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‘What kind of chaos is this’


Essential asked me with a trembling voice, looking very confused.

“Who, who are you….”

“Oh, I’m sorry.

I should have introduced myself first, I’m.…”

“This is Her Majesty the Empress, you should show your respect.”

While Anastasia was contemplating on how she would introduce herself, a knight interrupted her.

Anastasia looked back at Mrs.

Essential with an awkward look on her face.

After hearing the identity of the person in front of her, her face became much paler than when Shiloh grabbed her by the neck.

“Ahh, it’s Her Majesty the Empress!”

“Um, yes.

It’s all right, I didn’t intend to reveal it like this in the current situation.”

Anastasia smiled awkwardly and asked.

“You were surprised, right By the way, are you okay”

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that I’m seeing Her Majesty the Empress!”


Essential quickly knelt in front of Anastasia, unintentionally forgetting to answer back.

Even the kids who were crying due to the fright of what happened, immediately copy their mother’s actions.

Anastasia sighed briefly and tried to pull her up.

“I don’t want to be greeted this way, in this kind of situation.

So please stand up.”


“Did you get hurt”

“No, Your Majesty.



Essential had answered with a bewildered expression, belatedly came to her senses, and looked back at her children.

“Hey, are you all okay”

“Yes, Mom.

We are all fine.”

“Oh my god, mom! I was so scared!”

Thinking that they were safe now, the children immediately ran towards Mrs.

Essential and hugged her tight.

For that moment, Mrs.

Essential had forgotten that Anastasia was right in front of her and just embraced her children.

Carefully examining each and every one of them for injuries.


Anastasia looked at them with a blank look on her face.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ ˊˎ-

(3rd Person POV)

After the chaotic situation was over, Anastasia’s knights brought the food into the house, while the others repaired the interior that was ruined by Shiloh’s crew.

Fortunately, the children quickly regained their composure, and Mrs.

Essential took Anastasia to the best room in their house.

She tried to serve Anastasia with the best tea, but unfortunately she didn’t have any of it.

That’s why she served the hibiscus tea that was gifted to her.


Meanwhile, Anastasia looked around the room as she waited for the tea to finish.

‘I already expected this, but I didn’t know their condition was this serious.’

They brought her to the best room, but she could still see the water dripping from the ceiling and the walls in the room had cracks that could not be ignored.

‘Well, their situation back then wasn’t that good either….’

Presumably, the men who attacked them might be one of those (*)loan sharks.

(TN: (*)Loan sharks, a moneylender who charges extremely high rates of interest, typically under illegal conditions.)

‘Because there are demons out there that won’t hesitate eat people.

Especially those who are having a hard time.’

‘If we had arrived a second too late, Mrs.

Essential’s children would  definitely have become victims of human trafficking.’

‘The thought of that already made me feel incredibly ill.

Good thing I wasn’t too late.

I’m really glad I made it.’

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

At that moment, the voice of Mrs.

Essential broke her thoughts.

With trembling hands, she slowly set the teacup down in front of Anastasia.

“I’m not sure if this would fit your taste because Her Majesty is the most noble person in….”

Anastasia looked at the teacup that Mrs.

Essential had brought.

For Anastasia’s status, this was a crude teacup that she had never seen before in her entire life.

However, after receiving Mrs.

Essential’s sincere goodwill, Anastasia smiled beautifully.

As she carefully lifted her teacup and brought it close to the tip of her nose.

After a while, Anastasia’s smile widened even more.

“It smells so good.”

Then she just sips the tea how she normally does.

Anastasia’s gesture was so graceful, that Mrs.

Essential couldn’t help but to sit idly for a while, and just look at her intently.

“Please drink as well, madam.”

“Ha Ah yes.”


Essential, who came back to her senses only then, started drinking her tea.

But, she didn’t know if the tea was going through her mouth or her nose.


Essential also took a sip, and silence fell on the table where the two of them faced each other.

It was when Mrs.

Essential was once again anxious about the silence.



When Anastasia’s elegant voice was heard, she looked at her with a nervous expression.

“I think all of you are wondering why I’m here.”

