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Fortunately, the fire at the Cysteine Palace was quickly extinguished shortly after Wilhelm arrived.

  “On the day of the banquet, I prepared a lot of water just in case, but I’m glad I did my best.”

  “I could have been in trouble.

It’s going to be cold soon, so pay more attention to fire management from now on.”

  “Of course, Your Majesty.”

  “What’s the cause of today’s fire Is it arson”

  “I’m going to focus on that and investigate.”

  “The arson of the palace is a felony.

Be sure to find out the cause.”

  “All right, Your Majesty.”

 “Are you going back to the banquet hall right away”

   When the job was done, Colton asked.

Wilhelm shook his head.

   “I think you should change your clothes and go.”

  “After being at the scene of the fire for a long time, the smell of smoke seemed to permeate your clothes.”

Wilhelm decided to go straight to the Central Palace and change into a new dress and take a short break.

  Colton prepared chamomile tea, which he often drinks, for the tired Wilhelm.

And he was about to take it to Wilhelm’s room.

  “Sir Colton”

  Colton turned to a familiar voice.

  It was Siena of the Orangtin family.

A woman who entered the palace as a maid with Melina.

  “Lady Orantin, I thought you were at the banquet hall.

What are you doing here”

  “I’m here to take a break.

But Lord Colton, why are you here…”

  “I’m on my way back from putting out the Cysteine Palace fire.

His Majesty wanted to take a break.”

  “Oh, I see.

I’m glad the fire was put out safely.”

  Siena smiled and asked, pointing to the teapot in Colton’s hand.

  “Are you going to give it to the Emperor”


“Can I bring it to him”


  “Yes, I’m also a lady-in-waiting at the Central Palace.”

  Siena smiled innocently and asked.

  “Is it okay to do that”


  Colton hesitated, unable to answer immediately.

  Although Melina’s actions had made the Central Palace ladies’ positions rocky, Siena was still clearly the central palace maid.

  But he was strangely unwilling.

Even though it wasn’t a big deal.

  “Can’t I”

  Siena asked as if rushing with a panicked look.

  Colton pondered a little more and opened his mouth.


  Eventually, the teapot plate in Colton’s hand went over to Siena.

  Siena said to Colton with a faint smile.

  “Thank you, Lord Colton.”

  It was only then that the whole plan was completed.


Meanwhile, Wilhelm was staring at an empty vase.

  Not long ago, that vase had red roses from Anastasia.

  However, the roses gradually withered and eventually rotted and crumbled.

Of course, it was thrown away before it happened.

  Colton recited a variety of flowers and offered to put in new ones, but he refused.

  So now there was a meaningless empty vase.

  However, looking at it reminded him of Anastasia.

  He remembered when she gave him a bouquet of red roses with a panicked face, and when she was wearing a rose-like dress.

  Naturally, he remembered the time when she smiled brightly like a bunch of flowers.

  Then he had no choice but to admit it.

He didn’t hate Anastasia as much as he used to.

  Isn’t that a matter of course The reason he hated her in the first place was because of her trust in her oracle and her arrogant attitude.

It was also due to the senseless acts and negligence of her role as  the empress.

  The present empress was no longer like that.

The attitude was also much more dignified and had softened.

  However, if she looked at him, she set the blade as it was*.

*TN: kept things clear as the same as before

  At first, he thought it might be a sham, but he gave up those thoughts when he saw her showing an observant attitude even in government matters.

She really hated herself.

  So, while he doesn’t feel her affection for her, he developed anger.

  How long are you going to avoid me and treat me like a stranger

  So he did things that he would never have done normally.

  He asked for a dance first and even offered reconciliation…

  “I like to stay as usual.

The only thing that changed me was the thought that I had not been able to properly fulfill my duties as an Empress…”

It was amazing to say that she was obliged to be the Empress while rejecting him.

  What the hell did she think of the Empress The Emperor’s legal representative Is there a concept of spouse

  When he spoke about the relationship between the couple in an angry mood, it was worth seeing her embarrassed.

  …he could have stayed with her if it weren’t for the fire.

  Then he could keep seeing the embarrassment.

Looking forward to getting out of the situation with what answer.

  It wasn’t bad.

At least now it was much more enjoyable than before when I was troubled by the queen’s flight.

  “You won’t be able to depose me anyway.”

That fact, oddly enough.

