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(Anastasia’s POV)

(TN: Finally a First POV from our lovely Anastasia.)

“What do you mean by that”

“Well…they’re saying that Her Majesty was just acting out because you needed the money Or that you had terminal disease How come everyone’s mind is so twisted.


“What Terminal disease”

I laughed as if I had heard a very interesting story.

“I don’t think it’s the latter.

I just had a medical check-up by the royal physician earlier….”

‘Wait, no way….’

‘Is it because of the rumor That’s why Madame Rochester recommended the examination’

Even though I had said that I was perfectly fine, for some reason Madame Rochester still requested for me to have a general check-up.

I can imagine how worried she might have been, and I couldn’t help but laugh about it.

“The former…might be the most speculated about your sudden change.

I think most of the people in our country would have the same thought.”

In fact, it was only recently when I regressed to this body for the second time.

So it is only natural for people to be distrustful.

I nodded as if I had expected those kinds of reactions.

Rather it was Melina who became more angry.

“How can people be so suspicious, right! Her Majesty decided to change for the better.

Then everyone just decided to think that you’re dying! Seriously”

“Does Melina trust me”

“Yes of course! As soon as I heard it, I thought that Her Majesty had finally woken up, and I was very happy.”

“That was a very rare reaction.

Even my courtiers couldn’t accept the fact that I have changed for the better.”

“I’ve been watching you, Your Majesty, for such a long time now.

I know better than anyone else that though you may seem arrogant on the outside, you are actually a gentle and kind person.”

‘A gentle and kind person Who Me’

I looked at her with a surprised expression on my face thinking that Melina would suddenly burst out laughing, telling me that she was only making fun of me.

But to my surprise, she seemed sincere. 

Anastasia replied in a bewildered voice.

“Thank you Melina.

You are actually the only one who ever said that to me.”

“You’re welcome.”

Melina smiled and changed the topic.

“More than that, are you really not holding tea gatherings anymore I just thought that this will be the first time that you’ve taken a really long break.

Before you wouldn’t even last for more than 3 days… Everyone was most surprised by it.”


They aren’t even that surprised by the fact that I have now started working on the internal palace affair but by lack of tea gatherings….

‘Is it because the original Anastasia loved to play a lot’

More than that, if their guideline would be three days to determine my sincerity… Does it mean that I have already proven to them that I’m really a changed person

“Um, I see.”

“There are a lot of people who are sad.

Oh, and of course I’m one of them.

As you know, there’s nothing more colorful and high-quality than the social gatherings that were being hosted by Her Majesty.”



Suddenly an idea came to mind.

At the same time, the timing coincided with what I had already planned.

“You don’t have to worry.

I’m actually thinking of holding another tea party soon.”

“Is that for real”

“Of course.”

I nodded my head and then corrected it immediately.

“No, what I mean is that the gathering would be rather small.

We’re going to have a party.”

I smiled deeply, my eyes sparkling beautifully.

“I’m also planning it to be quite grand.

To the point that everyone will be satisfied with it.”

Upon hearing this, Melina cheered.

“A party! Can I look forward to it”

“Of course.”

Anastasia nodded her head confidently and asked.

“Speaking of it, what did you come here for”

“Your Majesty is so….

If you say it like that, I would be so disappointed.”


“Of course, I came because I missed you, Your Majesty! It hasn’t been that long, has it”

“Thank you.

Still, I thought of you a lot.”

After my regression, the only closest friend I ever had met was Melina.

I already thought about calling her once I settled things but it is a good thing that she came to me first.

That is why I’m very thankful for her.

“How’s the marquis doing How are you doing these days”

“It’s always been the same, you know I attend a lot of tea parties for young children, and sometimes I read a book.

Of course I am taking care of the parents as well.”

“I see.

I’m glad you’re doing well.”

Melina returned back to the marquis after talking about personal affairs for several hours.

It seems that I have changed my way of conversing and it was also a good thing that I was able to hear from Melina about the news and events of this time as well.

“Your Majesty.

Are you really going to have a party”

After Melina left the Imperial Palace, Madame Rochester asked in a worried voice.

“As I said before, the financial situation of the Empress Palace is….

Wait, are you thinking of receiving financial support from the Duke of Barantes

“Of course not.

I no longer receive financial support from my father.”

“What Then how….”

“Do not worry.

It’s not about spending money, it’s about making money.”

Madame Rochester couldn’t understand what I’m trying to say now. 

‘You’re making money, not spending it’

“For the tea leaves and desserts, you can use whatever we currently have in the Empress’s Palace.

