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The moment he saw Anastasia exiting the banquet hall, Wilhelm knew intuitively that she was heading to the Empress’ Palace.

‘It looks like you’re going to change clothes.’

Then he didn’t have much time to do it either.

Wilhelm hastily went to the Central Palace and, with the help of several servants, hurriedly finished the transformation.

Designers stayed up all night for a few days and made the clothes they brought right before the banquet started, and the hair was naturally combed to create a look as unrefined as possible.


“What do you think, Colton”

Colton, who was looking seriously at Wilhelm’s appearance as he finished dressing, sighed deeply and shook his head.

It was when Wilhelm opened his eyes curiously at the strange reaction.

“It’s a big deal.”


Wilhelm asked casually.

“Are you troubled because my identity is not covered at all, even though I’ve even changed clothes”

Hearing that, Colton was startled and opened his mouth.

“… That’s true, I was going to say that.”

Colton said with a curious expression.

“Your Majesty is speaking on my behalf, so something is unlucky.”

“That’s true, but what”

Wilhelm smiled calmly.

“I wouldn’t know that.”

“It’s such a perfect excuse that it feels like a compulsion to say you don’t know.”

Colton, who frankly praised Wilhelm’s beauty, nodded.

“Anyway, I will send a message to the Empress’s Palace now.”

“No, don’t send it.”

“Yes Why”

To Colton’s curious question, Wilhelm answered by spraying the perfume on the desk twice.

“To surprise her.”

“… uh, well.”

Embarrassed, Colton was speechless for a moment, then concluded.

“You’re mean.”

… was he pranking him Was he always like this

Colton was awkward with Wilhelm’s uncharacteristic appearance and suddenly realized.

‘Yes, you were like that until three years ago.’

It felt like seeing him at the academy after a very long time.

As a longtime friend and servant, Colton was pleased with Wilhelm’s change, to be more precise, his return.

And the fact that it was all because of Anastasia was surprising and made him  grateful.

‘I never dreamed that she would make His Majesty like this.’

Seeing Wilhelm’s cute appearance after a long time, it was Colton who hoped that their relationship would continue to develop in the future.


When he arrived at the Empress’ Palace, fortunately, Anastasia was not yet ready.

Wilhelm hid his body behind the tallest pillar closest to Anastasia’s room, and waited for her to appear with his trembling heart.

And the moment he heard her footsteps approaching him-


Without hesitation, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

Naturally, he held her in his arms, and her sweet scent enveloped his body.

Closing his eyes for a moment, drunk by the scent, Wilhelm smiled and met Anastasia’s eyes.

“I’m here to pick you up.”

At the same time, he was perplexed.

‘… what.’

It was because there was an unexpected appearance.

‘… I knew she was pretty from the beginning.’

Even so, he didn’t know that she could be this beautiful even in a costume like a commoner.

As Selene expressed, Anastasia’s cuteness wasn’t covered by her clothes, so even a modest oatmeal-colored dress exuded a great sense of luxury as if it was made of precious fabric from across the water.

If it was put up for auction with the name of ‘the dress that Her Majesty the Empress wore on her first date with her Majesty the Emperor’, it was clear that it would break the highest price in the history of the auctions.

While Wilhelm couldn’t say anything, bewildered by her new beauty, Anastasia was actually keeping her mouth shut for the same reason.

‘Really… … How can you look good even in a costume’

Even though Anastasia had seen him in disguise quite a few times in her past life, she stared at him for a while, enchanted by his unspoiled splendor.

It was a beauty that she dared to say was the best.

‘… It’s always new no matter how many times I look at it.

It’s thrilling.’

To be honest, his beauty surprised Anastasia much more than his sudden appearance.

“That… … How are you…”

After a while, Anastasia first came to her senses and barely opened her mouth.

Like Anastasia, Wilhelm, who had been dazed from observing his opponent, regained his senses at those words and slowly opened his mouth.

“I said I came to pick you up.”

He said with a smile.

“I’m glad I’m not too late.”


“You’re beautiful today.”

Anastasia’s cheeks turned red at his sudden remark.

It was the same even though I heard it once from him at the beginning of the Foundation celebrations.

After a moment’s hesitation, she responded.

“… Your Majesty too.”


