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“Good morning.” 

When she saw Wilhelm smiling at her calmly, Anastasia stared blankly, forgetting her anger.

‘…why are you so handsome in the morning’

He must have gone to bed with her, but his face shone as if he had secretly received makeup.

In the end, Anastasia, who pushed him away with weak force instead of firing sharply, glanced at him secretly.

“What’s wrong with your expression this morning”

“You broke your promise with me.”

“It’s a misunderstanding.

I didn’t mean it.”

Wilhelm calmly pleaded not guilty.

“It’s so heartless to blame what happens without consciousness.”

“But what happened just now happened when you were awake.”

“It’s right after I open my eyes.”

While Anastasia was bewildered, he brazenly continued his excuse.

“I couldn’t help it.

My instinct was was used before I got my act together.”

‘You’re a good speaker.’

Anastasia felt speechless for a moment.

Soon she opened her mouth again with a short sigh.

“Go back to the Central Palace now.”



“I’ll have to get it by myself.

Come to think of it, you don’t really eat breakfast, do you”

Wilhelm rose from his seat smiling. 

Finally, he was thinking of going, Anastasia opened her eyes narrowly and looked at Wilhelm; his steps stopped at one place.


It was a picture that Louis gave her as a present yesterday.

The maids who asked where to hang it were instructed to cover it with cloth for now.

While Anastasia, who knew what it was, looked embarrassed, Wilhelm removed the cloth on the painting. 

Slowly, the cloth fell down, revealing the two, and at the same time Wilhelm looked at it with an interested expression.

“Oh, this is…”

“Yesterday, the Prince gave it to me as a present.”

“It’s better than I expected.

He drew it very well.”

Wilhelm, who had a short favorable review, looked back at Anastasia and asked.

“Why didn’t you hang it on the wall”


When Anastasia did not answer, Wilhelm stared at her for a while and opened her mouth.


Anastasia, who avoided Wilhelm’s gaze at the voice calling her, finally made eye contact with him.

There was still a seriousness on his smiling face. 

“I’ll find a way, I will.”


“No matter what.”

With those words Wilhelm approached Anastasia.

Anastasia bit her lip and looked up at Wilhelm as he approached her.

With the full attention he gave her.

“I will not let you go.”


“I’ll go now.

Don’t skip breakfast.”

After a friendly word of concern, he left Anastasia’s bedroom.

Anastasia, who was left alone, sat blankly on the bed after that.

“… as expected.”

After a while, a determined voice came out of Anastasia’s mouth.

“It can’t be like this.”


At that time, the Central Palace.

“Are you saying that Your Majesty really slept at the Empress’ Palace”

Colton ended up being shocked by Wilhelm’s behavior after staying out last night.

‘Really, what are you thinking, Your Majesty…!’

After the new oracle came out, he told him until his ears were worn out.

He should divorce the current Empress and adopt Lady Hazel as the new Empress.

‘I wondered if it would have been comfortable for him.’

Colton also thought that it was very cruel.

But it was unavoidable.

Numerous examples in the history books of the empire have proven that if the oracle was violated, the end would be ruin.

Even in death, Colton could not see his lord to whom he was loyal receive divine punishment.

‘It seems that His Majesty has already made up his mind… I’m worried about what she will do if His Majesty comes out and exercises his will.’

No, she was probably shaken.

Actually, from Anastasia’s point of view, wasn’t it natural

“Just try it.

What a scolding…!”

“What are you doing”

At that moment, Wilhelm’s voice came from behind.

Surprised Colton reflexively turned around, and Wilhelm came into view, walking towards him with a somewhat pleasant expression on his face.

Colton frowned and followed him.

“Your Majesty!”

“I’ll be deaf in the morning.”

“You’re not sleeping at the Empress’ Palace now, are you”

“You know everything, why are you asking”

“Your Majesty, why do you keep doing this!”

Colton chastised Wilhelm in a screaming voice.

“Are you really going to go against the oracle Then something big is going to happen!”


Hearing that, Wilhelm stopped on the spot. 

Despite the sudden action, Colton did not panic.

“If you go against the will of the goddess, your Majesty, as well as Rosenberg itself…!”

“That oracle.”

Wilhelm asked in a meaningful voice.

“Is this really the will of the goddess”

“… What blasphemy are you talking about”

“If the.”

Wilhelm asked, looking intently at Colton.

“What if the High Priest falsely delivered the oracle”


Hearing Wilhelm’s suspicions, Colton’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“Your Majesty, what nonsense are you talking about I don’t think the High Priest would do that…”


“Above all, the signs of the goddess cannot be manipulated, can they He already had a doctor’s certificate that it wasn’t like a tattoo.”

