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Finally he stopped in front of her, calling her name.

Now, all the attention of the party was on the Emperor and his wife and the new oracle woman next to them.

However, Wilhelm’s gaze was fixed only on Anastasia, as if Avelin was invisible.

“I see you, the sun of the empire, Your Majesty the Emperor.”

“Blessed be the owner of Rosenberg.”

The situation was the same even though the two had each greeted Wilhelm.

Wilhelm, who filled his eyes with Anastasia, smiled gracefully.

“You’re gorgeous, today.”

It didn’t sound like he planned on telling her.

“As I was walking, my eyes were dazzled, so I thought for a moment that the Goddess Rosenia had descended.”

Anastasia’s face turned bright red at the words that everyone was listening to.

“You are exaggerating, Your Majesty.

But Your Majesty is also dressed today… … it’s unusual.”

“Oh, is that so”

Wilhelm shrugged indifferently.

“I couldn’t help it.

I chose my clothes to match the Empress.”

Was it like that too

The expressions of the people at the party, including Anastasia, once again changed to bewilderment.

He was all dressed in red.

A bright red tailcoat and a red tie.

He even had small earrings made of red diamonds in his ears. 

In the Rosenberg social circle, it was extremely rare for a man to wear red as a garment.

Yes, unless it was like a couple look as he said.

That’s why he stood out more.

No, to be honest, it wasn’t just that.

‘…why do you look so good in it’

She was wondering who would pull off this kind of fashion, but there was a model answer right there.

In fact, from the moment Wilhelm entered the party, she couldn’t even make eye contact with him.

It was because it was self-evident that her face, which began to turn red, would turn into a crimson tomato.

He was originally a handsome man with a cold atmosphere, but when he was dressed in sexy and passionate colors, he gave off another charm.

In fact, he had a beauty that could be digested enough to pull off any color, but when she saw it with her own eyes, a different shock struck Anastasia.

Anastasia still couldn’t look straight at Wilhelm.

Just staring at the round brilliant-cut red diamonds stuck in his ears like a part of his body, she realized later.

‘Oh my, he even matched the jewelry.’

As she swallowed her saliva at the terrible details, something that made her want to scream happened again.

Wilhelm casually wrapped his arm around Anastasia’s waist from the side.

As Anastasia blinked in surprise and looked up at Wilhelm, he smiled casually.

“Then shall we go”

He took her away and walked without letting her ask where they were going.

Realizing that the destination was the dance stage in the center of the party, Anastasia hurriedly dissuaded him.

“Your Majesty, I’m not going to dance…”

“Of course, you are.

What kind of day is it today”

Wilhelm naturally cut off Anastasia’s words.

“It’s our wedding anniversary.”

So it was absolutely unacceptable for the two of them not to dance today.

‘Even if we look like a couple right now, you’ve crossed the line…!’

Wilhelm, however, continued to lead Anastasia to the stage regardless.

In the end, it was the moment Anastasia, who was anxious, tried to push him away.


At an excellent timing, the orchestra began to play, and at the same time Wilhelm naturally began to dance with Anastasia. 

Eventually, Anastasia, who missed the last chance to reject, began dancing with Wilhelm with a stunned face.

Wearing a couple outfit with him.

As a result, the appearance of the two dancing became a much better match than usual.

“Look at the two dancing.

God, it’s like a picture.

It’s so beautiful!”

“They even matched outfits! As expected, His Majesty’s heart must be fixed to Her Majesty!”

“How can he be so consistent when it turns out that she is not the woman of the oracle!”

Anastasia became very uncomfortable with public opinion from all over the place. 

In this way, isn’t it ridiculous that she volunteered to be deposed

A couple outfit in this kind of place.

The political intentions were clear.

It was when Anastasia was trying to argue with Wilhelm about what the hell was going on.


As soon as she turned her head, Anastasia had to look away from Wilhelm’s eyes, which were so heavily fixed on her.

Wilhelm smiled silently and asked when he saw that.

“Why are you avoiding my eyes”

“Because of Your Majesty.”

Anastasia opened her mouth in an embarrassed voice.

“… aren’t you staring at me too much”

“It can’t be helped.

Because it’s natural to have your eyes on pretty things.”

While Anastasia was bewildered by Wilhelm’s nonchalant answer, he pulled Anastasia’s waist under the pretext of music and kept her close to himself.

Then he whispered with a smile in Anastasia’s ears, who was embarrassed.

“Who told you to dress up so beautifully My heart is pounding.”

Did he know that her heart beated more at the low voice that tickled her ears

Anastasia breathed unconsciously and secretly met eyes with Wilhelm. 

He was still looking at her with a smiling face, and Anastasia now felt her heart beating painfully.

“Did you come dressed like this on purpose”

Anastasia barely opened her lips and asked him.

“I’ve never seen a man wearing a red tailcoat to a party.”

“Of course.

Today is our third wedding anniversary.”

Anastasia felt absurd when she saw him respond as if it were natural.

‘No, what the hell were you doing, not stopping him, Lord Nervion*’

*TN: Colton’s last name

But she admitted that she was short-thinking. 

