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1511 Absorb Fire Dragon Source, the Location of Emperor Qins Underworld Soldiers

“I want ten of those!”

Chu Kuangrens words left everyone speechless.

Even the Dragon Palace Ruler was enraged.

“What do you think the Dragon Source is! Its the Dragon Source of an Arch Gilded Immortal! How many Arch Gilded Immortals are there in the Immortal World!”

“Oh The Dragon Palace has been around since ancient times, yet you cant even give away ten Arch Gilded Dragon Sources, huh How many resources have you been keeping”

“After the Immortal World shattered and reformed, what kind of resources do you think are left”

“The Dragon Palace has a number of Arch Gilded Immortals, right Kill them and take their Dragon Source for me,” Chu Kuangren said.

His words shocked everyone again.

He must have lost his mind to say such things to the Dragon Palace Ruler.

“Chu Kuangren! Stop pushing the limits!”

The Dragon Palace Rulers pupils shrank and unleashed his mighty dragon aura once more.

“Haha, its just a joke.” Chu Kuangren chuckled.

He knew the Dragon Palace would not agree to his outrageous terms.

“But one Dragon Source for Long Xuans life It seems like your Matchless Prodigy isnt that valuable after all,” Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

He did not want to give up just yet.

After some serious consideration, the Dragon Palace Ruler revealed two more Dragon Sources and some other treasures as offerings.

“If these arent enough, the Dragon Palace will go to war with the Celestial Demon Tribe, even if it costs us our lives!”

“You dragons are not capable of that,” Chu Kuangren said.

He glanced at the offering before he kept them all in his Enchanted Sleeve.

Only then was Long Xuan released.

“Keep an eye on your Matchless Prodigy.

If he comes at me again, I hope you dragons can save him one more time.”

“That is none of your worries,” the Dragon Palace Ruler grunted and brought Long Xuan away.

A while later, the dark clouds scattered and the realm was freed of the majestic dragon aura.

Countless other sky-prides were still captivated by the battle and how Chu Kuangren blackmailed the Dragon Palace.

They looked at him with reverence and fear.

“So thats the person ranked first on the Immortal Ranking.” Chu Kuangren shook his head.

He waited at Five Ways Mountains for a few more days but no one seemed to answer his challenge anymore; he left.

The news of Chu Kuangren challenging the world, defeating Long Xuan, and blackmailing the Dragon Palace spread across the Immortal World like wildfire.

The whole Immortal World was astonished.

Everyone was talking about Chu Kuangren, his popularity beat even that of himself twenty years ago.

People started to wonder how much more powerful Chu Kuangren had been after coming out from the Bagua Furnace.

“Long Xuan is terrifyingly powerful.

After using the Dragons Raging Scale and with the protection of the Four Seas Scale Armor, a common Arch Gilded couldnt even kill him within a few blows.

Chu Kuangren was able to beat him with his bare hands and was unscathed.

His power is to be reckoned with.”

Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist said to Cloudy Deity Divine Daoist, who had just escaped death at Five Ways Mountain.

“He is really a monster.

His cultivation might have already reached the peak of Gilded Immortal, and probably one step shy from manifesting the Immortals Core flower,” Cloudy Deity Divine Daoist said.


His cultivation base is not the most terrifying aspect…” Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist said.

“The most terrifying aspect of Chu Kuangren is his physical body!” Xuanyuans successor said.

Despite being at Human Emperor Sect, he too watched the battle at Five Ways Mountain closely.

He noticed Chu Kuangrens indestructible physical body.

“Indeed.” Zhuanxus successor nodded.

“Not even Long Xuan can break his body.

Legend has it that the Ape Forefather cultivated the Indestructible Body inside the furnace.

Had he done the same”

“Even if he is not yet on the same level as the Ape Forefather, hes near.

Theres Arch Gilded intent on his physical body!”

Xuanyuans successor took a deep breath but failed to conceal the fear he had for Chu Kuangren in his eyes.

“To fight him, one must first break his body.

Otherwise, no offensive method would work.”

When one fought against Chu Kuangren using cultivation level, Immortal Technique, or even divine abilities and finally saw a glimpse of hope of winning, the attack landed perfectly.

However, due to the toughness of his body, it did no damage.

It would definitely send one into despair.

Shi Tianxuan of the Demon Kingdom was also thinking of a way to deal with Chu Kuangren.

“Its not enough just by breaking his body.

The physical body with the Arch Gilded intent is vigorous, it even has the magical effect of rejuvenation and healing.

Its difficult to destroy his body.

“Theres a secret technique in the Demonic Dao that allows the user to melt and devour ones bones and blood.

Its effective against cultivators with a tough bodies.

It seems like I have to cultivate it now.”

There were less than a handful of Arch Gilded Immortals who cultivated the physical body to the same realm.

Therefore, many cultivators were inexperienced in dealing with someone like Chu Kuangren who has a tough body.

Fortunately, the ancient factions managed to find a couple of solutions to deal with the situation.

Chu Kuangren had no idea that the top Prodigies, or Matchless Prodigies, were thinking of a way to deal with his physical body, and even if he knew, he would not care.

He was in a certain cave refining the Fire Dragon Source he got from the Dragon Palace Ruler.

The Dragon Source bore the element of fire, and the Drought Demon True Body he possessed could absorb all fire in the world to enhance his own body.

The fire energy contained in the Dragon Source would certainly benefit him well.

As he absorbed the Fire Dragon Source into his body, faint Daoist patterns started to appear on his skin.

Arch Gilded intents filled the Daoist patterns and it got more pronounced compared to when he just came out from the Bagua Furnace.

The Arch Gildeds physical body was categorized into several stages — early stage, middle stage, late stage, and peak stage.

He was at the early stage before he absorbed the Fire Dragon Source, and after refining it, he took a big leap toward the middle stage.

“There are only less than a handful of Arch Gilded Immortals who cultivated the physical body.

Those with the strongest close-combat capabilities in this universe would be the cultivators from the ancient Jiangshi Restricted Area.”

There were Restricted Areas in this universe.

The Violet Eye clan that Chu Kuangren met before was a subsidiary of the Soul Restricted Area.

The Hellish Bird, Yu Xiao, was also from the Subspecies Restricted Area.

As for the Jiangshi Restricted Area, as its name suggested, it was where Jiangshi was.

The Jiangshi clan was one of the tribes that focused on cultivating the body.

It was said that the king of the Jiangshi clan was known as the Undecaying Bone, meaning its body could never decay, which fueled its strength.

The Drought Demon True Body that Chu Kuangren possessed was actually an inherited technique from an ancient Jiangshi King, Drought Demon.

“The Restricted Area seems interesting.

Maybe I can visit it if I have a chance,” Chu Kuangren muttered.

The Restricted Areas were ominous lands throughout the universe.

Only a handful of people could go in and come back alive.

With the Celestial Demon Tribe supporting him and being a supreme Prodigy, he could enter the Restricted Area at will.

Even the Restricted Areas were afraid of the Celestial Demon Tribe.

“But Im more interested in this thing than the Restricted Area.”

Chu Kuangren revealed an ancient painting scroll.

He got the scroll from Qin Tianya after killing the latter.

The scroll had countless mountains and rivers painted on it.

They seemed to be painted in a random order, but they actually followed a hidden pattern.

It was actually a map that pointed to Emperor Qins Underworld Soldiers from ancient times!

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