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Before finding the place, Wilhelm thought Anastasia would be angry.

It was of course unpleasant even if she didn’t love him.

Even if her feelings for him were all possessive.

Because no one wanted to lose what they had to anyone.

‘Even if it’s not worth it to you, isn’t it natural to get angry if someone takes it away’

Moreover, bringing in the government in a situation where there was no heir was a matter that could shake the position of the empress sufficiently.

‘I mean, I thought you’d show me your feelings this time.’

“Do as you please.”

It was sincere.

At first he refused, but soon had no choice but to accept.

‘She’s not interested in me, even in these matters.’

‘Why on earth…… Why Why do you hate me so much’

‘Is it possible that you, as a wife, couldn’t care less about these issues’

Anastasia’s continued indifference stimulated Wilhelm’s arrogance and desire to win.

So how would she react when he approached her first

He came up close to her.

Then, she was seen flinching and pulling her body away. 

It was strangely enjoyable.

This time, he made his stride wider and approached her.

She looked more bewildered than before, trying to take a step back.

He didn’t want to give her that chance.

In anticipation of Anastasia’s reaction to follow, Wilhelm detonated the bomb quickly.

“I’m going to try to be a real couple with you today.”

The moment she heard her words, her eyes widened for the first time.

The same unknown pleasure as before thrilled him. 

Wilhelm smiled wretchedly.

‘Yes, you have to come out this much to respond to me.’

Like a boy who bullied a girl he liked just to get her attention, a strange feeling began to eat him up.


If Anastasia had known, she would have been deceiving.

“I’m going to be a real couple with you today.”

The moment she heard it, her heart began to beat fast.

It wasn’t just excitement.

The heart was sounding a powerful alarm.

Not to spend the night with him.

‘…you won’t be able to handle it.’

She knew herself well.

She may go crazy when she becomes a real couple with him and fall asleep together. 

She loved him so much.

It was so sad. 

At the same time, she would feel so sad that she would want to die because she would be cursed with a sense of happiness that cannot last.

Her and Wilhelm have a relationship that will end in less than a year.

It was foolish to pursue the pleasure of a catastrophe.

How was it different from taking drugs

‘So you have to reject it.’

There was no room for further thought.

Anastasia answered quickly.

“I don’t want to.”

Wilhelm appeared puzzled by the firm answer.

Anastasia continued without opening her mouth.

“I have no intention of trying with Your Majesty.”

“… Is it okay for me to see an heir through the body of the government”

“It’s only a matter of me adopting it as my son.”

There have already been many precedents.

The queen, who couldn’t give birth to a child, adopted an illegitimate child and succeeded him.

Even the original Anastasia, didn’t she think of adopting a collateral imperial family member

Crucially, as long as Avelin was present, the conversation was meaningless.

Anastasia continued resolutely.

“So go back.”

“You really hate me.”

Wilhelm looked strangely hurt and angry.

Anastasia was distressed to see him like that and eventually turned her eyes away.

Perhaps he took it personally, but Wilhelm’s voice stood out even more.

“If it wasn’t for the oracle, you would have turned down the position of Empress.”

“Of course.”

Of course it was true.

As soon as she returned, she would have thrown off the empress’s coffin and left the palace on her own.

She felt Wilhelm looking at her in bewilderment.

The anger was still there.

“Alright, I’ve decided.”

In a more restrained voice than before, he spoke a long time later.

“The government will not interfere.”

  Anastasia stared at him in silence.

Wilhelm asked, raising the corners of his lips sullenly.

“Is that okay You told me to do as I please.”

“If that’s what Your Majesty wants.”

Anastasia replied calmly.

“I’ll follow you.”


Wilhelm glared at her for a moment and went straight out of the bedroom.

Anastasia slumped to the spot only after his steps had receded.

“Your Majesty!”

Selene, who came inside after Wilhelm left, was startled and ran to her.

“Your Majesty, are you alright”

“…it’s alright, Selene.”

Anastasia managed to open her mouth and reply.

Selene hurriedly raised Anastasia and took her to bed, and Anastasia murmured with an empty expression.

