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Finally, it was the debut ball.

In order to attend the debut ball, which began that evening, Anastasia was dressed up in the early afternoon, surrounded by her maids.

 “Now, let’s make sure you imprint on the newcomers who are the flowers of Rosenberg’s society today!”*

*TN: let them know who is important in society

“I will do my best to decorate Your Majesty, so please look forward to it!”


Even if they didn’t do that, it was obvious that young girls who had just debuted in the social world would find it difficult.

Anastasia smiled and waved her hand.

“Be gentle.

Don’t you know, the debutantes are the protagonists of the ball I’ll take the lead… … But we can’t steal it.”*

*TN: the spotlight

“What do you mean Whatever the position, the main character is our Majesty.”


Even if it’s a debut ball, there is no exception.

Because our Majesty is always the best!”

However, the maids did not seem to accept her words, and Anastasia eventually gave up and smiled.

As the dressing began, Anastasia closed her eyes with her nervous mind and controlled her mind.

Since she was wearing a white undergarment that went down to her wrists as well as her shoulders from the time she got her makeup on, none of her maids would know her secret.

What makes Anastasia nervous is more than that… 

  ‘Today, I’m really meeting the main character.’

Because she was on the verge of her first meeting with Avelin.

With the moment she had hoped for for a year in front of me, an inexplicable complex emotion came up at once, disturbing Anastasia.

“It’s all over, Your Majesty.”

At those words, Anastasia, who had been thinking about Avelin for several hours during the course of the reorganization, came to her senses.

Standing in front of the mirror, the dress made of dark cobalt blue fabric caught Anastasia’s attention first.

The white frills and laces were run without being too much to amplify the elegance, and the embroidery on the dress was also the pinnacle of elegance.

The dress was cut from below the collarbone to above the chest, but the shoulders and back were completely closed.

Thanks to that, she thought she wouldn’t have to worry about showing off her white shoulders no matter how she moved.

Anastasia liked that more than the precious cobalt blue dress.

“Oh, you look much more sophisticated today than other banquets!”

Selene, who couldn’t take her eyes off Anastasia’s beautiful figure, finally burst out in admiration and her exclamation.

“No matter how far away, anyone can instantly recognize that you are Rosenberg’s mistress.

The accessories go so well together!”

“That’s right, Your Majesty.

Be elegant today, as if the one and only diamond in the world turned into a person!”

Even Anastasia liked her appearance today.

As she went straight to the banquet hall where the debut ball was to be held, she realized that she had forgotten her important words, and she quickly opened her mouth.

“Everyone… … Thank you so much.”

In fact, today was her last party she attended as Empress.

Anastasia expressed her gratitude by making eye contact with her maids who have been loyal to her over the past year.

If not today… … she wouldn’t have a chance to say it with a smile.

“Thanks to you, I think today will be a more pleasant memory.”

   It was a meaningful statement, but no one noticed it.

Everyone smiled brightly, and fought to get all the debutantes down under their feet.


“Cobalt blue dresses seem to be in fashion this summer.”

“That’s right.

Her Majesty has come in an amazingly timely dress.

It looks cool, sophisticated, and elegant.”

“There’s no cobalt blue fabric, so I can’t get it! The shortage will be worse this summer.”

It was the first time for boys and girls who had just come of age to enter society, but for some reason, the story of Anastasia was brought up much more frequently than the names of notable newcomers.

“Who would have expected her to wear a colorful dress As expected of Her Majesty.”

It wasn’t her intention, but the cobalt blue dress that Anastasia wore had stood out in the banquet hall.

Apparently, it was because the female participants that day wore mostly warm-colored dresses such as yellow, orange, red, and pink.

In addition, it was customary for debutants to wear white dresses symbolizing purity at their debut balls.

As a result, Anastasia, surrounded by white debutantes who greeted her, had an unrivaled atmosphere that made the focus solely on her.

That said, rather than being far from being alone, it was a look that exuded dignity from a higher place with a contemplative attitude.

“I see Rosenberg’s shining blue moon.

It’s such an honor to greet you like this.”

“May the goddess reach the great mother of the empire.

It’s my first time greeting the Empress.”

