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1510 What a Pity Dragon, Blackmailing the Dragon Palace, I Want Ten

Deafening explosions went off in succession as punches collided with punches.

After using the Dragons Raging Scale, Long Xuans combat capabilities surged to a terrifying level.

Each move he performed started to contain a hint of Arch Gilded intent.

He had already reached the threshold of the Arch Gilded Realm!

Despite his opponent getting stronger, Chu Kuangren continued to fight without the slightest hint of retreating.

His physical body strength continued to grow stronger as well.

Each punch and kick contained power that could shake galaxies.

On top of that, as the battle continued, Chu Kuangrens blood and qi energy from his physical body rose sharply.

His physical body started to exude a hint of Arch Gilded intent as well.

Arch Gilded intent of the physical body! It was much stronger and much more complete than Long Xuans own intent.


Long Xuan dished out another claw strike but Chu Kuangren caught it and countered with a punch to his chest.

The Half Dragon was sent flying away by the punch.

Before he could react, Chu Kuangren appeared right in front of him again and performed a series of close-combat techniques skillfully.

In a few short breaths, Long Xuan had sustained countless attacks.

Had he lost his Dragon qi and the Four Seas Scale Armor, even though he was a Black Dragon, he would have been pounded into a pile of meat paste.

Under Chu Kuangrens furious attacks, Long Xuans Four Seas Scale Armor started to weaken.


Long Xuan was blasted away once more with blood gushing out from his mouth.

Despite having the Four Seas Scale Armor, it did not stand well against Chu Kuangrens fury, and the repercussion from the armor left him with some serious injuries.

“No! If this continues, even if I have the Four Seas Scale Armor, I will be killed by his punches!”

Long Xuan clenched his teeth as an outrageous thought rushed into his mind.


It was the first time he had such a thought in his mind ever since he announced his presence to the world, which severely impacted his pride.

Unfortunately, his instinct to survive overpowered his pride and it tried to pull him away from the battle.

He transformed into a streak of black light and fled.

“Run Youre too naive.”

Chu Kuangren stomped forward and countless silver-white Daoist patterns expanded from his foot.

Spacetime Sealing Technique!

The powerful Spacetime Sealing Technique put Long Xuan in an imaginary swamp, slowing down all his movements.

Chu Kuangren appeared before him once more and kicked him right in the chest, sending him back to the ground and following up with another stomp on his chest.

“Chu Kuangren!”

Enraged, Long Xuans expression turned grave.

The insult and embarrassment almost drove him mad.

He was known as the Peerless Prodigy, yet he was being stomped on the ground!

The insult was unprecedented!

Not only the Black Dragon himself, even the great ones from the Dragon Palace, who had been watching the fight, were deeply insulted.

Long Xuan was the crown prince, hence he was considered the face of the Dragon Palace.

Now that the Dragon Palaces face was stomped to the ground, how could they, the great ones, be okay with it

“This is insulting! Insulting!”

A great one from the Dragon Palace reacted grimly, his eyes bloodshot.

Then, Chu Kuangren did something that enraged them even more.

With his leg lifted, Chu Kuangren stomped Long Xuans chest repeatedly.

The explosive and vast energy of his physical body shook the land with every stomp.

Long Xuan cried out in pain with every stomp, leaving him in the most wretched state possible.

Countless sky-prides saw the scene as well, and it left them with chills down their spine.

The Black Dragon that they once thought of as a legend was being stomped by Chu Kuangren mercilessly.

They felt like their hearts were being stomped as well.

“The person ranked first on the Immortal Ranking is not Chu Kuangrens match as well!”

“They are not even equally matched! Its one-sided! Long Xuang was obliterated!”

Everyone exclaimed as they watched Long Xuan in his wretched state.

What a pity Black Dragon.

He gained endless glory and fame for the past twenty years, but he was defeated terribly by Chu Kuangren.

How glorified was his life before, then how terrible he was now.

“Chu Kuangren has definitely pissed off the Dragon Palace!”


