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The fact that Anastasia saved the Goddess’ Garden and that Melina was tied to a stake and publicly punished for her slander quickly spread among people.

  Those who had any doubts about Anastasia turned their minds around when they heard the news.

No one had ever raved about the impure story of Anastasia in society.

  Anastasia’s status, which was almost shaken for a while, had been solidified again with this.

  Meanwhile, Melina was forcibly sent to a distant monastery after being deprived from her family register by the Marquis of Lutent.

  Maybe she would live in captivity and wouldn’t get out of there until she died.

  ‘I think Melina’s behind this… but…’

  She was afraid it was only a She could do research if she wanted to, but it became burdensome to make her work grow to that extent.

  There may be unnecessary adverse effects in the process.

Even if she was found guilty, Anastasia wondered what it would mean to Melina when she was kicked out of her monastery.

  Anastasia quietly wrapped things up by asking Wilhelm to increase security around the Goddess’ Garden.

With peace at the palace again, Anastasia’s birthday came.

  “Your Majesty is the main character today, so you have to be more beautiful than anyone else.”

  “Oh, Miss Selene, by the way.

You don’t seem to know because it’s your first party today, but there is no one in Rosenberg who is more beautiful than Her Majesty.

There won’t be anyone else.”

  “Oh, that’s true.

I’m sorry, Your Majesty.

I made a slip of the tongue.”

  “No, it’s all right…”

  Anastasia smiled awkwardly and listened to the ladies’ conversation.

  As expected, she couldn’t get used to the ridiculous compliment at all.

  “Of course, Her Majesty is Rosenberg’s best-known beauty, but I’m sure everyone will come out with more strength today.”*

*TN: they’ll try harder to look the best

  “Especially the four maids in the palace.”

  The ladies of the house were on high alert.

I thought Anastasia would do the same.

  Because Melina was kicked out for an unpleasant incident, and the rest of the four lady-in-waitings’ positions became rocky.

‘You must think you might be kicked out at any time.’

  So they were going to try to be in Wilhelm’s eyes no matter what today.

  “You must not be pushed back.

Let’s show them who the hostess of the palace is today!”

  “I love it!”

  The ladies began to move busily, burning with their fighting spirit, and Anastasia smiled almost in desperation and just closed her eyes.


Siena, the lady-in-waiting at the Central Palace, was simply fully prepared before attending the Queen’s birthday party that day.

  She wore a sensual dress that cost a lot of money, with a subtle figure, and wore colorful accessories so that anyone could recognize her from afar.

  But there was a secret weapon for today’s party.

  ‘I must capture the heart of His Majesty.’

  Siena picked up the glass bottle on the dressing table with a trembling look.

  Inside the pink heart-shaped bottle, there was a colorless, odorless liquid.

  ‘With this… … I can succeed.’

  That’s what the person who told her about it said.

“The effect is certain.

In the Vaudar Empire, thanks to this, countless lovers give birth.”

Siena put the glass bottle in her arms with a grim look and set off for the banquet hall.

  But when she arrived at the banquet hall, she felt inexplicable despair.

  ‘……no way.’

  As soon as she found Anastasia from afar, Sienna felt her defeat.

  ‘We wore the same accessories….’

  Anastasia, with a pink pearl-grained headdress, made anyone who saw her think she was very lovely and cute.

  The use of a lot of jewelry almost made her feel rustic, but because she was a pearl, the epitome of elegance, only the feeling of splendor doubled.

  Anastasia was surrounded by countless people, smiling and celebrating her birthday, and Siena was overwhelmed with a sense of helpless inferiority and her sense of entitlement.

But after a while.

‘At least I’m the winner today.’

Siena fiddled with the heart-shaped glass bottle in her arms, quickly calming down the seething emotions.

  “If she finds out that I’m pregnant with his child, she’ll be much more angry than I feel now’

  The thought of it instantly filled her with excitement.

  But after a while.

  Siena felt her heart sink when she encountered an unexpected sight.


Anastasia met with the Duke of Barantes after a long time.

  “Dad, how have you been”

  “I’m always the same.

Congratulations on your birthday, Your Majesty.”

  “Thank you for giving birth to me too, father.”

  Anastasia, who smiled wide enough to curve the corner of her eyes, added as if she almost forgot.

  “Oh, I received the gift you sent me.”

  It happened just before they left for the banquet hall.

  “Your Majesty, the Duke of Barantes sent you a gift.”

With the words, a servant came into Anastasia’s room with a gift box.

  “My dad sent me a present right before the banquet.”’

  Thanks to Duke Barantes’ sense, she felt she could start off the banquet hall even more pleasantly.

  It was when Anastasia praised the servant for his hard work and was about to let him return.

