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“Please go back.”

Olivia said emphatically.

“His Highness is in class now.”

The next morning, Anastasia, who was fully prepared to play with Louis, had to listen to an unexpected guest order.

 Anastasia asked with a confused look.

“Didn’t you say you arrived from Schweig Island yesterday Studying for a child who has not been able to recover from his fatigue.

I don’t think that makes sense.”

“This is what His Highness requested first.

It’s okay, he said he’d take the class.”


  She couldn’t argue more because both the parties agreed…

  Anastasia asked after a moment of truth.

  “What time does the class end”

  “It’ll be over at six.”

  “Six o’clock…”

  Anastasia questioned her ears and asked.*

*TN: she wasn’t sure if she heard correctly

  “When did the prince start learning”

“It started at nine.”

  “Then he’s going to study from 9am to 6pm”

  What high school was he in A six-year-old kid studying nine hours!

  No, it’s not true.

She doubted it.

Of course there will be breaks.

  “When is his break time”

  “He doesn’t have anything in particular.”

  “What are you saying…”

  “Oh, he’s going to take a 10-minute break after 50 minutes of class.”

  “…that’s basic, Lady Fontaine.

It’s not something to be so proud of.”

  It was getting progressively worse.

Anastasia protested.

  “Even if the prince agreed to it, it seems too much of an unreasonable schedule for a child who has gone through recuperation due to poor health.

Adjustments will be needed.”

  “But the Prince wanted…”

  “Are you going to continue the abuse because the Prince wants it”

  “… Your Majesty, your words are harsh.

It’s not abuse.”

“Then what is this, if not abuse Now the Prince’s schedule doesn’t make sense at all.”

  “Anyway, the prince…”

  “You keep using the Prince’s will as a shield.”

  Anastasia responded in a sharp voice as the excuses continued, which she did not know were all wrong.

  “I’ll meet the Prince myself and persuade him.”

  “Your Majesty, it’s…!”

  “Do the class end at 6 o’clock I’ll be back after that.

Give the Prince my words and leave time open.”

  “…Your Majesty the Empress.”

  Olivia said to Anastasia, looking somewhat displeased.

  “You don’t have to pay so much attention to His Highness.

I’ll take care of myself…”

“I don’t know what the hell you know and what you’re doing well.

While making a six-year-old child study for 9 hours with the excuse that he wants it.”

Anastasia snorted sarcastically at Olivia’s words.

  “I think I told you yesterday, too.

I’m that kid’s aunt.

It’s only natural that I care about my nephew.

The lady doesn’t have the right to meddle in that matter.

Don’t you know it’s presumptuous”


  “Although the lady is the nanny and aunt of the prince, I hope you will be aware of your status.

This is not Schweig Island, and the Crown Prince’s legal guardian is His Majesty.

It’s not the Fontaine family.”

  Anastasia spoke to Olivia without hiding her anger.

  “Remember, the royal family decides the nanny of the prince.”

  Leaving a warning, Anastasia turned and left the Imperial Palace.

  Anastasia’s expression returning to the Empress’ Palace was unusual.

  ‘As expected, she’s dangerous.

I need to get her off to the side as soon as possible.’

  Now, no one knows what’s inside that woman’s black heart.

But that didn’t mean that she could just let go of it.


Anastasia visited the palace again at 8 p.m., as she told Olivia.

  “I see the Empress, the moon of the Empire.”

  Louis’ bowing to her with his curly golden hair was cute and lovely enough to eliminate all the regrets of not seeing him in the morning.

  Anastasia could not take her eyes off the cute figure for a moment, and soon came to her senses and accepted Louis’ greeting with affection.

  “Hello, Louis.

Did you have a good day today”


  But Louis didn’t look very happy when he answered in a low voice.

  He looked tired and exhausted.

It was natural when he studied from nine to six.

  “I heard you’ve been studying since this morning.

You must have had a hard time…”

  “What are you doing here”


  “What can I do for you”

The way he cut off the conversation with a blank face and asked calmly was just like last night’s party.

  Though slightly hurt by the appearance, Anastasia kept a bright smile without showing any sign.

  “I’m here to play with Louis.”

  “…with me”


  “…No, I can’t.”

  Louis replied slowly, looking at Olivia next to him.

