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“You’re being too rude to your aunt.”

  Anastasia was embarrassed to hear that.

And before she could express it, Wilhelm’s words continued.

  “It’s not good to be so cold to someone who welcomes you.

Do you not like your aunt”


  “Then you’d better be nicer to your aunt.

There could be a misunderstanding.”

  “I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

  Then another voice came from the side.

Anastasia turned her head and looked at the owner of the voice.

  She had her coveted olive hair half-tied and her golden glistening eyes.

  Olivia Fontaine.

  It was Louis’ aunt.

A woman who had not married after the death of the Emperor and his wife and was taking care of Louis on Schweig Island.

  “His Highness is extremely wary of people who are not familiar with him because he only grew up on the island.

Please be generous.”

“I don’t think the environment one grew up in    can excuse a child’s rudeness.”

  Wilhelm replied with a blank face.

  “And no matter how unfamiliar she is, isn’t she his aunt”

  “Of course, Your Majesty.

I will put more effort into his education.”

  “I’m fine, Your Majesty.

The prince is still young…”

  But at that moment, Anastasia couldn’t say anything more.

  It was because Wilhelm suddenly held Anastasia’s hand.

  Anastasia was so surprised that she stopped breathing.

  When she looked at Wilhelm, she could only see him looking at her without saying anything.

  But she could tell from that look.

  Don’t cut in here, he was saying.

  And as Anastasia was about to sweat with extreme tension, she fortunately let go of the hand that Wilhelm had held.

And he explained the situation to Anastasia as if he had not been able to talk.

  “Lady Fontaine just sent me a letter.

Prince Louis’s condition has improved, and he wanted to return to the capital.”

  “…you’re feeling better”

  But in the original book, he died at this time of year because his condition deteriorated…

  Anastasia asked Olivia in a panicked voice for confirmation.

  “Is that true, Lady Fontaine”

  “Of course, Your Majesty.

I got permission from the doctor.

We’ll be able to live a normal life at the palace.”

  “…I’m glad to hear that.”

  But it was uncomfortable.

Why is it suddenly different from the original

  ‘It’s Melina’s betrayal.

She didn’t know what happened, so even if it’s possible…’*

*TN: talking about the possibility that Melina changed Louis’ future

  The physical condition was not something that could be hidden or manipulated.

  Of course, it was a real pleasure and a relief that Lewis’s health improved, but apart from that, it was somewhat awkward.

“Then will the Prince stay at the Imperial Palace from now on”

  “You should.

You’ll stay at the Imperial Palace.”

  “It’s a good thing it’s close to the Empress’ Palace.

I’ll take care of him.”

  “You don’t have to.”

  Then Olivia cut in and said,

  “The Empress is busy with your project, we can’t trouble you.

I won’t let you worry about the Imperial Palace too.”

  “No, Lady Fontaine.”

  Anastasia said with a smile.

  “Prince Louis is my nephew.

As an aunt, isn’t it natural for me to take care of him”


  “Isn’t that right, Your Majesty”

  When Anastasia looked back at Wilhelm and asked, he asked back with a slightly perplexed look.

  “…are you serious”

“What do you mean”

  “No, if he’s a child…”

  “They are a handful.

But kids around Prince Louis’ age look so cute these days.”

  Anastasia, who quickly intercepted the words, smiled, and Wilhelm slightly narrowed his forehead when he saw it.

  …why the hell did he hate it so much.

  “Her Majesty loves children”

  Then, Olivia’s voice came in amazement.

  “It’s amazing.

I thought it was the other way around.”

  “What do you mean”

  “I thought you hated children.

Isn’t that a famous fact”

  “It used to be.”

  Anastasia coughed a lot to hide her embarrassment.

“Not now.

I really like kids.

Enough to set up a school for children.

I don’t know if you heard that because you’re only on Schweig Island.”


  “I’ve changed now.

It means that I’m the person I’ve been before.

So you don’t have to worry.”

  “What do you mean, worry”

  “Weren’t you worried that I wouldn’t be able to take good care of Prince Louis I mean it’s okay.”

  “I’m glad to hear that, Your Majesty.”

  Olivia said with a smile.

  “I’m surprised you changed all of a sudden.”

  “Not all of a sudden.”

  Wilhelm’s voice interrupted.

  Anastasia and Olivia stared at him in surprise.

In fact, Wilhelm continued to speak with a wistful look.

  “She’s been slowly changing since last year.

The lady was only in Schweig, so she wouldn’t know.”

  “…I see.

I didn’t know.”

Olivia replied, smiling awkwardly.

  “I’m sure I’ll find out if I keep checking.

