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It was not common for the imperial family to enter the nobility, but it was not unprecedented.

Moreover, since the opponent was the Barantes family, Anastasia thought that the enlistment process would not be complicated.

‘It’s just a matter of whether Wilhelm allows this…’

The emperor’s permission was essential for the registration of the imperial family. 

As soon as the discussion of nobility comes out, he will notice her intentions.

And he won’t allow it.

‘But if Louis wants to, he can’t help it either.’

And she’d run away for the moment when he loses interest in her.

Anastasia left the palace to explain this perfect plan to Louis as well.

“Her Majesty the Empress!”

No, that was exactly what she was going to do.

Had it not been for the urgent cry of Mrs.

Rochester that had caught her.

“What’s going on, Mrs.


“There is the news that was just decided at the political affairs meeting…”

What followed was very disconcerting.

“It is said that a delegation from the Kingdom of Vislante will visit in two months.”

“… I beg your pardon”

Anastasia doubted her ears.

“So suddenly Did I hear it wrong”

“I’m sorry, but it’s true.

It’s a hastily decided matter.

Therefore, discussions on the implementation of the oracle have been postponed for a while.”

Usually, delegation visits were decided at least three months in advance and preparations begin immediately. 

‘Of course, two months is a tight schedule, but it’s not an impossible schedule.’

The problem was that the situation right now was very strange.

She was planning to finish Louis’ registration within a month and make a night escape.

But if this happened… 

‘I’m supposed to be in charge of hosting the envoys.’

It was unreasonable for Avelin to become the new Empress within two months and to entertain the envoys.


There is no law that tells me to prepare.’

As Anastasia did in the past, there was also a way to prepare entertainment led by Mrs.


Anastasia opened her mouth without thinking long.

“I want to see His Majesty.”

In any case, it was not something that could be decided unilaterally.

Besides, she had to state her position once again.

As Anastasia went straight to the Central Palace, Colton, who had been promised in advance, was out to meet her.

“I see Your Majesty the Empress, the moon of the Empire.”

“Where is His Majesty the Emperor”

“He is in the office.

If you go to the reception room…”


It doesn’t have to be complicated.

It’s not something I’m going to talk about at length.

I will go directly to His Majesty’s office.”

Colton panicked for a moment, but soon after nodding his head, he led Anastasia into his office.

Eventually, Anastasia entered the room and found Wilhelm.

He looked quite concentrated on the paperwork with his glasses on.

It was the moment when Anastasia unconsciously opened her mouth.

“Your majest…”

Wilhelm raised his head, and at the same time, his eyes met Anastasia. 

It wasn’t unexpected, but Anastasia was embarrassed at the sight of him staring at her.


Anastasia knew better than anyone how good his beauty was. 

On top of that, she thought there was no surprise because she had seen him for years before his return…

‘You didn’t wear glasses yesterday.’

It seemed like the first time seeing him wear glasses after her return.

‘It’s against the law to do this all of a sudden.’

Originally, he only wore glasses when he worked long hours, so it was valuable for anyone to see him wearing glasses.

Of course, before returning, he knew that she liked his glasses, so he was willing to wear them often.


Anastasia, who stared blankly, was unable to say anything, holding her fast-paced heart still, and Wilhelm opened his mouth first. 

He must have felt strange because she suddenly came in and stood there without saying anything.

Anastasia finally came to her senses and opened her lips at the voice calling her. 

“… Your Majesty.”

“Are you here to see me”

Wilhelm opened the pocket watch with a slight smile around his mouth.

“Well, it’s lunch time soon.

We can have a meal together.”

“What Oh, no.”

As the conversation sprang in a sudden direction, the panicked Anastasia shook her head in a hurry.

“That’s not why I’m here.”

“Then I can ask you now.”

As if it was the expected answer, Wilhelm, who was smiling more than the first time, calmly continued the conversation.

“Shall we eat together I was just about to get up.”

It was a lie.

He was going to skip lunch today.

Originally, if he didn’t have a luncheon appointment, he would simply skip lunch. 

But today, even if he starved all day, it seemed that he would not be hungry at all because of the satisfaction that filled him.

‘It was good that I sent the letter to Vislante just yesterday.

No matter how hard I think about it.’

He threw the bait, and Anastasia bit it as expected.

That’s why she came here as soon as she heard the news.


I’m just going to keep it simple and go.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, well.