  Olivia had said to avoid being with Anastasia as much as possible.

  “Huh Why not Aren’t you done with your schedule today”


  “He has homework to do by tomorrow.”

  It was Olivia, not Louis, who answered.

Anastasia scolded Olivia with an absurd look.

  “The royal family is talking.

How dare you interfere”

The royal family… Olivia replied, biting her lips at the word she could not yet belong to.

   She said, “His Highness the Prince is in trouble, so I am just answering for him instead.”

   Olivia replied with a brazen attitude that didn’t change her expression.

   “It will be difficult for him to refuse the orders of your Majesty the Empress.”

   She was sure she had the nuance that she would even threaten Louis.

Anastasia asked in shock.

   “Is it a command to invite him to play together Even if that were the case, the lady’s attitude is very presumptuous.”

   Anastasia ordered, not hiding her displeasure.

   “Go out.

I will speak with the prince alone.”

   “Your Majesty, that is…!”

   “This is an order.”

   Anastasia said firmly.

   “Get out, Lady Fontaine.”


No matter how much the Prince’s nanny dared, she couldn’t refuse the order of the Empress.

  Olivia clenched her lips, clutching her dress in tears, and forced herself out of Louis’ room.

  Only then did Anastasia sigh of relief, but this time Louis’ expression was the problem.

It was becoming much more hostile to her than before.


  Anastasia stared at Louis and asked him in a soft voice.

  “You studied for nine hours today, do you have to study again”


  Louis answered in silence for a moment.

  “It’s not studying, it’s homework.”

  “You’re not playing anyway.”

  “…so that tomorrow’s class won’t be a problem.”

“If you do your homework now, what time will you finish 9 o’clock”

“No, it will take at least two hours.”

  “And then… Are you going to sleep right away”


  Anastasia bit her teeth before she knew it and asked.

  “Then when is Louis going to play When is your break When do you take a nap

  “Olivia said that only lazy people take naps.”

  Even so, it was an exception for children.

Why was there always a nap time at a daycare center otherwise

  “And I study 50 minutes and take 10 minutes off.”

  “That’s not what I’m saying, but when do you take a long break An hour or two.”

  “After class at 6 o’clock, I take a break.”


  Anastasia was speechless for a moment and asked the last question.

  “Then Louis doesn’t have time to play”

Louis looked perplexed for a moment, but immediately replied as if it was no big deal.

  “I don’t have to play.

Olivia had nothing to do with it, and she said stupid kids do it.”

  “Then Louis doesn’t like to play Do you like studying more”


  Louis couldn’t answer, and Anastasia gave him a look that said she knew.

  ‘There’s no kid in the world who doesn’t like to play.’

  Obviously, Olivia forced him to study.

Anastasia asked stealthily.

  “Studying for 9 hours and doing homework.

Isn’t it hard”

  At that, Louis’ eyes shook a little.

Anastasia didn’t miss the crack and wedged into it.

  “If you’re having a hard time, I’ll tell Olivia and reduce your study time.”

  But was that a problem Louis shook his eyes as fast as a candle in front of the wind and shook his head violently.

Anastasia looked at the figure and asked, embarrassed.

  “You don’t mean it You like it now”

  Louis nodded again, this time without answering.

  Anastasia didn’t understand the situation at all, but she decided not to rush.

  ‘Let’s go slowly.

It’s only been a day since we met Louis again.’

  If I do anything in a hurry, he’ll get sick.

The relationship with the child is more important.

  Anastasia smiled casually and changed the subject.

“I see.

Then tomorrow I’ll come early before class, so why don’t you play with me for a little while”


  “I’ve been thinking a lot since last night.

How can I have fun with Louis And so…”


  Then, Louis interrupted Anastasia and asked.

“Why do you want to play with me”

  “Because I want to be close to Louis.”

  “…with me, why”

  “I want to be friends with Louis!”

  Anastasia confessed to Louis as if she were talking about her solemn aspirations.

  “It would be nice to be friends with me.

I know a lot of fun games.

You can look forward to it.”


“So, won’t you give me a chance to get to know you, Louis”

  Anastasia looked at Louis with sparkling eyes.

  Louis looked at Anastasia with bewildered eyes, then closed his eyes and shouted:

  “I don’t like it!”


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