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As soon as she heard Wilhelm’s voice next to her and turned her head, Anastasia had to face a rather embarrassing moment.

Anastasia’s eyes widened in surprise.

“… Your Majesty!”


“That, that…”

Seeing Wilhelm completely naked as he quickly unbuttoned the shirt he was wearing, Anastasia hurriedly swung her body around with her quickly heating face.

“Clothes, why… No, why don’t you call your servants and change…”

“I don’t want to be disturbed.

It’s just the two of us.”


“I don’t like people coming in.”

She was looking back, and she could feel his gaze.

Somehow she felt like he was smiling.

Anastasia grabbed her fast-beating chest and closed her eyes tightly.

“I… … I’m going to go wash up first.”

Anastasia called only Selene, who was outside, and ran into her bathroom.

‘… I’m glad I brought Selene.

I would have been in trouble.’

Unlike Anastasia, who sighed in relief inside, Selene chimed in front of Anastasia with a fluttering expression on her face.

“I am so excited that you are sharing the same room with His Majesty today! After all, it seems that a change in the environment is necessary for a change in the relationship.”

“… Selene.”

Anastasia calmly opened her mouth.

“You don’t need to fuss.

Nothing will happen tonight.”

“Yes But…”

Selene, who had a puzzled expression on her face, then asked with a “huh” sound.

“Have you not told him yet”


“Your Majesty, how long are you going to hide…!”


Anastasia interrupted Selene with a trembling voice.

“I will tell him.

It won’t be long.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to tell the Emperor and find a way quickly”

“So please wait.”

 Anastasia replied in a resigned voice.

“Wait a little longer.”

Until Avelin showed up… … There wasn’t even a full month left.

Just hold on a little longer.

a little bit.

 “So, watch your mouth.”

 Anastasia told Selene in a stern voice.

Selene still didn’t understand Anastasia, but she nodded her head as if there was no helping it.

“Nobody knows but me and the lady.

Don’t worry, Your Majesty.

I will be the only one attending the bath today.


“Your Majesty has no need to worry.

I’ll behave well.”

“… alright.”

Selene nodded once more with a grim expression and said.

“I’ll prepare you for a bath.”

Anastasia sighed briefly and then nodded her head.


After a brief bath, she went out, Wilhelm was already out.

With his slightly damp hair, he read a book in only a silk robe, and as he felt her stare, he turned to Anastasia.

Anastasia opened her mouth in a trembling voice when she saw his slightly exposed chest as soon as her eyes met him.

“You didn’t sleep first.”

“How can that be”

Wilhelm smiled low and closed the book he was reading.

“The person who will sleep with me hasn’t come yet.

That’s heartless.”

“… go to bed first.

My hair isn’t dry yet.”

“Can I dry you”

“Your Majesty”


Wilhelm motioned for Anastasia to come, and Anastasia hesitated before she approached him and sat down.

Wilhelm, who took the dry towel from Selene, began to gently touch Anastasia’s hair.

She fell asleep in a pleasant touch.

Her whole body relaxed, and the sleep that had been gently seeking her came over her.

Then Wilhelm asked in a low voice from behind.

“How is it Is it comfortable”

“Yes, you’re good.”

Anastasia, who answered quietly, suddenly asked.

“Who did you do this to”


Wilhelm, who did not understand the question for a moment, soon asked with a smile.

“Are you jealous”

“What jealousy…”

Anastasia closed her eyes and laughed low.

But after that, when no answer was heard, Anastasia asked again in a slightly bothered voice.

“Aren’t you going to answer me”

“I think it’s jealousy.”

“It’s not like that.

I’m just curious because you’re so skilled.”

Anastasia coyly excused herself.

“It’s usually not easy to be this good from the beginning.”

“How do you know such a thing”

The situation was reversed.

Wilhelm asked in a bothered voice.

“Whose hair have you dried first”

“If you’re curious, let’s share the answer.”