  How long would she maintain her current attitude while living together for the rest of their lives

  Wilhelm was thinking that the pleasure of seeing Anastasia now would also be an extension of that emotion.

  Knock, knock

  He was thinking he should go back to the banquet hall, but he heard a knock.

Wilhelm opened his mouth thinking it was Colton.

  “Come on in.”

  But it wasn’t Colton who showed up before long.

  Wilhelm narrowed his brows and looked at Siena approaching him with a teapot.

  Siena poured tea water into an empty cup, regardless of Wilhelm’s gaze.

  “Chamomile tea, Your Majesty.

It’s good for relieving fatigue.”

  “…I understand you asked Colton to do it.”

  “Don’t you think Lord Colton should rest, too I’m here for you instead.”

  Siena replied with a grin.

  “I wanted to take this opportunity to see your face.”

  “Come to think of it.”

  Wilhelm said, looking at Siena with a blank face.

“I haven’t decided yet where the four remaining maids will go.”

  “What do you mean, Your Majesty”

  “I plan to take measures to get you to leave the palace as soon as possible.

It would be better to pack up ahead of time.”

  “Your Majesty, the only wrong one was Lady Lutent.”

  Siena complained to Wilhelm in disbelief.

  “Isn’t it too much to ask us for joint responsibility”

  “A joint responsibility”

  Wilhelm, who heard Siena’s defense, muttered with an arsenic look.

  “If someone heard you, they’d think you did nothing wrong.”


  “Didn’t you agree with Lady Lutent in the last incident Even a bit”

  Siena couldn’t bear to say yes to Wilhelm’s repeated questions.

  Everyone knew that the four women in the Central Palace helped spread the rumor of the Empress’ infertility.

  When Anastasia showed up at Melina’s annual meeting, all four of them were there.

  When Siena bit her lips without answering, Wilhelm openly laughed at her.

“We should be grateful that we didn’t punish them together then.”

  Along with the words, Wilhelm picked up the teapot himself and poured it into the teacup.

  Siena watched it silently, and Wilhelm poured the cup into his mouth.

  “Get out of here.”

  “…that is.”

  Siena looked directly at Wilhelm and said,

  “I can’t do that.”



  Siena’s expression quickly turned into a smile as if it had been distorted.

  “Your Majesty will soon love me.”

  “What do you mean…”

  Before he could make up his mind, Wilhelm felt a strong dizziness hitting his head.

  Soon, hot heat spread in all directions as if a volcano had erupted in the body.


  He breathed out a deep breath.

It was not long before he realized the meaning of what Siena said.


“Fortunately, I’m the only woman here.

If there were two people, the medicine would have been ineffective.”

  Siena smiled and shook her head.

  “I don’t want to go out, Your Majesty.

This room, the palace.”

  “…get out now.”

  “I can’t do that.

What kind of opportunity is this”

  Now Siena was laughing at Wilhelm.

  “You’re going to whisper sweetly to me that you love me in five minutes anyway.”

  “Get out of here now!”

  Wilhelm rose from his seat with a roar.

  But immediately he stumbled and couldn’t control himself.

  Siena came up to Wilhelm with a look of surprise and helped him.

  “Oh, my lord, are you all right”


  “It’s better to give up, Your Majesty.”

Siena smiled faintly and whispered in Wilhelm’s ear as if teasing.

  “Your Majesty will soon love me very sweetly.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous.



  At that moment, the door opened violently.

Wilhelm and Sienna looked at the door with astonished eyes.


  Anastasia, who seemed to have rushed, was there, breathing heavily.


  Anastasia breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the two people who were still fine.

  “I guess it’s not too late.”

  “How are you…”

  While Siena was at a loss with a panicked look on her face, Anastasia approached the two people.

  ‘Are you going to slap me again’

 Siena, who watched Melina get slapped strongly at the last tea meeting, shook her body with a tense face.

  However, Anastasia went to Wilhelm without giving Siena any interest.

  “Your Majesty, are you alright Your Majesty!”

  “… Empress”

  Wilhelm opened his lips, still struggling.

  “How can you…”

  “…I apologize, Your Majesty.”

  In a biting tone, Anastasia apologized to Wilhelm.

  “This is the only way for now.”

  “What do you mean…”

  The moment Wilhelm parted his lips at the unfamiliar words, Anastasia covered Wilhelm’s cheek and kissed him.


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