Other than that, there’s nothing to spend money on okay”

‘So you’re trying to say that you’ll be making money’

Madame Rochester was still very confused, but she just nodded for now.

“I’m telling you this not because I’m old but…no more luxury for now.

Okay Your Majesty”

“Don’t worry.

I’m not gonna do that again.”

I replied confidently, while beckoning to Madame Rochester.

“Come closer.

I will explain my plan to you.”

Madame Rochester put her ear close to me with a curious look on her face.

“What Are you serious!”

Shock and surprise spread all over Madame Rochester’s face.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ ˊˎ-

(Wilhelm’s 3rd Person POV)

“Your Majesty seems to be right.”

Those were the words Colton had spoken with his report inside the Oval Office.

Wilhelm’s head, who had been staring at the desk for several hours, rose up for the first time, and stated a somewhat absurd remark.

“…I’ve always been right.”

‘Well that’s true, but he doesn’t have to say it like that.’ Colton was momentarily speechless.

“What is it that I’m right about this time”

“Her Majesty the Empress.”

When Colton mentioned Anastasia, deep wrinkles appeared on his forehead.

It was almost conditional.

“She’s having another tea party in a few days.”

Wilhelm’s face showed as if he already expected for this to happen.

‘Just as I expected.

You couldn’t even last more than a fortnight*.’

(TN: (*) fortnight is a British word meaning a period of two weeks.)

“I can assure you that she has already run out of her allowance.”

“Seeing that there were no plans to buy anything extra, it seems like this party was planned with a frugal mindset.”

‘A thrifty party that is organized by the Empress That is an odd combination.’

‘It seems that her personal money has really run out.’

“So…no matter how bad the situation is, she’s still planning to have fun Is that right”

“But it seems like this is a different party from the usual.”

Colton put something on top of his report.

Wilhelm asked, as he narrowed his brow.

“What is this”

“This is an invitation from Her Majesty the Empress to everyone who would be attending the party.”

Wilhelm lifted and opened a white invitation letter with a gold thread border.

Soon his expression changed to bafflement.

There was only one line on the invitation.

You too can be the Empress.

‘… This is an absurd and undignified invitation.‘

“What does she plan to do”

“I  don’t really know either.”

Colton added, while shaking his head.

“By the way, it came from my mother.”

“….When did the Marquis of Nervion pass away”

“Your Majesty, I’m still alive and kicking.”

Colton was embarrassed and immediately responded.

“I just met you this morning.

You’re too much.”

“I still don’t understand.”

Wilhelm murmured with a frown on his face.

His gaze was still fixed onto the invitation he was holding.

“She sent this kind of invitation to a lady who’s already married Was she mistaken”

“But it definitely came from my mother.”

As if to prove that, on the back of the envelope it was clearly written, “To the Marquess of Nervion.”

“My mother was shocked too.

She said that she didn’t understand what this letter had meant, but……”

Anastasia’s journey as an Empress for the past two years had been quite diverse.

So it wasn’t surprising to see that she had a new trick underneath her sleeves.

That’s what Colton thought.

“…..Why does she keep on acting so suspiciously”

Wilhelm seemed so bothered by everything that had happened at the Imperial Palace.

Rather he felt more comfortable when she would be immersed in luxurious things everyday like she did in the past.

‘At least before, I didn’t have to think hard about what she was up to.’

‘Now…it was really difficult for me to understand the true meaning behind Anastasia’s actions.’

For the past two years, it was her sudden change that was the most troubling headache for Wilhelm these past few days.

Among them, the thing that bothered him the most was Anastasia’s abilities that Colton had reported to him last time.

“It is said that Her Majesty the Empress’ skillfully handled the internal affairs of the palace.

Even Madame Rochester herself had acknowledged it and returned half of her duties back to Her Majesty.”

‘A woman who was never interested in the internal affairs of the Imperial Palace…suddenly took care of the housekeeping with a skill comparable to that of Madame Rochester!’

‘Was there anything as absurd as believing in Anastasia’s excuse that she had been secretly studying for the past two years’

Even if that was the case, it would be impossible to completely jump right into the practice right away.

It was the part he knew best.

He didn’t say much because everyone valued the results, but he still felt very dubious about this.

This skill set that everyone was pleased with.

‘To explain this, the Empress must be a real genius.’

‘But it couldn’t be.’  

Wilhelm shook his head as he recalled the past events that exposed Anastasia’s ignorance.

‘….It can’t be.’

Then a creepy hypothesis came to mind.


Don’t tell me.’


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