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-Tuk, Thuduk.

The blood that had pooled on her palm fell vertically down the back of her hand.

As a drop of blood came into contact with the black ink, it quickly spread across the paper in an ugly shape.

Anastasia looked down at her hand, which had been dyed red, with a blank expression for a moment.

Reason did not come back easily due to the sudden occurrence.

It felt like there was no sense of reality.

“… What is this”

If she bled, it meant that her body was seriously injured.

But Anastasia thought she was fine.

There was not a single place where she felt discomfort or pain.

But then, why was she vomiting blood like this … 

‘… First.’

Anastasia calmly concluded.

‘Let’s get a checkup.’

Maybe she had a problem in her body that she was not aware of.

She had no idea what it was, but… … Seeing that she even had blood clots, it didn’t seem like a trivial problem.

‘Am I sure I won’t die’

Anastasia was terrified.

Her head was throbbing because she had encountered a sudden situation.

‘Come to think of it, it seems that my head has been hurting for the past few days… was that not it Do I feel this way because I vomited blood’

Anastasia, who was seriously thinking about it, at some point saw the papers that gradually turned dark red which woke her up.

‘Before anyone sees it and misunderstands, I need to get rid of this first.’

Anastasia hurriedly wiped the blood stain on her hand with a handkerchief, picked up the blood-stained document, and burned it with a candle. 

After a while, the desk became clean as if nothing had happened. 

Anastasia looked in the mirror, wiped her bloody mouth thoroughly, put on a shawl, and went outside. 

Selene asked Anastasia with a big smile.

“Your Majesty, where shall I take you”

“No, you don’t have to follow me.”

“What Where are you going….”

“Just for a moment, I’m going to go for a walk by myself.”

Anastasia also made eye contact with other maids and asked.

“So there is no need for anyone to follow.

Got it”

“Oh, yes, I see.”

It was not night but day, and it was not the first time Anastasia took a walk alone, so everyone nodded.

Anastasia, who left the Empress’ Palace with a sigh of relief, quickly looked around and checked if anyone was following her.

‘Fortunately, I don’t see Mrs.


Anastasia headed that way to the lab of the doctor, Dr.


“Your Majesty!”


Faulkner was stunned by Anastasia’s sudden visit. 

It was because it was never common for the Empress to walk there without calling for him. 

In addition, Anastasia’s appearance without even a maid accompanying her made Dr.

Faulkner guess what had happened.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing here”



Anastasia opened her mouth calmly.

“I need your help.”

“What do you mean…”

“I want you to check my health.

With the utmost precision and detail.”



Faulkner was perplexed by the out-of-the-ordinary instructions, but then nodded calmly.

Then the examination was carried out.

Having drawn enough blood to fill one of his little teacups, Anastasia asked Dr.

Faulkner, who was dripping her own blood into his kit for examination, in her nervous voice.

“When will the results come out Will it take long”

“No, Your Majesty.

It will be out in an hour.”

The imperial family conducted regular checkups once a year with special checkup kits made with divine power at the temple.

Therefore, with the exception of some diseases, even if there was a problem in the body, it was often detected at an early stage.

However, if any disease was serious enough to cause bleeding, the kit could not be fooled.

Anastasia struggled to hide her trembling expression and waited for her result.

And soon the results came out.

“It’s normal.”

It was an absurd result.

Oh, it may be inappropriate to say, but it really was.

‘I vomited blood out of nowhere, and there’s nothing wrong with me’

Anastasia asked with her questioning face.

“Is there anything wrong with my body”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

You are very healthy.

Oh no.

I’ll have to correct myself.

You have accumulated some fatigue.

You should get more sleep.”

Faulkner concluded with a soft voice.

“Other than that, there is nothing particularly wrong.”

Anastasia’s expression grew serious when she heard that, and Dr.

Faulkner asked cautiously.

“Are there any problems that bother you”

“No, no.”

Anastasia hastily interrupted Dr.


“It’s just that I’m a little tired these days, so I just came for a checkup.

I’m glad there are no problems.”

“Ah yes.

There is no problem, so don’t worry.”

“… okay.

I’m really happy.”

But with an expression that didn’t look too bright, Anastasia got up from her seat and came out of Dr.

Faulkner’s lab.

‘There is no medical problem…’

Then again, there was only one answer.

“Is it a divine punishment”

She already experienced a similar situation before.

On the day of the first Goddess’ memorial service after the High Priest woke up, she kissed Wilhelm and her sign disappeared.