Long Xuan is their Crown Prince, yet he was ravaged by Chu Kuangren to this extent.

He practically ripped the Dragon Palaces face into shreds!”

“Is Chu Kuangren trying to stomp Long Xuan to death!”

The thought left many sky-prides in shock, their eyes shrank in fear as they looked at Chu Kuangren like a devil.

Many sky-prides somehow reached a tacit agreement at this moment, which was to never offend Chu Kuangren regardless of the situation.

Chu Kuangren was even more monstrous than a real monster!

“The armor on you is quite tough,” Chu Kuangren said indifferently as he looked at Long Xuan under his foot.

Long Xuan might be spewing blood ceaselessly, but he did not show signs of passing out.

As expected of an Embodier Artifact, its defense was unmatched.

Chu Kuangren stomped more than a dozen times, but Long Xuan was still alive.

“But how many more times can you withstand” Chu Kuangren grinned mischievously as if he was a devil teasing Long Xuan.

Long Xuan felt a deep regret.

He should have listened to his father and the elders to not simply challenged Chu Kuangren.

While Chu Kuangren wanted to continue stomping, a blast of Arch Gilded intent flooded the air.

As dark clouds filled the sky, a golden dragon emerged.

The massive dragons head shadowed the sun and its eyes carried an unmatched aura.

Any sky-pride and Prodigy would tremble before the pair of majestic dragon eyes.

The dragon was not on the same level as the sky-prides or Prodigies.


Long Xuan was delighted to see the dragon.

With a hopeful tone, he cried, “Save me!”

The golden dragons gaze suddenly looked sympathetic.

Long Xuan had always been a proud dragon.

This would be the first time ever he asked his father for help, which stated how much of an insult and trauma he had suffered from the battle.

The golden dragon thought by challenging Chu Kuangren, his son would be able to learn the meaning of defeat and tone down his arrogance.

However, the defeat seemed to be too great to bear.

“Chu Kuangren, release my son!”

The golden dragon, who was the Dragon Palace Ruler, said coldly.

His dragon aura instantly filled the realm as his voice echoed.

“Oh Is this how the Dragon Palace asks for something” Chu Kuangren said calmly with his foot on Long Xuans chest.

There was no sign of him lifting his foot.

“What do you want” the Dragon Palace Ruler asked as he retracted the mighty dragon aura.

“Its not what I want.

It is about how much sincerity the Dragon Palace is willing to show in order for me to release this Crown Prince,” Chu Kuangren said.

“Are you blackmailing us”

“Blackmailing Thats some kind words you have there.

I didnt know you took me as a merciful person.”

Chu Kuangren shook his head and stepped harder on Long Xuans chest, causing him to cry in pain.

“Chu Kuangren, you–”

“Dragon Palace Ruler, I have limited patience.

If you are unable to show your sincerity, then the Dragon Palace is going to lose a Peerless Prodigy.”

The Dragon Palace Ruler trembled when he heard Chu Kuangrens threats.

It was the first time anyone had ever threatened the Dragon Palace and to that extent.

Unfortunately, the Dragon Palace Ruler could not do anything about it either.

Twenty years ago, the finger energy from the universe showed everyone how terrifying the Celestial Demon Tribe could be.

The Dragon Palace was a formidable force in the Immortal World, but even they dared not face such power from the Celestial Demon Tribe.

Chu Kuangren was a Heavenly Champion and had the support of the Celestial Demon Tribe.

The Dragon Palace dared not even target him specifically, and the only way to save Long Xuan was to compromise.

After some serious consideration, the Dragon Palace Ruler revealed a fiery red orb.

“This is a Dragon Source.

It can help you raise your cultivation level.”

Chu Kuangren looked at the Dragon Source and told Lil Ai to analyze it.

The Fire Dragon Source, an orb that contained the power of Arch Gilded Realm.

It was a decent item that could be used to further temper his Drought Demon True Body.

“Not bad, but its not enough.

I want ten of the Dragon Source.”

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