“Should I be happy”


“…No, nothing.”

Let’s not worry.

It had nothing to do with her anyway.

Anastasia shook her head and answered weakly, and Selene, who was looking at her, asked carefully.

“Did you have a quarrel with His Majesty”

She didn’t know.

Was it a fight She didn’t even raise her voice.

‘Wilhelm looked angry, though.’

 But why She couldn’t understand.

 The disliked empress’s wishes were not that important to him.

‘It’s better for him that I wasn’t clingy.’

She was more confused because she loved him for a long time and thought she knew him well.

For the first time, he felt strange to her.


It was a few days after that that Duke Barantes visited.

“Your Majesty, you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

He said so in a mournful voice as soon as he saw Anastasia.

Anastasia asked with a quizzical look.


“Yes, you’ve become half your original weight!”

The Duke Barantes burst into anger.

But Anastasia was still puzzled.

“I don’t think so.

I haven’t lost any weight…”

If anything she had rather gained weight.

It was because the maids made her eat meat at every meal saying that she should eat better at times like these, and they brought dessert every hour saying she needed a change of mood.

She felt that she was getting fatter as she kept eating.

She was even thinking she should control herself better…

“No, you’re too thin.

You must have had a hard time… sigh.”

Eventually, the Duke Barantes couldn’t hold back his emotions and burst into tears.

Surprised, Anastasia hurriedly calmed him down.

“I’m really fine, dad.

I’ve never had a hard time.”

“But who wouldn’t be sad about this”

Duke Barantes did not seem to believe much of what Anastasia said.

He appeared to be grieving, crying all over again.

“Is it true that you resigned when you said you would obey the will of the emperor Our poor majesty…”

“His Majesty even said that”

“Yes, and he said he didn’t want to let the government in.”


  “And the opposition, including Marquis Lutent, vehemently opposed it.

They said he couldn’t continue without a successor.


  The Duke of Varantes took a short break to control his rising anger and concluded.

  “We have reached an agreement that Your Majesty will take in maids.”

  “A lady in waiting”

“Yes, about five people were decided to enter the palace.”

Being an emperor’s maid meant something similar to being his mistress.

It was because there was a high probability that she would stand out when she assisted the emperor in the vicinity.

Therefore, it can be said that it is a process that must be passed before becoming a government.

But this one is a little different.

If the nobility could not overcome the sanctification of the nobles and hired a maid, there was a possibility that nothing would happen.

However, the future was unknown, so the nobles expected some possibility.

‘… well, it doesn’t really matter to me.’

“But one of the five is Melina Lutent.”

Then the Duke of Barantes spoke in an angry voice.

“I couldn’t sleep at night these days because she’s so disgusting.

I don’t know about anyone else, but Marquis Lutent shouldn’t do that to us.

Since the last time His Majesty expressed his concern, he showed signs of betraying us.”

“Or maybe she didn’t mean it to us from the start, as my maid said.”

“What, what These disgusting things…!”

Anastasia unintentionally fired up Duke Barantes, and now there was a sharp spark in his eyes.

“I’ll just…!”

“Take it easy, dad.

I’m afraid you’ll hurt yourself.”

“… Mrs.

Rochester was saying that you were an angel, and maybe that’s why”

Duke Barantes looked more shocked and worried at Anastasia’s calmness.

“Are you sure you’re okay I wonder if you’re so shocked that you’re going crazy.….”

“No, and you don’t have to worry too much.”

“I don’t have to worry What if his mistress comes out of those ladies And what if they give birth to his son What if there’s Miss Lutent among them”

Duke Barantes, the head of the family, soon screamed and covered his head as if it were terrible.

“Well, if that happens, you’ll be burned out in the battle and fall down.”

“Don’t worry.

That won’t happen.”

“Do you have any reason for being so confident”

“Of course.”

The male character never cheats on the female character.

It’s even more ridiculous to see an illegitimate child.

Anastasia quietly recited the fact that she couldn’t confess to anyone, and only smiled meaningfully.


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