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On the way back to the Imperial Palace after leaving with Anastasia, Louis smiled proudly alone as he walked bravely.

‘It was a good idea to present it at the party today as well.’

In fact, Louis’ original plan was to present a portrait of the couple as a gift before they go to their wedding anniversary today.

It was still something he was ashamed of, showing his own drawings to strangers.

But when the new oracle suddenly came out and Anastasia was on the brink of divorce from Wilhelm, Louis decided to use the picture a little more strategically.

‘Fortunately, my uncle doesn’t seem to want to break up with my aunt just like me…’

As evidence of that, Wilhelm continued to show his determination to continue his marriage to Anastasia, and Louis was willing to help him with his efforts at the risk of shame.

Anyway, today’s plan was a huge success! It was when Louis was on his way to the Imperial Palace, contemplating how to keep Anastasia in the Imperial Palace in the future.

“Oh, my lord the Prince.”

Hearing an unfamiliar voice, Louis naturally stopped his steps and turned his head.

Avelin Hazel quickly approached Louis with a lovely smile.

“I see you here again.

I’ve been looking for Your Highness the Crown Prince.

I’m so sorry I didn’t say hello earlier.”

Louis frowned unknowingly.

Strictly speaking, he did not want to be greeted by her, so he avoided it.

Avelin, who appeared out of nowhere to Louis, who had already accepted Anastasia as a family member, and claimed to be the real woman of the oracle, could not be good to him.

“My name is Avelin Hazel.

I’m now staying at the Sienna Palace.

If you want to see me, you are welcome to come at any time.”

She dreamt big too.

Louis vowed never to set foot within a 500-metre radius of Sienna Palace.

‘It’s obvious what she’s trying to do by being kind to me, but I can’t possibly like this girl.’

She’s probably doing this because if she gets to know him, he’ll be of some help in her relationship with Wilhelm.

‘You thought I’d fall for it Her Majesty is my only aunt.’

It was when Louis snorted inside as if there was no way.

‘… uh’

At that moment, Louis, who was staring at Avelin, was overcome with a sense of déjà vu.

‘At first I thought she was just an unlucky face…’

He felt strangely as if he had seen it somewhere.

‘It’s not a common face… … what’

“Why are you like this, Prince”

As she stared at him with a serious expression on her face without saying a word, Avelin, who felt strange at the same time, tilted her head and asked.

Then Louis came to his senses and asked Avelin.

“Hey, Lady Hazel.”

“Yes, Your Highness the Prince.”

“Where have I seen you”


Avelin was silent for a moment at the question, then opened her mouth.

“Have you met me”

“I think I saw you somewhere.”

Louis added seriously.

“Because the face is not unfamiliar.”

Hearing that, Avelin let out a low laugh.

It was when Louis, who was strangely in a bad mood, frowned involuntarily.

“Is it possible”

It was a categorical negative answer.

“I have a very common face, so I often hear that.”

“It’s not a common face…”

“Thank you for the compliment, but this is the first time I’ve seen Your Highness the Crown Prince.

I can’t lie about this, can I”

“… Excuse me.”

Louis murmured, ‘It’s strange.

I must have seen it somewhere,’ as he passed Avelin.


And only after Louis completely disappeared from the spot, Avelin stood up with her knees straight.

The smile that hung brightly in front of the child had already disappeared.

“…You have good observation, Prince Louis.”

This was why she didn’t want a quick-witted kid.

A cool murmuring, Avelin turned back and went back the way she had come.

She guessed she had to move up the plan a little bit.


At that time, Anastasia returned to the Empress’ Palace, unable to overcome her fatigue.

“Here you are, Your Majesty.”

Upon her arrival, Selene and the other maids welcomed Anastasia.

“How was the party today”

 “Oh, everyone should have been to the party today.”

Before Anastasia could even open her mouth, the other maids behind her clashed in reply.

“Really, what a romantic thing His Majesty has done…”

“Oh my, what is it Lady Undrey, please tell me in detail.”

“No, I mean…!”

They’re finally getting to know everything.

Anastasia sighed briefly and watched the maids giggle.

“The bath water is ready, Your Majesty.”

Of course, that included Mrs.


She, who could not erase her troubled expression for the past few days, was smiling happily like a child who had everything from the party hall earlier.

Now, Anastasia was almost upset when she saw it.

“… Aren’t you showing that you like it too much”

“But it’s really good.”


Rochester shrugged her shoulders and led Anastasia into her bathtub.

“Well, I didn’t know His Majesty was so thoughtful of Your Majesty.

I was very surprised.

I didn’t know he’d think of giving you a coronation crown as a gift.”


“I’ve only heard that Charles II, who is famous for his wife, did.

You made history today, didn’t you”

“…From now on, you are not allowed to talk about what happened earlier.”