But, Your Majesty, if you don’t mind, may I step down from here today Actually, we just arrived and came to greet you right away, so I think His Highness must be very tired.”


You’d better go get some rest.”

  “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

  When Wilhelm’s permission was given, Olivia bowed gracefully and greeted him.

Strangely, the greeting was directed towards Wilhelm.

  Immediately Louis and Olivia left.

  The people in the banquet hall naturally began to talk about Louis’ sudden appearance.

  Anastasia peeped at Wilhelm, but he had a mysterious look on his face.

As always, in fact, he was more anxious than usual today.

  “I’ll take care of the prince, so don’t worry too much.”

  Wilhelm remained silent for a long time until he commented.


  The answer, which barely came at the end, was brief in contrast to the complicated innermost thoughts.


After leaving the banquet hall, Olivia held Lewis’ hand tightly and headed to the palace.

  No matter how much of a prince he was, he could not ride a carriage inside the palace unless he was the current Emperor’s son.

  Olivia was very upset about the fact.

  And she decided to replace this anger in a much more productive way.

  “You did a great job today, baby.”

  Olivia praised Louis in a friendly voice, looking forward only with empty eyes.

  “You acted well in front of the two people, as I said.

We have to act like today in front of them.

Got it”


  “Remember, the present emperor is the one who killed your father and mother.

The empress is a woman with such an emperor.

Both are your enemies.”

  The remark distorted Lewis’s expression.

Olivia didn’t miss the moment and kept talking.

“Didn’t the Empress embrace you earlier, pretending to be tender She dared to, without hesitation!”

  Olivia, who rose in a rage, unknowingly tightened her grip on Lewis.

  “It’s all pretense.

Her acting, to my disgust.”


  “Of course, baby.

Even if that happens again, you should never be fooled.

She’s the woman who’s hiding a knife behind her arm.”

  Olivia spoke in a low voice as if she were telling a very secret story.

  “She’ll hate you and only think about getting rid of you.

She thinks of you as a political opponent to take her husband’s place.

She’ll stab you in the back and stab you hard whenever she gets a chance.”

  With Olivia’s provocative choice of words, Lewis shrank back, as if frightened.

  Olivia gazed at Louis with satisfaction, smiled, and then hugged him gently.

“Oh, my baby, you don’t have to worry.

I will protect you for sure.”

  As she patted the afraid Louis’ body, Olivia whispered in Louis’s ear in a friendly voice.

  “But to do that, baby, you have to behave yourself.

Just like I said.

You know what I mean, right”

  “Yes… …okay.”

  “Good boy, my baby.”

  Olivia reiterated in a laughable voice.

  “You have to keep my words in mind and follow them.

Then there won’t be any problems.”


It was a great pleasure, one way or the other, that Louis was alive.

  However, apart from that, the situation was not good.

  ‘The original is off…’

  That fact most disturbed Anastasia.

  It was a bit of a cruel idea, but it wasn’t hard to guess why the author killed Louis.

  This was because if the heroine, Avelin, marries Wilhelm and gives birth to the prince in the future, there could be a problem in the succession structure.

  Of course, in principle, it was right for the Prince of Avelin to succeed to the throne.

  But Lewis could be a source of trouble just by his existence.

   The author probably wanted to remove the bud.

  ‘I’m sure Avelin won’t welcome Lewis in three months either.’

When she thought so, she suddenly felt bad.

  She didn’t want to see Lewis fall into a state of trouble or deviousness.

  She didn’t want to see him get caught up in a power struggle over the throne.

  Then she suddenly thought of it.

  ‘Would I rather adopt Louis’

  The current legal guardian of Louis was Wilhelm, but Louis’s maternal family, the Fontaines, was in charge of practical parenting.

  Lady Fontaine was taking care of Louis, refusing to marry.

  For the powerful Fontaine family, it was more unnatural not to have an impure heart.

  If she adopted Louis, she’ll be able to prevent the mishap of the Fontaine family using Louis to gain power.

Wilhelm would be pleased at heart.

From his point of view, the existence of a sudden death of the Emperor was politically burdensome.

  ‘Of course, the most important thing is Lewis’ doctor’

  At least it was difficult to adopt in their current state.

She needed time to get along with the child.

  ‘Cause I was going to adopt him in the name of the Barantes after I’m deposed.’

  It was the guardianship of Louis in the House of Barantes.

Considering the relationship between Barantes and Lewis, it was not impossible.

  ‘Okay, well, I’ll try to get closer to Lewis tomorrow.’

  Anastasia clenched her fist and made up her mind.

  But the next day, Anastasia had to face an unexpected embarrassment.


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