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She couldn’t believe there was such a mishap while she was away!

  In addition, when she saw Louis, who she trusted, playing with Anastasia rather than kicking her out, she felt like her blood was rising.

  ‘Did she have no pride If you were kicked out by a six-year-old because they didn’t like it, you’d be quiet, so why would you crawl back in here’

She wanted to vent her feelings and get angry.

  But at least not yet, the woman in front of her was the Empress.

Damn it, but she had to put up with it.

  “It’s not right to find him without a word like this, Your Majesty.

He was late for class today because of your hasty actions.”

  Olivia showed her anger in the most polite and sarcastic manner possible.

  However, Anastasia replied calmly without a wink.

  “I didn’t mean to, so I hope you’ll understand, Lady Fontaine.

I had so much fun spending time with the Prince that I forgot to keep checking the time.”

“What did you have so much fun doing”

  Her voice quivered as she asked.

Anastasia quickly noticed that there was a mixture of emotions that were both anger and jealousy.

  “You didn’t play with this hideous thing, did you”

  “Oh, Lady Fontaine doesn’t know what it is.

It’s a very interesting toy, unlike what it looks like.

It’s weirdly relaxing to be fiddling with it.”

  Anastasia added with a bright smile.

  “It’s a perfect toy to use to calm your emotions when you’re excited.”

  “…excitement Him”

  “Since you didn’t see his face, you don’t know.

You look as bright as a tomato.

Like someone who’s very angry.””

  “…Your Majesty the Empress.”

  Olivia bit her teeth and warned Anastasia.

  “Don’t come back.”


“Don’t come here again.”

  Then she took a deep breath, as if trying to control her emotions.

  But her next words were still a little shaky.

  “Your Majesty made him play with such vulgar things.

It’s impossible.

It is unacceptable as an aunt before the nanny of the Crown Prince.”*

*TN: the nanny’s teachings should go before his aunt’s

  “I didn’t think it was something I would hear from Lady Fontaine who doesn’t even give her children enough time to play.

Which one is better for the Prince’s emotions It’s okay to bet.”

  Anastasia shot at Olivia with a cold expression on her face.

  “But now, in front of whom do you dare to speak vulgarity Have you forgotten who I am”

  “… If you are offended, I am sorry.”

  “Besides, don’t come again.

Did you forget everything I said yesterday Who are you arrogantly telling me not to come to”


  “Watch your mouth, Lady Fontaine.

What you’re doing now seems to be disapproving of me getting close to Prince Louis.”

When Anastasia hit the nail on the head, Olivia involuntarily flinched.

  Anastasia, who was looking closely at her figure, asked.

  “Am I right”

  “…can’t be.”

  Of course, Olivia smiled naturally.

  “I’m just doing this for the sake of the Crown Prince.

I can’t understand that, with my common sense, that ghastly thing would be of any help to the Crown Prince.”


  “In addition, it is very important for His Highness to concentrate on his studies and be punctual in class if he wants to grow.”

  “I wouldn’t question you more if you were innocent.”

  However, unlike words, the expression did not seem to believe the words.

  With a curious sneering look, Olivia unwittingly squeezed the hem of her dress.

  “But you’d better behave yourself from now on.

Unless you want a strange rumor going around.”

  “…if it’s a strange rumor.”

  “For example.”

Anastasia said in a stern voice.

  “Lady Fontaine is trying to drive a wedge between the Emperor and his wife with the Prince in her hands.”


  “Of course not.”

  Anastasia continued with a grin with a strange look.

 “It is a rumor that can be made based on the attitude of the young lady now.

I’m saying this out of concern, so listen carefully.

I think it would be heartbreaking to kick the young lady out of her position as the Prince’s nanny for an unsavory matter.”


  “Then I’ll come again.

Be sure to return the toy to the Prince.”

  Anastasia left Olivia and left the room after a simple conversation.


*TN: saying that Anastasia was saying she’s doing it for her own benefit

  Olivia, who was left behind, finally burst her pent-up emotions.

She gave a strange groan, clenched her fist and shook it.

