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“I am not divorcing my wife.

She is Rosenberg’s Empress until her death.”

“Your Majesty, the oracle is the will of the Goddess.”

Lyell expressed his concern in his bewildered voice.

“If you want to go against this…”

“For the High Priest.”

Wilhelm interrupted the High Priest with a sharp voice.

“Is it that simple to change your wife”


“Anyway, Goddess Rosenia won’t force me to change my wife, who was hurt once, because she made a mistake.

She can’t do such a foolish thing to her descendant.”

“However, Her Majesty also requested a divorce.”

“Then what else can the Empress do in this situation”

Wilhelm’s voice was filled with anger that could not be hidden.

Lyell flinched and looked at Wilhelm.

“She would be saying she would go against the oracle if she didn’t ask me to dethrone herself first, but does the High Priest think he has other options for the Empress”


Lyell was speechless for a moment.

There was silence in the conference hall for a moment, and it was a long time before the silence was broken.

“… Does that mean Your Majesty will go against the oracle like this”

“If her oracle three years ago was a misjudgment, the Goddess will have to be held accountable as well.”

Wilhelm twisted his lips and opened his mouth.

“It means that she must provide a way for this empire to be safe and peaceful without abandoning our country.”

“Your Majesty, strictly speaking, the Goddess did not make a mistake.

After all, isn’t it that we misinterpreted it”

“No, the oracle was not wrong.

Three years ago, would we have been able to find a match outside of Rosenberg That’s an overstatement.”

Wilhelm continued speaking with his brows narrowed.

“I don’t think the oracle is wrong.

3 years ago Anastasia Barantes was the only woman to fit her oracle.

She could not have been unaware of that fact.”

“So, why don’t you fix it right now”

Lyell persuaded him with a calm voice throughout.

“Whatever the past, the will of the Goddess Rosenia now is that the Lady Avelin Hazel becomes the Empress, Your Majesty, please bear this in mind.

The peace and well-being of the empire depends on it.”

“Then, in the Great Temple, starting today, pray to the Goddess anew.”

Wilhelm gave strength to his voice and spoke again and again.

“Seek through your prayers how I can accomplish the will of the Goddess and promote the peace and well-being of her empire, other than being the unscrupulous man on earth who forsakes his beloved wife.”


“I have fully expressed my intentions, so let’s end today’s meeting here.

From tomorrow onwards, the political affairs meeting will proceed as normal, so please be aware of that.”

With those words, Wilhelm got up from his seat and left the meeting room without looking back.

All those left showed a blank expression on their faces, unable to adapt to this embarrassing situation.

‘… Ah.’

Anastasia, the first to come to her senses, followed Wilhelm in dismay.

Wilhelm had already gone far ahead, and Anastasia ran after him and called to him.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”

But Wilhelm continued walking despite hearing Anastasia’s voice.

In the end, Anastasia had no choice but to stop because her stamina had dropped.


Anastasia took a deep breath from where she had stopped and stared at Wilhelm’s back, which was getting farther and farther away.

“Hey, what…”

“Your Majesty.”

Selene said weepingly, hurriedly supporting the staggering Anastasia.

“For now, go back to the Empress’ Palace.

It is better to take a break first.”


Anyway, if she had gone to Wilhelm right now, nothing would change.

Anastasia nodded her head with a confused look.


When Anastasia returned to the Empress’ Palace, the maids who had already heard the news from the conference hall were furious.

 “What the hell are you talking about Isn’t our Majesty the oracle woman”

“No, he said the goddess gave him the wrong oracle, does that make sense So, he’s telling us to come and dethrone the Empress Awesome!”

“I mean! She’s not the Empress’ brooch on her dress, she can’t be changed that easily!”*

*TN: she’s not an accessory that can be changed easily

The maids were all outraged by the current situation, and ran to her in amazement when they saw Anastasia appearing at the Empress’ Palace.

“Your Majesty the Empress!”

“Your Majesty, are you okay”

“… I’m okay.”

To be honest, she wasn’t very good.

Not because of the oracle, but because of Wilhelm.

‘Why the hell why… … Are you trying to make the same choices as before the regression’

She couldn’t understand it at all.

Before her return, she could understand because they loved each other undeniably.

But not now.

He didn’t love her.