Yeah, it wasn’t that he didn’t stop it.

She guessed he had to tried to stop it but he wore it anyway. 

Anastasia didn’t think she had a clue how much greater Colton’s unknown hardships would be.

She gave a troubled look.

Wilhelm asked anxiously at the sight.

“What’s wrong with you””

It was all because of him.

He knew, but she couldn’t believe there was a question like that.

Anastasia answered more frankly than ever.

“This situation right now.”

It was sincere.

Since the Emperor came out wearing a couple outfit, everyone would say that the Emperor had no intention of abandoning his Empress.

Without even the slightest consideration of her intentions.

A story of a tragic lover who did not want to part but had to part was created in a snap.

‘No, it’s not wrong, but…’

In any case, this kind of thing was difficult.

Anastasia asked, wrinkling her eyes.

“Did you do that on purpose”

“If I’m showing everyone as if to profess that we’re a couple”

Wilhelm understood the omitted words difficultly and nodded.

“Yes, of course.”

It was also an intended result.

“I didn’t expect you to wear a red dress.

Thanks to you, I’m also wearing a red tailcoat for the first time.”


“It’s a different experience, but it’s refreshing.

It’s all thanks to you.”

“After you dance with me.”

Anastasia pressed her lips together and released them, then opened her mouth.

“Dance with Lady Hazel.”

It seemed that the difficulty of the situation would be offset at least a little.

The problem was… 


“Your Majesty.”

“You seem to have forgotten.”

Wilhelm, who seemed unwilling to cooperate, once again pulled Anastasia towards him.

It felt like their lips were about to touch,  the closer the distance they got than before.

Anastasia unconsciously held her breath and looked at Wilhelm.

His all-red body and contrasting eyes looked even more blue today.

With eyes that seemed to be sucking in as if he was just looking at her, he whispered as he looked at her quietly.

“Today is our wedding anniversary.”


“And I never married Lady Hazel.”

A whispering voice tickled her lips, Anastasia shuddered involuntarily and her body trembled.

Her slender body wrapped tenderly in his, he came closer to her, as if he was really kissing her.

From a distance, it was enough for anyone to misunderstand that they were kissing.

“So, stop talking like that, Anastasia.

Words that make your husband sad on your wedding anniversary.”


“Aren’t you too cruel”

The first song ended at the same time as the corners of the lips raised sadly.

But Wilhelm continued to stand there as if he had no intention of letting Anastasia go.

It was when Anastasia noticed the other people’s attention and glanced at the other side over again.

“You must have a mind to care about other things.”

With a strangely twisted smile, he leaned closer to Anastasia. 

Their lips quickly interlocked. 

Anastasia bumped into him with her enlarged eyes, not even thinking of pushing him away.

The unexpected kiss came as thrilling as that. 

A groan of admiration was heard from the surroundings as if it were echoing.

“Follow me.”

After gently removing his lips, he soon walked to the podium, wrapping his arm around Anastasia’s waist. 

Anastasia followed him before she could escape the afterglow of a sudden kiss, and before she knew it, she was on the podium. 

Everyone’s eyes, which would have been facing their way from the beginning, penetrated the two more blatantly.

At that moment, someone’s voice rang the banquet hall.

“Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Your Majesty.”

It was the Duchess of Rochester.

While Anastasia had darkened eyes, everyone else began to speak.

“Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Your Majesty.”

“May the Goddess Rosenia’s protection last forever for you two!”

“Thank you all.”

Wilhelm opened his mouth in a very satisfied voice.

“Thanks to everyone’s congratulations, the 3rd wedding anniversary of me and the Empress will remain a very pleasant memory.”

Meanwhile, Wilhelm looked at Anastasia with a very friendly gaze. 

With an eye that seemed to ask for consent, Anastasia couldn’t bear to leave the place and just smiled awkwardly.

But as if he had already expected such a reaction, Wilhelm casually opened his mouth again, looking at the crowd.

“And to the Empress who has faithfully protected me for three years, I am thinking of giving her a small gift with gratitude.”

… a gift What else was he going to do this time 

Anastasia looked at Wilhelm with worried eyes, and he made a gentle eye contact with Anastasia with a smile as if she didn’t need to worry. 

Didn’t he know that the smile that seems to reassure her made her more anxious

“Bring it.”

Soon after his brief command, Colton tried to hide his thorny expression and brought a box covered with red cloth. 

Still with an elegant smile, he took it and said as if he were handing it to Anastasia.

“Will you take it”

With the sweet voice, Anastasia touched the cloth wrapped around the box as if possessed.

The moment the soft velvet wrapped her fingertips, she felt strangely that something was wrong, but it was already too late.

“… Your Majesty.”

The fabric slid to the floor in a smooth curve.

At the same time, a startled moan broke out from all sides. 

So did Anastasia, of course. 

When she looked at Wilhelm with a perplexed expression, he, perhaps the only calm person there, smiled casually and confessed.

“It’s my heart.”


“Will you take it”



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