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On the day of the coronation, the crown placed over the head of the new Emperor Rosenberg was used only once that day, and then it was designated as a national treasure and passed down from generation to generation.

The crown on the day of the coronation was itself a history of Rosenberg, symbolizing the power of the ascending emperor and the majesty of the imperial family.

The crown in front of her right now was also encrusted with 805 jewels centered on a huge red diamond cut with cushion cuts, the number meant to commemorate Wilhelm’s birthday.

Anastasia had a shocked expression in front of the crown she had seen for the first and last time at Wilhelm’s coronation.

Now, through this act, it was clear what he was trying to say.

To acknowledge Anastasia as his only Empress before and in the future.

Not surprisingly, owning the crown was the same as holding the emperor’s seal, representing all emperors’ powers in case of emergency.

In times of emergency, the Emperor often delegated all powers to someone other than the Empress, so this was not to be taken lightly.

‘So it’s absurd that I, who will soon be deposed, would receive this.’

Anastasia pulled back in haste to say no.

“Your Majesty, I…”

“Of course, my Empress will say that she can’t take it.”

He cut off Anastasia naturally, and Anastasia looked at Wilhelm with a look in her eyes telling him not to do it.

But Wilhelm continued to speak with a calm smile.

“You are such a humble person.

I knew you would refuse.

But I want you to know this.”


“Having you as my companion is the most blessed thing in my life.”

Wilhelm handed the box containing the coronation crown back to Colton, then grabbed Anastasia’s wrist and pulled it towards him.

Then he kissed Anastasia’s empty left ring finger softly.

From where the wedding ring should have been to the top of her fingernails, Wilhelm’s lips rode with a smooth movement.


At that moment when her body trembled at the tickling sensation, Wilhelm lifted his head slightly and met her own eyes.

As soon as she saw the mischievous smile that showed that things seemed to go as planned, Anastasia knew something was seriously wrong.

Starting with the Vislante delegation case, she had an ominous feeling that she would be caught in his trap and would not be able to move.


Eventually, Anastasia refused the coronation crown, but that alone attracted the party’s keen attention.

Most excited of all were her supporters.

“Oh, Your Majesty is so humble, too.

You don’t have to refuse such a gift!”

Not to mention that Mrs.

Rochester looked the most excited among them.

“Why didn’t you just take it It was not unprecedented for the Emperors to present a coronation crown to the Empress.”



“Why, I didn’t say anything wrong.”

How can a person who was usually gentle look so excited

She must have been greatly encouraged by Wilhelm’s blunt move.

Anastasia gave her a brief sigh and then shook her head.

‘I can’t go back because Wilhelm isn’t here…’

If she left now, ridiculous rumors such as “Your Majesty must have already left to spend the night together!” would have circulated.

‘How can you go back right after you’ve done that’

It was obvious.

She guessed he was trying to avoid her nagging.

‘Cause you’re quick to read the room.’

It was time for Anastasia to sigh once again briefly.

Suddenly, the buzz around her became much bigger.

“Your Majesty the Empress.”

At the unfamiliar voice that followed, Anastasia turned her head quickly to look at her opponent.

“Greetings to the Imperial Moon.”

Oh, that’s why it was suddenly noisy.

Anastasia looked at Avelin in front of her with an awkward expression.

Without a hint of discomfort, Avelin was just looking at her with a lovely smile on her lips.

“I was going to say hello earlier, but the Emperor suddenly appeared… I’m saying hello now.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.”

“Thank you, Lady.”

It was more uncomfortable to hear the greeting from Avelin than anyone else, but Anastasia was greeted with a smile on her face.

“His Majesty seems to love you with all his heart.”

Subsequently, Avelin spoke to Anastasia in a gentle voice.

“Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been willing to give you the coronation crown.

I can see for sure why His Majesty the Emperor can’t let you go.”

