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Back at the Luo clans premise, the Wang and Lin clans invasion put the entire clan into a desperate situation.

The Luo clan was already ranked the last of the Eight Golden clans and could barely handle another clans invasion, let alone two together.

It was one of the reasons why the Wang and Lin clans decided to pick on them first.

They were the easiest target out of the eight.


Further away, a figure flew out from the Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realms spatial crack — it was Luo Yan.

She returned home to see armies from both Wang and Lin clans marching closer to their gates, surrounding them from every direction.

Shocked, she asked, “What is going on”

“Luo Yan! Youre back! Wheres Luo Yifeng and the others”

The Luo Clan Leader felt a little conflicted about her return because of the untimely invasion happening.

She might have to face a bitter fate together with all of them.

“Its a long story.

Father, whats going on”

The expression on Luo Yans face shifted multiple times between anxiety and worry when she saw the armies marching closer.

Even if she missed the details, her guts told her that the Luo clan was facing a never before seen crisis, and things were not looking good.


The Luo Clan Leader sighed and briefly informed his daughter what happened.

The expression on Luo Yans face turned grim when she finally learned what happened.

The Luo clan was being forced against their will again.

Previously, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist forced Luo Yan to become his slave, but she refused, hence a group of disciples died because of it.

Now, the Wang and Lin clans wanted the Luo clan to surrender, but they refused, hence the impending war.

Both Luo Yang and her clan were so weak that they could not, or had no right to, control their own fate.

The thought made her angry and dissatisfied.

“Lets cut the reunion short.

Luo Clan Leader, are you going to surrender and let us set up the restriction seals, or die trying to uphold your dignity Speak your choice!”

The Wang Clan Leader stood in the sky with a golden armor that shone brightly across the field, complementing his already dominating aura.

Behind him was the army from both clans, all flashing a contemptuous grin at their opponent.

People from the Luo clan were thick with grief and anger.

“Let you plan the restriction seals and enslave us Dream on!”

“Yeah! We will never surrender!”

“Even if it costs us our lives!”

The Luo clans disciples furiously retorted at their enemies.

“It seems like we must do this the hard way,” the Wang Clan Leader grunted coldly.

As his hand rose into the air, his domineering Immortals Core energy gushed and spread across the land.

The army behind him was ready for war.

All they were waiting for was an order from their leader, and they would charge into the enemys front line.

“Lin clan, on my mark!” The Lin Clan Leader was also ready to lead the siege.

The faces of the Luo Clan Leader and his people were grim as they worried they might not last long in the battle.

Amidst the tense situation, a figure walked out from the Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realms spatial crack, carrying a boundless and powerful aura that swept across the land.

Everyone who sensed the rampant energy presence turned their attention to the spatial crack.

A transcendental figure in white robes walked out from the crack with a few beautiful female cultivators behind him.

“Woah! What a party!” Chu Kuangren chuckled when he saw the armies from three different clans ready to fight.

He had a quick glance at the Luo clans situation and swiftly got a general idea of the situation.

“Chu Kuangren!”

The Wang Clan Leaders expression changed when he saw Chu Kuangren, and so did the Lin Clan Leaders expression.

However, the Lin Clan Leader quickly put his heavy expression away and replaced it with a casual smile.

He feigned a friendly and attentive tone as he said, “I didnt know Master Chu was inside the Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realm as well.

What a surprise.

Has Master Chu secured any spoils”

Him calling Chu KuangrenMaster was a sign that he was willing to show respect, which shocked the people of the Lin Clan Leader.

“Not bad,” Chu Kuangren said.

Collecting the Nine Province Cauldrons alone was worth the trip.

“Oh, I see.

Congratulations, Master Chu.

The Wang clan and us are still in the middle of our affair.

Please be safe on your way out.”

“Who said I am leaving” Chu Kuangren said.

His words sank both the Lin and Wang Clan Leaders hearts.

“What do you mean by that, Master Chu”

“My friends and I have found a number of items inside, and we need a place to refine them.

The Luo clans premise seems to be a good place as its quiet and peaceful.

Im planning to stay here for a few days.”

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