“Your Majesty is also handsome and cool, today.”

Upon hearing this, Wilhelm burst out laughing involuntarily.

‘… It feels good.’

It was a strange thing.

Wilhelm had already heard that from Anastasia once before in the banquet hall.

However, the two had different meanings.

It just felt like a greeting earlier, and he didn’t feel very impressed because he was the one that put as much effort into the three adornments as he could.

But now his heart raced as if he had received her heartfelt praise.

In fact, Anastasia was sincere in her compliments, whether before or now, but his acceptance of them differed largely due to the environment.

They were surrounded by people then, and now they were alone.

It was because she thought that now, she couldn’t say empty words to him.

“Then we’re beautiful and good-looking people.”

With the words, Wilhelm suddenly took Anastasia’s hand.

Even though he had already grabbed her wrist earlier, holding hands gave her another feeling.

Anastasia looked at Wilhelm with a still pounding heart.

His smiling expression as if this situation were truly enjoyable was seen in his eyes.

“Shall we go”

With pleasure, she nodded.


The first day of Foundation Day and the founding festival had the magic of getting even those who didn’t like noisy spaces swept into the atmosphere.

People were gathering like bees on the street and having a good time, and vendors who opened street stalls were loudly promoting what they were selling to raise sales.

It had been a very, very long time for both Anastasia and Wilhelm to experience this.

“Is there anything you want to do””

“Well, I don’t know.”

“You asked me to come out first.”

Wilhelm, who still held Anastasia’s hand, said unexpectedly.

“I thought you’d want to do something.”

“Spending time with Yout Majesty.”

With the unexpected answer, Wilhelm hesitated and stared at Anastasia.

She was staring at him with spotless clear eyes as if she meant it.

“I just wanted to be with you, regardless of what it was.”


“So I decided to leave what I’m going to do to today’s emotions.

I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no.

You don’t have to be sorry.”

A sudden remark followed by an unexpected apology.

Embarrassed, Wilhelm hurriedly opened his mouth.

“You don’t have to worry about anything.

I’ve been wandering for 4 years.”


“It means I will lead today.”

Wilhelm smiled with his trusty smile as if to say trust him, and Anastasia, who saw it, burst into laughter involuntarily.

“Then, today, I will do whatever Your Majesty tells me to do.

whatever it is.”

“You’re serious”


“Then I’ll have to fix this first, Asha.”

Anastasia’s expression quickly hardened at the sudden sound of her own nickname that came out of his mouth.

Without a moment for her to recover her expression, he continued as if to tell her to   copy him.



“You can call me that way here.

Unless we want to tell everyone here who we are.”

“… Alright.”

“Try it.”


However, despite his encouragement, Anastasia could not speak easily.

A few times she just wanted to give up, twitching her lips painfully.

She opened her mouth as if she had finally made up her mind.

  “… Will.”

“Well done.”

He stroked Anastasia’s hair with a happy expression.

It was an unconscious action, but it was so natural, and Anastasia quickly bit her lip in a burst of tears.

“Now, shall we go over there”

Fortunately he didn’t see her tears, and Anastasia struggled to nod her head with a brave expression.


Wilhelm took Anastasia to a crowded place.

Originally, there were many things to see in crowded places.

After all, the guards kept an eye on them, so Wilhelm was more unreserved and focused only on pleasing Anastasia as much as possible.


The effort paid off, and next to him, he could hear Anastasia’s small exclamation of exclamation.

She seemed to have no regard for herself as she was busy looking from place to place.

So he was a little upset, but seeing a face he had never seen before brought another joy to him.

‘I’ve never seen you so excited.’

Anastasia stared at the people on the street, and Wilhelm stared at Anastasia watching them..

How immersed was she that she couldn’t even feel his gaze.

He thought it was very cute.


At that moment, something caught Wilhelm’s eye.

‘…no way it’s in a place like this…’

But there was no harm in checking.

Wilhelm asked Anastasia.

“Shall we go over there for a second”

“That way”

Anastasia looked at where Wilhelm was pointing and replied with an innocent smile.

“Oh, I’m fine.

If you don’t mind…”

“Just a moment.

It’s because I want to check something.”

Wilhelm’s expression was so serious that Anastasia wondered for a moment and then nodded.


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