There may be a slight liking, but it could not be seen as a meaningful emotion enough to go against the oracle and confront the Great Temple.

Then, suddenly, she remembered the last words he had said.

“Seek through your prayers how I can accomplish the will of the Goddess and promote the peace and well-being of her empire, other than being the unscrupulous man on earth who forsakes his beloved wife.”

Beloved wife… 

Those words made Anastasia even more upset.

But it was only for a while.

‘Maybe it was just a word.’

It would have been an inevitable choice of words to emphasize her own argument in that situation.

Anyway, that wasn’t the point now.



Anastasia asked Mrs.

Rochester as she looked at herself worriedly, in a trembling voice.

“The divorce papers I asked for yesterday, are they ready”


Rochester nodded her head, and her maids were astonished at her words.

“Your Majesty, what are you talking about”

“Maybe now… … You don’t mean to voluntarily dethrone yourself, do you”

“Never! Absolutely not, Your Majesty!”


Anastasia managed to squeeze out a screaming voice.

“I cannot go against the oracle.

For the sake of the Emperor as well as the future of the Empire, this is true.”

“Your Majesty, but…!”

“This is for everyone.”

Anastasia said in a voice that looked like she was about to cry.

“I just need to step back.

It’s simple, isn’t it I just have to disappear.”

“Your Majesty, how could you say that…”


Rochester, bring my seal right now.”

Anastasia ordered firmly.

“I will go to the Central Palace.”

The maids continued to hold Anastasia, asking her not to go, but Anastasia shook off all their hands and headed for the Central Palace.

She had a divorce document with his seal in his hand.

‘The original shouldn’t happen again.


Anastasia took a busy step toward the Central Palace, biting her lips.

Looking quite impatient and anxious, Selene and the other maids in attendance could not help but find it strange while following Anastasia.

But the figure felt somewhat desperate, and they could not hastily stop Anastasia and ask why.

Soon after, Anastasia arrived at the Central Palace, and Colton welcomed her.

“Greetings to Her Majesty, the Moon of the  Empire.”

“…Sir Colton.”

Anastasia was relieved to feel like she was meeting a friend for the first time.

Even before her return, he sided with Avelin.

Now that she has no contact with Wilhelm, he should be more open to her side.

“I heard what happened in the conference room.

You must have been very surprised.”


“Is that what you’re here for”


Anastasia nodded and asked.

“Sir Colton, what do you think of this”


“I’ve asked you how you think I should behave.”

“…That is.”

Colton opened his mouth cautiously.

“That is…”

“Do not hesitate to tell me.”

“… Excuse me, but I.”

Colton did not express his opinion until after considerable hesitation.

“I have the same opinion as Your Majesty.

If the oracle is wrong, I think it is right for Lady Hazel to become the new Empress.”

“… Yes.”

“I’m sorry.”

Colton asked, apologizing again and again.

“Are you sad”


Anastasia responded with a look of relief.

“Is it possible”

Before her return, she was sad and resentful.

But not now.

She was just grateful to him for being consistent both before and now.

Of course, Wilhelm was equally consistent.

It was a problem, not the one she wanted.

“If that is the will of the Goddess, then it must be followed.

Where is His Majesty”

“He said he wouldn’t see anyone right now…”

“I will meet him directly in His Majesty’s room.

Please guide me.”

Colton was forced to show her to Wilhelm’s room at the tough Anastasia’s attitude.

Anastasia clasped the envelope in her hand and she entered Wilhelm’s room.

A moment later, when the office appeared, she saw him sitting at his desk and working.

As if nothing had happened before, he was making fun of the pen with a calm expression with his back straight.

Anastasia found him like that and stopped walking.

He must have heard her, but he didn’t look back.

“Your Majesty.”

Eventually, Anastasia opened her mouth first and called him.

But this time he still ignored Anastasia.

Anastasia called him once more.

“Your Majesty.”

More feigned ignorance followed.

Anastasia did not wait any longer and approached him.

Then, without a word, she grabbed his wrist, making it stop playing with his pen.


Then his head, which had been fixed on the desk, slowly moved upward.

In the seemingly cruel expressionless expression, anger that could not be hidden through his eyes peeped out.

Just like that.

He was angry now.

A lot, too.


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