkwardly.

“I don’t see you visiting the Temple these days.”

In the original story, Anastasia was not a very faithful person.

Even if she was the woman in the oracle.

She barely attended the goddess’ rites that were being held every other month and she hardly ever visited the temple unless she was being called for.

But of course, there is a space inside the Imperial Palace, dedicated to worshiping the goddess, but Anastasia never visits that room as well.

“Because it is more convenient to pray in the Imperial Palace….”

“Actually, it’s really a short visit to come to the Main Temple.”

Lyell smiled softly.

“Still, please visit as much as possible and reflect on the goddess.

Since you are the one whom the Goddess cherishes more than anyone else.”


For someone who knew the future, it was quite a funny remark.

But Anastasia didn’t express it, she just nodded her head.

“Then I’ll see you next time.”

After saying goodbye, Anastasia was just about to go to the carriage but once again, someone called her again.


……And it happened to be Wilhelm who caught her.

Anastasia looked back in surprise.

Wilhelm was standing there with a somewhat displeased face.

“…What’s wrong, Your Majesty”

“Would you like to go back to the Imperial Palace together”


“Let’s go back in the same carriage.”

Wilhelm said to Anastasia with an unfamiliar look on his face.

‘Why is he suddenly suggesting this’

Anastasia looked at Wilhelm, unable to hide her bewilderment.


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