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Avelin, who signed a contract with the devil, cheered at the thought that Wilhelm would immediately fall for her, and Anastasia would become infertile.

In conclusion, however, it was not long before it was revealed that her expectations were only daydreaming.

“Why Why!”

Avelin flushed into the air.

“Why don’t you say no Why!”

After returning from meeting Wilhelm, Purpur suddenly stepped out, saying it would be difficult to keep his promise.

He made a nonchalant excuse as if he could not help it.

[Tsk, what can I do Their love is so strong that there’s no room to squeeze in.]

“You definitely told me that.

You can make any man fall in love with me like Shtri!”

[I’m sorry, but I’m not as omnipotent as he is.]

Contrary to his words, he had a voice that was not regretful at all.

The fact raised Avelin’s hackles.

“Did you cheat me If we have a contract, you have to follow it!”

[You’re responsible for this, too.

Didn’t you say you were madly in love]

“I told you! His Majesty has fallen for her.

What else is there to do”

[But I thought there would be some gap.]

“… Ha!”

The devil’s shamelessness finally made Aveline gasp with astonishment.

“Then make the Empress infertile.


[Of course.

It’s not difficult.]

“Oh, no.

Can’t you use black magic”

[Black magic]

“Yes, the curse.

It’s easy to just kill her, isn’t it You don’t have to bother her with infertility.”

[It’s possible.

I just need your life force.]

At those words, Avelin faltered and asked.

“… Life force”


You have to be prepared to hurt yourself to hurt others, right If you want…]

“No! It’s okay!”

Avelin interrupted as if she didn’t want to hear any more.

“I won’t do that.

I want to live a very long time.

So come up with other measures so that I can become Empress.”

[Well, there’s only one thing if you don’t use your vitality.]

“… What is it”

[Fulfilling the oracle.]

The pointed being impersonated the voice of the goddess in a creepy voice.

[Rosenberg will fall into grief and sorrow because they didn’t have the real Empress of oracle!]

“That means…”

Avelin asked after swallowing her dry saliva.

“You want to create a disaster Is that possible”

[Of course.]

“My vitality…”

[I don’t need it.]

As Aveline made a suspicious expression, a strange laugh rang out in her ear as if scratching a plaster board with her fingernails.

[Really! It’s not very difficult.

In fact, that is my area of ​​expertise.]


Avelin demanded that Rosenberg be put to grief immediately.

And though she was a priestess and hiding in the temple to avoid being caught signing a contract with the devil, the devil willingly responded to his contractor’s request.

He traveled all over the empire and caused disaster.

As a result, large-scale earthquakes occurred in the north, large-scale floods in the south, and long-term droughts in the east, causing grief for the lives of the imperial people.

Wilhelm was embarrassed by the sudden natural disasters and calmly took measures.

However, as if to mock him, disasters occurred one after another in various places.

“What the hell are you doing Stop it now! Are you going to destroy Rosenberg”

As the situation got serious, Lyell stopped Avelin, but Avelin didn’t pretend to hear it.

“Stay still, Father.

His Majesty is very foolish.

At this rate, he might think that the goddess is angry.”

In fact, there was already a growing voice on the streets that the goddess must be angry, and that Aveline should be made Empress even now.

It was a situation that Avelin wanted.

“I’m going to see where and how long he’s going to hold out.”

“If there is a rebellion at this rate, we are all dead, you idiot!”

“Well, I don’t think a rebellion would happen that easily.”

But she was wrong.

Rebellions broke out more easily than expected, and even took place across the empire.

The rebels united one by one and gradually increased in number, and in the end the capital was captured in an instant.

The Emperor was killed and the Empress committed suicide in her prison.

The rebels announced that there would be no worship of the Goddess Rosenia under the new dynasty.

It was because she could no longer serve the Goddess who had abandoned them.

Naturally, instead, the former priests were all sentenced to death under the pretext of failing to stop the wrath of her Goddess.

“No! I don’t want to die!”

An hour before her execution, Avelin felt extreme pressure and fell into a state of hysteria.

Her hair was all white with extreme anxiety.

“Help me! Are you going to make your contractor die like this”

From the moment the situation became irreversibly serious, Avelin begged the devil to do something, but the devil didn’t answer.