That was it.

In fact, it was the perfect words to listen to for a madman if anyone heard it.


‘My son.’

Last night, the strange voice he heard in his dream seemed to play vividly in his ears.

‘Do not be deceived by those who pretend to be me, and do not be deceived by lies.’

No matter how much he thought about it, it just felt awkward and bothered him.

“Do you have any basis for thinking that way”

“… Do not be deceived, do not be deceived.”


“See if there was any contact between the Hazel family and the Great War.”

Colton asked in a bewildered voice at Wilhelm’s sudden instruction.

“Really… … Do you think there is something wrong with this oracle”

“It’s just a guess, to an extent.

So let’s find out in secret.”

But his master never gave orders in vain.

When Wilhelm came out in earnest, Colton nodded his head faithfully, with a longing look on his face.

“And one more.”

Colton was astonished once more at the next words.

“Bring me some paintbrushes.”

“Paint… … are you Are you thinking of painting again”

After the Emperor’s death three years ago, Wilhelm broke all of his brushes.

After seeing the bodies of the emperor and his wife, his hands trembled when he held the brush, and he was in agony because he could not draw even a single line properly.

With such a sudden decision he had made, Colton asked with no doubt.

“Is it because of Her Majesty the Empress”

“I wanted to paint a portrait.”

Wilhelm smiled bitterly and muttered.

“I don’t know if I can do it right…”


“I think I’ll make it happen somehow and convey my heart like that.”

Wilhelm’s expression as he said that looked very serious and sad, and Colton’s insides as he looked at him became quite complicated.

‘He’s never been so sincere to anyone…’

After the death of the Emperor three years ago and ascending to the throne, Wilhelm was a man with no feelings at all.

He was happy that he had regained his emotions, but the fact that the timing and the opponent were not right gave him a headache.

‘I would rather have the oracle be a lie, just as His Majesty said.’

It would be absurd indeed.


“We have the results, Your Majesty.”

Anastasia was simply eating a few slices of apples for breakfast, when Mrs.

Rochester approached her with a narrowed expression of.

Anastasia asked in a quizzical voice.

“What do you mean test results”

“Why, the ribbon strap that Lady Hazel gave to Your Majesty at that time.”

“Oh, that one.

…No, you really asked them to do a test on that”

“Of course, Your Majesty! I don’t know what kind of wicked trick Lady Hazel may have done to Your Majesty, but how can you let it go”

“Oh my… Oh, yes.

So what was the result”


Rochester paused at Anastasia’s question, and soon answered with an embarrassed expression.

“There was nothing there.”

“See, Mrs.


Anastasia shook her head with a smile.

“I told you.

Would she use such an obvious trick even if she had that purpose”

“But…Your Majesty, you must be wary of Lady Hazel.”


There’s nothing to be wary of.

She was leaving soon anyway.

Anastasia, who had been silent for a moment, swallowed something she couldn’t bear to say, ordered Mrs.


“Will you pack my things, Mrs.


When Mrs.

Rochester looked at Anastasia with embarrassed eyes, Anastasia opened her mouth with a small laugh.

“You don’t have to look at me like that.

I’m thinking of staying in Asterim for a few days soon.”

“It is true that I have doubts at this time, Your Majesty.”

“Doubts, what”

Anastasia smiled awkwardly and lied.

“We were supposed to be there for two months anyway.”

“…I see.

Then I’ll prepare it right away.”

It was only after Mrs.

Rochester stepped down with a look of suspicion until the end that Anastasia sighed briefly.

And after putting the last piece of apple in her mouth, she focused her eyes on the document again.

‘…I can’t stay here forever.’

What happened last night made her realize for sure.

Wilhelm had no intention of letting her go.

‘After two months, he’ll try to tie me up with another excuse.’

So she had to take the lead before that.

Anastasia quickly moved the pen in her hand on paper to quickly finalize the transition by the end of the day. 

It was around the time I was so absorbed in my work.


Anastasia bowed her head with a bewildered groan.

The necklace she received from Wilhelm during the last construction period was hung around her neck as usual.

‘…just now, it seemed like it was shining.’

Was it an illusion

It was at that moment when Anastasia narrowed her brow and grabbed the necklace and was about to lift it.

“Uh… !”

Suddenly, something squirted out of her throat, and Anastasia hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand.

“Cough, cough!”

There were two heavy coughs, and at the same time her hands got wet.

Anastasia, with her bewildered look on her face, carefully removed her hand that had closed her mouth.


Red blood was running down her white palms.


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