Eventually, Anastasia, whose face turned red, blocked Mrs.

Rochester’s mouth.

…though it didn’t mean much because she kept shooting insidious eyes.

Anyway, when she left the bath, Anastasia faced a more embarrassing situation and groaned to death.


A huge amount of rose petals were scattered on her bed.

At the center was a large heart made of rose petals.

And on top of that…

“Did you finish washing up”

Wilhelm, wearing only a nightgown, was looking up at Anastasia while lying at an angle.

With a rose in his mouth, Anastasia almost had her eyes pop out the moment she saw it.

“What, what, what, what are you doing”

“What do you mean I’m waiting calmly to give you a present.”

“You gave me a present earlier.”

“You didn’t answer.”

“No, that’s…!”

“So I came back to give it to you.”

Wilhelm said calmly, holding the calyx in his hand.

“I’m the present.

This rose is a bonus.”


Anastasia looked at Wilhelm for a moment, speechless.

It felt strange to see Wilhelm’s twinkling eyes at her without a hint of shame.

It was a prank he often played before her return.

…she didn’t expect to see it now.

“Come here.”

She almost choked up at the words, so Anastasia unwittingly squeezed her dress and told him.

“Go back.”

“My mouth hurts, aren’t you going to take your present”

Anastasia, who strode up to Wilhelm and took the rose, once again said.

“Go back, Your Majesty.

What do you really want to do with me”

“Let’s sleep together.”

Wilhelm answered, staring at Anastasia.

“That’s why I’m here.”

“…go back.”

“Are you trying to humiliate me”

“Thinking of what you did today, I think such rumors would be made.”

Anastasia said emphatically.

“My thoughts won’t change.

When the Vislante delegation returns, I will divorce Your Majesty without delay.”

“Someone would think you’re getting divorced alone.”


She was trying to run away at night because she was afraid it would come out like this, but of course she didn’t say that.

Anastasia walked past him and said to Mrs.


“Send someone to the Central Palace to take His Majesty with them.”

“Anastasia, I’m not going.”

“Then I should go.”

It was when Anastasia was about to turn around and go outside without regret.


Wilhelm quickly grabbed Anastasia by the wrist.

Anastasia, surprised by the unexpected and urgent move, looked back at him.

Wilhelm asked Anastasia with a narrowed face.

“Do you hate me that much”

“…it’s not a matter of liking or disliking.”

Unable to answer with the truth, Anastasia asked, frowning.

“Why are you acting like a child Your Majesty, are you really not afraid of divine punishment”


Don’t think about the oracle and answer it.”

Wilhelm asked in a shrill voice.

“If the oracle is that Lady Hazel should be Empress, what are you going to do if I hand this position over to Louis”

“Your Majesty, what nonsense…!”

“Will you still divorce me””


“Answer me.”

The look in his eyes that still grabbed her wrist and asked her was desperate for something.

“If I give up this position, will you leave me”

Anastasia wasn’t sure she could keep looking into those eyes and she eventually turned her head away.

“Then I have to do it even more.”

After Anastasia took her hand from Wilhelm, she said firmly.

“Go, Your Majesty.”


Wilhelm looked hurt for a moment at the coolness, and soon left Anastasia’s bedroom helplessly.

Then Anastasia flopped down on the bed of rose petals with her relaxed expression on her face.

In her hand still remained the rose he had given.


Anastasia grabbed the rose tightly.

With all her thorns removed, the stems were smooth, but her chest ached as if she had been mutilated with a knife sharper than the thorns.

“If I give up this position, will you leave me”

The last question he posed kept running through her mind.

Anastasia’s expression faltered for a moment, but then she shook her head.

It’s a useless idea and nonsense.

That he would renounce the throne because of her.

‘You must have just said that.’

Anastasia put the rose in her hand on the bedside table and went into bed.

Suddenly her head was so throbbing that she felt like she had to go to sleep as soon as possible.


But no matter how much she closed her eyes and waited, she couldn’t sleep.

Unsatisfactory, showing no sign of falling asleep to her, Anastasia eventually pulled off her blanket and got up.

At the same time, Selene approached Anastasia cautiously.

“We’ll, Your Majesty…”

Anastasia looked back at Selene with her face questioningly.

“Well, that’s.

Your Majesty…”

Anastasia’s expression quickly hardened upon hearing the following words.

She got up from her seat with a startled expression and strode out of there.

As the door to the hallway opened, Wilhelm’s figure, sitting quietly in front of her, came into view.

Seeing it, Anastasia seemed to be choking on her breath.

“… Your Majesty.”

He managed to hear a small murmur and turned around.

The surprise was only for a moment, and a thin smile passed over his expression.


On a midsummer night, the sunshine-like smile of noon was hotly sent down into Anastasia’s heart.


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