  Another servant came in from outside, followed by another servant who put down another gift box.


  That was not the end.

The servants constantly came into the room one after one and put down the gift boxes.

  Anastasia was embarrassed, but at some point, she forgot to count how many servants came in and looked at the pile of gifts that began to pile up like mountains with a dazed face.

  ‘You, sending me a present… … It wasn’t just one’

  Then Anastasia belatedly remembered.

When the Duke of Barantes sent her a gift, he never sent her one singular box!

  ‘Right, even before the return, he sent me gifts in a few carts, so I was embarrassed…’

  Of course, Anastasia begged him to send under five, so she wouldn’t see the gift mountain soon enough.

  In the end, Anastasia was pressed for time and had no choice but to go to the banquet hall without being able to open all the gifts.

  “Oh, you sent me so many presents.

You scared me.”

  “It’s not any other day, it’s Your Majesty’s birthday, so of course I should spend that much, right I was worried because I thought it was too little.”

  “I can’t send a single one.”

  Anastasia shook her head with a smile as if she could not stop him.

  “I was happy because there were so many.”

  She meant it.

She didn’t know how overwhelmed her heart was until she saw her father’s gifts piled up in the room.

After a long time, she felt full of joy at the fact that she was back alive.

  “I knew you would.

As expected, both quantity and quality are important for gifts.”

  After hearing Anastasia’s answer, Duke Barantes shrugged with a proud face.

  “And this time, I paid more attention than usual.

You’ve made a great achievement.”

  “What Ahhh…”

  He seemed to mean the work of the Goddess’ Garden.

  While Anastasia smiled shyly, the admiration of the Duke of Barantes continued.

  “I was surprised to hear the news.

How can you think of using alcohol to exterminate pests It’s an idea that no one has ever thought of before!”

  The Duke of Barantes glowed and grabbed Anastasia’s hand.

  “As expected, I must have given birth to a genius!”

  “Oh, my father.

I was just trying what I saw in the book.”

  “Whatever the process was, you did a great job saving the Goddess’ Garden.

The rumor that the Goddess was angry with the Empress almost became a myth.”


  “It was a problem that was bound to have an adverse effect on the Emperor as well, but you did a great job.”

  It was all because of that Anastasia saved the Goddess’ Garden.

  She didn’t care about infertility rumors that would only harm her.

No, it was rather better.

  It would make Wilhelm feel better when she needs to be deposed of.

  So she thought she’d just stay still.

  But again, after the Goddess’s Garden dies, Wilhelm would be forced to take the blame.

She didn’t like it.

  “This has completely killed the spirits of those who dared to rebel against Her Majesty.

The Marquis of Lutent came to me the day before yesterday and begged me on his knees.

I couldn’t believe it! I still can’t sleep at night, thinking that I’m mad at them.… uh”

  At that time, the face of the Duke of Barantes changed strangely.

  Anastasia looked at him and asked with a questioning face.

“Father, what’s wrong with you…”


  At that moment, a familiar voice came from behind her.

  Anastasia unconsciously stiffened up and turned around.

  “…Your Majesty.”

  It was Wilhelm.

Anastasia paused for a moment, but soon came to her senses and bowed.

  “I see the sun of the Empire, Your Majesty.”

  “Happy birthday.”

  Wilhelm suddenly said that.

Anastasia stared at him with her eyes wide open, but quickly accepted his words.

  “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

  “I wanted to ask you to dance.”

  The following words were a series of embarrassment.

  Anastasia looked at Wilhelm with bigger eyes this time.

  As if he were serious, she could see his eyes with an indistinguishable glow.

  “Will you accept it”

  “Of course, Your Majesty!”

It was the Duke of Barantes next to her that intercepted Anastasia’s answer.

  Surprised by the unexpected situation, Anastasia tried to argue with Duke Barantes about what he was doing, but the excited Duke spoke faster.

  “Perfect timing.

Her Majesty was also wondering when you would appear.”

  “No, father, when did I…!”


  Wilhelm smiled and interrupted Anastasia.


I showed up right on time.”

  “No, I…!”

  It was the moment Anastasia opened her mouth again to resolve the misunderstanding.


  Wilhelm reached out gracefully to Anastasia.


  Anastasia looked awkwardly at the hand and held it helplessly.

  She couldn’t resist because the Duke of Barantes was looking at them with very anticipated eyes.


At that moment, Wilhelm pulled Anastasia towards him with strength in his hand.

  Anastasia, who naturally became close to Wilhelm’s arms, looked at him with embarrassed eyes.

  She still had an expression that showed she did not know his intentions, but at least one expression was clear.

  “Shall we go”

  He was smiling.

Like someone who was very happy with the situation.


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