Rather, the disaster only got worse, and it was only then that Avelin realized that she had made a foolish choice.

But she was too late.

Avelin sat down on her knees with numerous priests, waiting for her neck to be severed.

“As a High Priest who closely follows the will of the Goddess, it is a great sin to foresee and prevent the misfortune of the empire, so I apologize to my people through my death!”

The executioner swung his axe over Lyell’s head.

Occasionally the dull axe would lead to painful screams.

At last, Lyell’s neck fell to the ground.

After seeing the disastrous execution, Aveline had a fit with a pale face.

“No, I can’t… I, I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die! Help me! I don’t care who you are.

Please, please, please.!”

[Do you want to live]

At that moment, the devil’s whisper came to her ears.

Avelin’s convulsive movement stopped.

Soon, she nodded furiously and shouted into the air.

“H-Help me! I’ll do anything… Please!”

[If you were given another chance, would you be able to become Empress]

The voice that always offended her felt sweet for the first time.

One more time… He’d give her one more chance

[Can you really break Rosenia’s will and take the empire she loves in your hands]

“I’ll do it! I’ll do anything!”

At that moment, Avelin had no time to think about anything else.

Her instincts were shouting forcefully.

This was the only way she could live now.

She knew that all she had to do was sell her soul, body, or anything else to the devil and cling to him.

“So please save me.

Please… I don’t want to die.

Help me!”

“Execute the execution of the sinner!”

“Ah, help me! Help! I don’t want to die…!”

There was no point in trying.

The axe fell on Avelin’s neck.

The blunt blade punishment tore her to her soul.

Aveline died blind, feeling terrible pain.



I definitely died then.’

After reminiscing, Avelin stroked her neck without realizing it.

The pain she felt at that time was vivid.

She’d probably never forget it again until she died.

When she found out that she was back, Avelin cheered with joy.

Although she had to sign a contract to hand over her flesh and soul to the devil if she did not become Empress by the time of her death in exchange for regeneration.

It didn’t matter to Avelin at all.

‘I will definitely be the Empress of Rosenberg this time.’

It was not unfounded confidence.

Avelin was thoroughly prepared from the beginning so as not to repeat her mistakes in the past life.

Nevertheless, the future had not changed.

Still, Wilhelm was crazy about Anastasia, and there was no room for Avelin to intervene between them.

In the end, Avelin even took out a card that she had avoided in her last life.

‘I tried to kill her at the expense of my precious life…!’

Even in her last life, she was a terribly unhelpful woman, even in this life.


Avelin clenched her fists, chewing the name of her foe.

[What are you going to do now]

“What do you mean”

Avelin responded as politely as someone who had heard an obvious question.

“We have to find a way.

How I can kill that woman with your black magic.”

So, in this lifetime, she would surely take away her shining tiara and wear it.


“… How can such nonsense!”

The Duke of Barantes was astonished to hear all the circumstances from Anastasia.

“Let’s make this fact public right now…!”

“No, Father.

Keep calm.”

Anastasia firmly calmed the Duke of Barantes.

“The sign of the Goddess on Lady Hazel’s shoulder is real, and she can even use divine power.”

“Ah… yes, indeed.”

“It won’t do any good without solid evidence.

It’s not like I can reconfirm the reason why I solidified my suspicions with certainty.”

“… Yes.

It could be said that Your Majesty is jealous of Hazel Young-ae and framing her.”

“She has to be stopped.”

Anastasia shook her head and continued.

“So I plan to calmly investigate the situation and gather evidence.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

That would be good.

Is there anything I can do to help”

“I’ll tell you if I need you.

… Thank you always, Father.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.

It’s just what I have to do.”

The eyes of the Duke of Barantes, who said so, were teary.

He changed the subject by looking at Anastasia with a pitiful gaze.

“You’ve gotten skinner than I’ve ever seen before.”

“Is that so… I remember eating well in Belrose, too.”


You’re skinny! I think you’ve lost about 10 pounds.”



So I prepared something urgently when I heard that you were coming back.”

While Anastasia was wondering at the unexpected words, the Duke of Barantes winked his eyes and said.

“I’ll send it to you soon, so you can’t ignore your father’s sincerity, right”


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