  Then she couldn’t overcome her anger and threw everything around her.

Things made of glass were shattered and debris splattered everywhere, and others bumped into each other, creating an unpleasant noise.

  After throwing things for so long, Olivia gasped and gazed inexorably at Anastasia’s place with bloodshot eyes.

  “The cheek…! We’ll see.

How long can you keep your head up in front of me and make fun of me”

  With a firm commitment to pay back today’s humiliation, Olivia finally threw the liquid monster that Louis had made into the trash can.


The class was also scheduled to end at 6 o’clock.

However, Louis today had difficulty concentrating until the end of class.

  “Your Highness, are your fingers itchy””

  “Huh Why”

  “You keep wiggling your fingers.

Should I call the court doctor”

  “Oh, no.

It’s alright.

You don’t have to.”

  It was only after hearing that Louis realized that he had been moving his fingers.

  But it couldn’t be…

  ‘My hands are kind of boring.’

  The memory of touching the moist, soft dough seemed to have completely stuck in my fingers.

  ‘My dough… … Did Olivia throw it away She probably threw it away, right’

  Olivia, who hated Anastasia so much, wouldn’t let it go.

  ‘I hope the Empress comes again and makes flour dough with me.

I had a lot of fun earlier…’

The sudden thought startled Louis.

  While he was terribly embarrassed that he had thought of that.

  ‘Calm down, Louis.

Olivia said that.

She said Her Majesty was the one who caused my parents to die.

What the hell are you thinking’

  Recalling what Olivia had emphasized several times in her brainwashing, Louis struggled to win against his heart.

  ‘I’ve been very lazy today.

I should have told her to go without making excuses about homework.’

  As he was dealing with Her Majesty alone, he didn’t seem to have thought of that.

  ‘Next time… … Even if you do come, I have to be firm and tell you to go.’

  But despite that promise, Louis was still concerned about his pink dough, which would have been thrown away by now.

  It’s like it’s already firmly in the corner of his heart.


Throughout the evening after class, Louis had to continue to suffer from Olivia’s sharp nagging.

  “I’m so disappointed in you, baby.

How can you play with the Empress while I’m away when I asked you in the morning”

  “Sorry, I’m sorry… But there was no excuse to say no…”

  “That’s an excuse.

You disobeyed me.

You betrayed me!”

  Olivia raised her voice as if she were recalling her earlier anger, grabbed Louis’ shoulders and said frighteningly.

  “From now on, if the Empress comes, just send her back.

If it’s not possible, just leave.”


  “Did you understand what I said Do you understand me Baby, do you understand me”


Louis nodded his head with complete embarrassment at Olivia’s shooting at him with her terrifying face.

  Olivia, who was staring at him with her brows narrowed, suddenly hugged Louis’ shrunken little body.

  “Oh, my baby.

You must be very surprised that I’m angry.”


“Don’t be disappointed.

Why do I do all this”

  “For me…”

  “Yes, to prevent the wicked witch from hurting my baby.

She hates you very much, and she’s trying to get rid of you somehow.

You need to know how much I’m sacrificing for you.”


  “Remember, I’m the only one in the world who loves you.

I’m the only one who’ll never abandon you.

Before, now, in the future, forever! Other than that, it’s all trash.

I’m the only one you have.

Do you understand”

  After a few minutes of brainwashing, Louis was completely free.

  He was half free, to be exact.

  “My baby, you have a lot of homework today, so sit at the desk right away.

To become a great Emperor in the future, it is fundamental to do all your homework.”

  He had to go straight to his homework after dinner and a bath.

But Louis, sitting in front of his desk, couldn’t concentrate.

  In the daytime, he remembered the flour dough that kept covering his hands tightly.

‘I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble, so I can’t even ask Olivia if she threw it away…’

  It’s okay if he didn’t play with her, but it was around the time he was earnestly thinking that Her Majesty the Empress would appear and give him a piece of dough.

  “Louis, what are you doing”

  The same voice as in the morning came with the same lines.

  Louis turned his head with a startled look, and Anastasia, smiling just as brightly as the morning, was entering the room.


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