“What Ah yes….”

Up until now, she couldn’t ask the reason why Her Majesty was here because she was busy weighing the mood between them.

She just couldn’t think of a reason as to  why the Empress would suddenly visit her.

‘Why on earth would Her Majesty the Empress, the most important woman in the empire, come to this crumbling hut in a rural village No…just how did she get here’

“I am here to support you, Madame.”

“Pardon me”

“To be exact, I’d like to sponsor all of the kids that you have been taking care of.”

“A sponsorship”


I was actually informed that madam has been taking care of those kids who no longer have a family and raised them as your own until now.”

Surprisingly, the concept of an ‘Orphanage’ did not exist yet in the Rosenberg Empire.

The homeless children were only brought to and raised in the temple for the purpose of establishing them as charitable and future workers.

Everyone else grew up on the streets like vagrants.

Those children would turn into criminals or prostitutes without protection and guidance to help them.

Anastasia, who had become the Empress back then, was astonished to find out about this and suggested to Wilhelm to make an orphan protection law.

Wilhelm also recognized the value and need for this policy, and immediately started to set up orphanages all over the empire.

‘Even if there was no system called ‘Orphanage’, someone must continue to  look after those children who have nowhere else to go.’

They were bound to be good adults if they were to be raised fairly in this world.

Rather than sending such grown-up children to a newly built orphanage, it would be much better to give them a means of financial support for their current state now.

Anastasia immediately began to look for such cases, and as expected, there were unfortunately several cases that were found.

She would start by supporting them with her own money.

And this house that she visited today, would become the first family that Anastasia planned to sponsor after her regression.

‘Before we arrived here, the situation was already terrible because of those hoodlums…’

Had she been here a little later, something truly irreversible might have happened.

“You’ve been taking care of those children even though you’re having a hard time yourself, right You’re so incredible.”

“Oh no, Your Majesty! We’re not that incredible.”


Essential shook her head vigorously as she didn’t know what to say.

“It was because we are lacking a lot of things….

I didn’t even have enough money to buy some wheat for us to eat as we had run out of money to support them.”

“If things had gotten to a point of no return, I would have definitely given up on my children but…”


Essential hesitated a bit and answered.

“They are my children and which parents in this world would give them up”


After hearing those words, Anastasia remained silent for a moment before continuing.

“I will send people out here periodically.

There will be no need to borrow money in the future.”

“Really Thank you so much Your Majesty the Empress! And also thank you so much for saving us earlier!” 

Anastasia smiled awkwardly as she looked at Mrs.

Essenthal’s sincere joy.

“…Do you need anything else”

“Our food problem had already been resolved.

Other than that, I don’t see anything right now that is lacking.”

“Madame is definitely not a greedy person.”

She was still the same person as she was before and still is now.

Anastasia thought that she was great.

“This is such a rare opportunity for you to meet this Empress in your entire life.

So I would suggest for you to tell me everything that you need, while we’re currently talking.”

“What I personally want is for my children to live without being hungry, Your Majesty.”


Essential just shook her head and answered.

“Your Majesty had already made it happen.

What more could I wish for I don’t want anything else more than this.”

“…I understand.”

Anastasia nodded her head.

“Okay, madam but if you ever need help, feel free to tell me right away, okay”

“Thank you for your kind words, Your Majesty.”

Anastasia smiled and stood up.


Essential hurriedly got up and spoke to Anastasia.

“You had come a long way to get here, so please be careful on your way back.”


Anastasia replied in a soft voice.

“I’m thinking of spending some time with the kids while I’m still here.

Would that be ok with you”


“Because I love children.”

Anastasia smiled brightly and Mrs.

Essential was momentarily fazed by her beauty, unable to speak.

Then she immediately came to her senses and answered.

“Haa, but…how can Her Majesty be with the children…..”

“It’s okay.

I would only do this if you would allow me.

I would like to just help out here and there.”


Essential could not dissuade her any further, since she couldn’t reject Anastasia’s persuasion.

‘It would be okay, right’

She never imagined that she would be facing a more shocking situation in the future.


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