At first glance, it sounded like there was a bone thrown with the words, but Avelin’s expression and voice saying it were innocent without anything impure.

The attitude of cheering and rejoicing for their love seemed the same as before their return.

“I envy you.

That you can get that kind of love from someone else.

I wonder how I can get such a love.”

It was around the time Anastasia was silently smiling awkwardly at the question that was difficult to answer.

“Your Majesty!”

A cheerful voice penetrated between the two nearby.

As the two turned their heads at the same time, Louis, well-dressed in a green tailcoat, was running toward Anastasia with a bright smile.

Anastasia quickly hugged Louis, who was about to fall in front of her with an expression that brightened in an instant.


“Empress, I greet the beautiful moon.”

Louis cried, looking at Anastasia with glittering eyes.

“You’re so pretty today! Even the Goddess Rosenia will be so sad that she lost when she sees Your Majesty today!”

“Louis, that sounds like blasphemy.”

Anastasia burst into a small laugh and pinched Louis’s cheek painlessly.

“More than that, you shouldn’t run at the party, Louis.

What if you get hurt”

“But Your Majesty caught me like this so it’s okay!”

“But you shouldn’t get hurt when I’m away, so go around carefully from now on.

Got it”


Louis, who answered bravely, soon saw Avelin, who was next to Anastasia, and asked.

“But who is this person…”

“Oh, say hello to Lady Hazel.”

“Lady Hazel If it’s Lady Haze-…”

Louis, who was frowning and making a thoughtful expression, soon made a face that he realized, “Ah!”

At the same time, it was the moment when Avelin was about to bend her knees toward Louis to meet her eye level and say hello.

“Nice to meet you, Prince Louis.


“Oh, right!”

Louis suddenly stopped talking to Avelin with the loud exclamation, and Avelin and Anastasia both looked bewildered.

However, Louis went on to say what he had to say, regardless of the reaction of the two.

“Happy 3rd anniversary, auntie.

Please continue to live happily with my uncle for a long time!”

It wasn’t difficult for Anastasia to guess his true intentions by cutting off other people’s greetings and saying only what he had to say, or freely using friendly names such as “aunt” and “my uncle,” which were not usually spoken.

‘Are you keeping her in check’

Looking at Avelin’s expression, she seemed to be thinking the same thing herself.

It was when Anastasia gently tried to encourage Louis to say hello to Avelin first.

“And there’s a present I prepared for your wedding anniversary.”

Before she could even ask, ‘A gift’ Louis winked at the maid, and soon she brought a large canvas.

It was about the size of an adult woman’s arm in both width and length, but it was wrapped in light brown paper, so she couldn’t figure out what kind of painting it was.

“Try to solve it!”

But as soon as she touched the light brown wrapper again, Anastasia somehow seemed to know what the painting was.


As Anastasia tore the wrapper with a trembling heart…

“I completed the portrait I drew last time!”

As expected, it contained a couple portrait of her and Wilhelm.

Everyone who was watching from the side burst into exclamations at the same time at the excellent workmanship that was not like a 6-year-old child.

“Oh my, you’re really good at it, aren’t you Did the Prince really draw this”

“You have already perfected your skills.

Isn’t the painting as good as the work of a court painter”

“What a portrait of such a sweet couple! We should try to draw from this position from now on.”

Compliments poured in from all sides, and Anastasia was busy responding to the compliments around her.

Louis blushed as if he was still embarrassed of such a compliment, then asked Anastasia after a while.

“Do you like it, Your Majesty”

“Of course, Louis.

It’s a really great picture.”

But it was a portrait of a couple, so she couldn’t relax her mind.

Even if you put it aside, the portrait that Louis had painted was quite high-quality.

The nobles, who had their eyes on the works of many painters, were able to truly admire them.

“I’ll draw it for you next year, too.

I practiced harder than I did this year.”

It sounded like a silent pressure to stay at the palace next year, so Anastasia just smiled awkwardly this time.


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