In fact, she didn’t hear such compliments, and she was just busy receiving greetings from debutantes.

‘Debut balls were always like this, but… I’m especially busy today.’

Because of that, Anastasia forgot for a moment that Avelin was going to be here naturally.

Was that why

“I see the Empire Moon.”

When she heard the ordinary greeting, the shock she received was much greater.

Anastasia, who was having a conversation with another debutante, at the sound of the voice she couldn’t forget, unknowingly stopped her words and hardened her body.

– Thump, pound, pound.

The moment she heard that voice, everything around her moved like slow motion.

The other’s voice became indistinctly muffled and slowed, and everything else around her seemed to stand still.

Anastasia struggled to turn herself around and finally she saw the face of the debutante who greeted her.

“Nice to meet you, Your Majesty.”


“Greetings to Her Majesty, Avelin of the Hazel family.”

She was sure it was her. 

Anastasia’s heart was now beating out of control as soon as she looked straight into Avelin’s face.

The lovely curving pink hair and the olive-colored eyes that seemed to capture the abundance of the field were all telling that it was definitely her.

‘You’re still… … lovely.’

Even when she first encountered her as a novel reader, when she first met her as the real woman of the oracle after she was possessed, until now.

It was all a consistent sentiment.

Avelin was a lovely person.

Perhaps the author wanted her to be the crystal of her loveliness, and not only her features but also her facial expressions made it like that.

Anyone who saw her found joy in her beauty.

As Melina once felt, if Anastasia possessed the elegance of a Goddess, Avelyn was born with the cuteness of a fairy.

“It is an honor to meet you here.

I really wanted to see you.”

“… really”


I had already heard enough of Your Majesty’s supreme beauty and good character before I even debuted in my social circle.”


Anastasia asked, raising the corners of her lips helplessly.

“Is that what you heard”

“You exceed my expectations.”

Avelin replied with a polite smile.

“You look more beautiful and good than I have ever heard from others.

The rumors were by no means exaggerated.”

“… Thank you for looking at me like that.”

Anastasia now had no idea what to say to her.

How long had she been thinking about this moment

But actually… … Once she met Avelin, she found it difficult to get the conversation going.

Her breath was choked and her head felt like a tangled mess.

Anastasia was well aware of the reason for this condition.


Anastasia struggled to swallow her dry saliva.

‘It’s really time to leave.’

Her use in the original was now over.

No matter how many times she was prepared for it, she was shocked when it came to reality.

However, Anastasia tried to smile as if nothing was wrong and ended a short conversation with Avelin.

“Please take good care of me in the future.”

The first debutantes heard it a lot, but no one noticed.

That Anastasia couldn’t put the usual phrase “as a member of the social circle” in front of it this time.

Maybe it was the same for Avelin who didn’t feel strange, Avelin replied with a smile when she heard that.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation, Your Majesty.”


‘Our Empress must be hungry.’

Meanwhile, Selene, with a cocktail in one hand and a plate of cheese and olives with a stick in one hand, was busy looking for Anastasia.

‘How hard it must be since you can’t move a step and just received greetings But if you eat this, you’ll gain strength, right’

When she thought of Anastasia taking a little rest drinking the cocktail she brought, a proud smile came to Selene’s mouth.

‘Oh, there she is!’

Then, finally, Anastasia came into Selene’s sight.

It was when the excited Selene was about to step up.

She could see someone smiling and talking across from Anastasia, hidden by others.

Selene thought that she was also one of the many debutantes who came to greet Anastasia, and continued to approach Anastasia.

‘… Huh’

But as she got closer and closer to Anastasia, Selene felt her body getting weird.

Her heart was beating fast, her breathing was hard, and she had a sudden headache.

At one point, even the hand holding the plate and glass was trembling.

Embarrassed by the unexpected situation, the pink-haired woman that had been talking to Anastasia withdrew in front of her.

 Selene was frozen on the spot, and she couldn’t take her eyes off the pink-haired woman, who stiffened and walked away from Anastasia.

 ‘… what’

 She felt very uncomfortable and gloomy.

For the first time in her life, Selene was terribly embarrassed by this foreign feeling.


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