“Alright, I’ll go first.

I’m innocent.”

Wilhelm spoke in an imposing voice.

“Because my answer is you.”

“Are you sure”

“Of course.”

“But why are you so good”

“Isn’t it weirder not to be able to”

Wilhelm answered, tilting his head as if he did not understand Anastasia’s words.

“If you dry it carefully like a treasure, it’s not difficult at all.”


“Now, you tell me.

Who let you dry their hair awkwardly for the first time”

“I’m innocent, too.

It was Selene.”

Anastasia smiled and replied.

“My maid.”


At that moment, hearing the strangely reassured voice, Anastasia laughed silently once more.

“… you know, today.”

Then, Wilhelm changed the subject in a quiet voice.

“It was a lot of fun.

Because I was with you, I forgot all the thoughts that plagued my head, and I didn’t even know how much time went by.

It was like having a pleasant dream.”


“I wish I could continue to dream like that in the future.”

The hand still drying Anastasia’s hair did not stop, and after she finished speaking, he laughed for a moment before he asked Anastasia a question.

“How about you, today”

“… I.”

Anastasia licked her lips and barely spoke.

“Today, I also… … It was like a dream.”

In fact, she had been wishing, wishing, and wishing for this day alone for several days.

As she dreamt simulations over and over again several times, she thought that maybe the real time spent with him would be more boring than she imagined.


It wasn’t boring at all.

Every moment spent with him was as dazzling as a beautiful spark that shined and disappeared until the last moment.

It was the most brilliant and happiest night of her life during the one year she came back.

So much that she could say so for sure without even the slightest hesitation.

“I never imagined I’d spend this time with His Majesty.

It was really… nice.”

“I’m glad you were satisfied.”

He had a trembling smile on his face and spoke in a voice as warm as the hand drying her hair.

“Let’s come out more often in the future.

Just the two of us, together.”


Anastasia, unable to lie, remained silent.

Then she changed the subject.

“Because Your Majesty is drying my hair… … I feel so good.”


At those words, Wilhelm asked with a smile with a voice that seemed better.

“How much”


As she picked the right words, Anastasia smiled as if there was no better way to describe it than that, she confessed.

“I think it’ll be okay if I fall asleep like this forever.”

So there is no more sadness or pain, just relief with her future full of happiness.

Even if her whole story ended like this in his cozy arms.


Still, she thought it wouldn’t matter.


“… ah.”

At dawn, when the window outside suddenly turned blue, Anastasia opened her eyes with a small sound.

In her room, where only a small lamp was illuminating the darkness, Anastasia stared blankly at her ceiling for a while.

‘Yesterday… … How did I fall asleep’

Her memory was cut off as she was sitting, leaving her hair to Wilhelm.

She probably fell asleep there.


Anastasia quietly turned her head.

Immediately, she saw Wilhelm sleeping soundly next to her.


Anastasia kept her eyes on him for a long time.

As if it was the last time to see him, she stared at him as if she didn’t feel bored.

Then, at some point, she got up carefully so as not to wake up him, took the lamp without a sound, and went to the bathroom attached to the room.

– Click.

Anastasia’s anxiety, along with the sound of the door locking, also filled the air.

Anastasia, who had been holding her hand tight for a moment, took a deep breath and then she turned around.

The bathroom had a rather unusual structure with mirrors on the four sides, allowing Anastasia to see her own pale, tired face from different angles.

Before long, she unbuttoned her nightdress one by one, which Anastasia was wearing with her determined look.

As her breasts were barely exposed, Anastasia tightly closed her eyes and pulled the chest part of her dress down.


And how many seconds had passed Anastasia slowly opened her eyes with a prisoner’s mind waiting for punishment.


At the same time, a sigh came out of Anastasia’s mouth.

Anastasia stared at her clean shoulders without anything, and soon sank into the spot as if she had resigned to her fate.

Nothing changed.

Everything was just like that day.


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