I’m so hungry right now, I don’t think I’ll listen to anything I hear.”

Naturally lying, Wilhelm made eye contact with Anastasia and demanded.

“Let’s go eat.”

“… Then I’ll see you again after lunch.”

“I don’t feel like eating alone again.”

“Have it with Sir Colton, then.”


Wilhelm spoke, looking into Anastasia’s eyes, still smiling.

“Eating together.”


“Is it that difficult”

His eyes looking at her were pathetic and lonely.

Not knowing that was the result Wilhelm thoroughly intended, Anastasia bit her lip with a puzzled look.


Eventually, Anastasia sat down opposite Wilhelm at the banquet hall in the Central Palace.

Embarrassed by a situation she hadn’t had in mind at all, Anastasia immediately wrapped up her feelings and told him.

“What I have to say is…”

“The food hasn’t come out yet.”

Wilhelm cut her off right away.

“I’ll listen after dinner.”


Only then did Anastasia, who recalled his hunger, quietly shut her lips. 

Wilhelm smiled involuntarily at the gentle attitude.

Eventually, the attendants began to carry dishes out one by one.

All of them were rare dishes, but Anastasia couldn’t eat or drink.

Wilhelm, who watched the scene carefully, opened his mouth.

“I can’t eat the whole thing.”

“Forgive me.

My head is very complicated right now.”

Wilhelm looked at Anastasia as if to ask what she meant.

Biting her lip once, Anastasia asked, narrowing her brow slightly.

“Is this what Your Majesty did”

“What do you mean”

“The Vislante delegation case.”

Anastasia continued, giving strength to her voice.

“As far as I know, the visit was due in six months.

There is no way Vislante would have dared to commit unilateral disrespect towards the Empire.”


“No matter how you think about it, it seems like Your Majesty did it.”

Wilhelm picked up a napkin without saying a word and wiped his mouth.

Not a single word was answered, but silence was a positive enough answer. 

“I can’t ask you to withdraw it.

That’s not polite.

However, I will withdraw from the reception of this delegation.

I’m here to tell you this.”

“Who can do it if the Empress doesn’t entertain them”


Rochester will prepare.


Anastasia stopped talking for a moment and then went on again.

“You can leave it up to Lady Hazel.

I will educate her well over the next two months.”


“Your Majesty.”

Anastasia said, making eye contact with Wilhelm.

“My will remains the same as yesterday.

Even if you move Vislante and buy two months of time, it won’t change in the end.”

“Then do the Empress’ duty for at least those two months.”

“You know, for two years as I became Empress, my palace was under the care of Mrs.


Anastasia settled her words calmly.

“For a moment, it can just happen again.”

“That won’t do.”

Wilhelm calmly retorted.

It was a time when Anastasia frowned and didn’t know what to say.

“Vislante is your mother’s hometown, right”

As he said, the dead Duchess of Barantes was a Vislant.

She came to Rosenberg to study abroad, settled here after falling in love with her father.

“That’s why everyone wants to see the Empress.”

“Your Majesty, don’t tell me…”

“Yes, live up to that expectation.”

Wilhelm grinned and scratched Anastasia’s insides.

“It has already been decided that you are leading the entertainment.”

“Your Majesty!”

“I wonder if it should have been Vislante among many countries.”

Anastasia looked at Wilhelm with a puzzled expression, but he was smiling the whole time.

Since meeting him today, she had never been embarrassed.

Somehow, she felt like he was playing on a woven board.

“So, stop thinking nonsense.

whatever it is.”


“I told you I couldn’t let you go.”

Unable to withstand Wilhelm’s stare at her tenaciously, Anastasia eventually got up, biting her lip.

And seeing her go outside, Wilhelm muttered in a voice of regret.

“You should eat dessert at least.

I prepared a peach cake that I like.”

However, the taste of the cake he ate alone was not so bitter.

‘I’ve earned at least two months, so we’ll eat together at least once in a while.’

Then he should prepare something more delicious.

Smiling at that thought, Wilhelm suddenly felt so strange to himself.

‘Have I ever tried so hard to hold someone back’

There hadn’t been a time, because he always had the upper hand of the relationship as the Emperor. 

Whoever he wanted, they were always willing to be caught.

So this situation felt very awkward because it was not like him, but it didn’t matter. 

‘If only I could hold onto you.’

He was willing to do even worse.


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