‘Is it a warning to disappear quickly’

Anastasia accelerated her steps to the Empress’ Palace in a premonitory mood.

She had to hurry.

She didn’t have time to leave the palace tonight after completing the handover.

“Your Majesty the Empress.”

Then, a clear voice caught Anastasia. 

Turning her head to the side, Avelin was approaching her with a bright smile.


Anastasia’s heart throbbed at the sight.

This was because she envied Avelin, who smiled brightly without knowing anything. 

But it was a useless feeling.

After hurriedly shaking it off, Anastasia smiled nonchalantly and faced Avelin.

“Lady Hazel.”

“Where are you going alone”

“I’m on my way back from a walk.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yes, then…”

“Well, Your Majesty!”

As she was walking past Avelin, the voice caught Anastasia once again.

When Anastasia looked at Avelin as if asking if  she had something to do with her, she opened her mouth with a shy look.

“Well, if you don’t mind, why don’t we drink tea together at Sienna Palace My father sent me a nice tea, and I want to drink it with Your Majesty.”


Anastasia, who was about to decline gently in time, saw Avelin’s cautious and desperate expression and stopped her lips without realizing it. 

‘…because I have something to say anyway.’

Soon after, she opened her mouth with a short burst of breath.

“Yeah, I think we’ll have time for a cup of tea.”


So Anastasia, who visited Sienna Palace for the second time, met Avelin in the drawing room with a fragrant Earl Gray tea in front of her.

“… So, in the afternoon, I plan to do volunteer work in the slums.

Unfortunately, there are too many people out there who need my divine power.”

Avelin had been chattering ever since.

‘Did she say that these days, she uses her divine power to heal the sick in the slums It’s the same as before the return.’

Anastasia, who looked just like a lark, thought she was good in the heart.

‘His Majesty won’t be bored.’

If the lively Avelin stayed by his side, perhaps the shock will soon dissipate after she makes her night escape.

Thinking about it that way made me feel better.

“It’s great, Lady Hazel.

You just entered the palace, and you’re so diligent in your volunteer work.”

“I can’t be so happy to be of any help to those who need my help.

I’m proud.”

“To have such thoughts, I think the lady is very kind.”

It was when Anastasia, who smiled softly, lifted up her teacup and was about to take a sip of the tea.

“… Cough, cough!”

Anastasia suddenly coughed and hurriedly covered her mouth, and Avelin looked at Anastasia with a bewildered expression and asked.

“Your Majesty, are you okay”

“I’m fine…”

“Oh, Your Majesty!”

Then, Avelin opened her eyes wide and screamed.

“Blood, blood…!”

Oh, my.

Anastasia hurriedly wiped her mouth with a perplexed look, but Avelin was shaking her lips, unable to move with a reverence.

“The, I’ll call the court doctor right now…!”

“Just stay, lady.”

“Ha, but…!”

“Lady, I’m fine.”

Obviously it wasn’t a lie.

However, the other person still looked serious as if she didn’t take it that way.

“I’m telling you, and keep this a secret.”

“What But…!”

“I’m not going to be here anymore anyway.”

At the sudden outburst, Avelin looked surprised once again.

She asked Anastasia in a dazed voice, as if she had not been adapted to the situation.

“What do you mean by that”

“I’m leaving tonight.”

Anastasia whispered quietly.

“I don’t want anyone to know.

I just wanted  to make sure you know, Lady Hazel.”

“Your Majesty, however…!”

“Lady Hazel.”

Anastasia told Avelin with a smile, in a soft voice.

Avelin looked at Anastasia with a blank look on her face, and Anastasia smiled a little deeper and asked.

“Please be happy with His Majesty.

That’s all I want.”


“I came by to tell you that.”

“Your Majesty…”

“I enjoyed my tea.”

Anastasia got up from her seat smiling as if nothing was wrong, and left Avelin, who was at a loss, behind and left the drawing room.


Avelin, who wrapped her hands around her mouth, watched Anastasia’s back, motionless on the spot for a while.


Soon after, a laugh-like breath burst out of Avelin’s mouth.

As she slowly took off the hand that covered her mouth, the corners of her mouth strangely raised were creating a creepy smile.

“You’re more determined than I thought, Anastasia.”

It was when Avelin, who muttered with a satisfied look, tried to sip the tea cup in front of her again.


Without being able to cover her mouth with her hands, something popped out of Avelin’s mouth with clots.


Red blood poured over the white napkin in an eerie shape.


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