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Yu Zhi slowly walked out of the Immortal Sparks.

She had porcelain skin, and her golden jade-like Immortal body was covered with dazzling and mysterious Daoist patterns.

However, another miraculous scene emerged in the next instance.

A white lotus rose from under her feet.

It had twelve petals, and each petal was densely covered with Daoist patterns containing a vast might.

Upon seeing the white lotus, Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes.

“This white lotus is one of the Four Innate Lotuses, the White Purification Lotus!”

Each of the Four Innate Lotuses was an Innate Source Supreme Treasure.

Chu Kuangren possessed the Black Annihilation Lotus while Yu Zhi possessed the White Purification Lotus!

“I didnt expect the West Ruler Matriarch to leave such a treasure behind.

Interesting,” Chu Kuangren mumbled.

He looked at the white lotus with flickering eyes and wondered if he should grab it.

He was not very close with Yu Zhi, so he would not feel guilty for grabbing her treasure.

However, he eventually gave up the idea after pondering it for a while.

Although the White Purification Lotus was good, his Black Annihilation Lotus was not bad either.

As such, there was no need for him to become enemies with Yu Zhi for it.

Perhaps, like Ye Zhu and others, she would be his support in the future.

Whether it was the Void Egg or the Immortal Hall, he required allies to deal with those existences.

“It looks like she has succeeded.”

The Nine Heavens Deity glanced at Yu Zhi and smiled.

After that, Chu Kuangren and Qing Feng walked into the palace.

As soon as they entered the palace, Chu Kuangren noticed two bronze cauldrons in front of the statue.

Those cauldrons also seemed to have sensed him, and they were the main reason that attracted him here.

“The last two of the Nine Province Cauldrons!”

Chu Kuangrens eyes lit up.

He had seven of the Nine Province Cauldrons, and the ones before him now happened to be the last two.

As if sensing Chu Kuangrens arrival, the two of the Nine Province Cauldrons trembled before turning into two streams of light and entering his body.

The Nine Heavens Deity was surprised.

“Are you the Human Emperor!”


Chu Kuangren nodded.


I cant believe that you possess the Human Emperors fate too.” The Nine Heavens Deity lamented.

“Theres more than that…” Qing Feng murmured at the side and looked at Chu Kuangren, with runes flashing in her lapis lazuli-like eyes.

She was observing Chu Kuangren with her Azure Phoenixs Eye.

She could see nine golden-yellow dragon qis circulating Chu Kuangrens body.

As the dragon qis soared into the sky, Chu Kuangren looked as noble as a peerless grand emperor!

It was the Human Emperors fate!

Under the Human Emperors fate, she noticed something more advanced.

It was a non-existent destiny.

She knew very well that although Chu Kuangren had inherited the Human Emperors fate, he was still one with a non-existent destiny — a non-existent destiny that could not be seen without entering the long river of fate!

“Brother Chu!”

At that moment, a surprised voice sounded.

Yu Zhi approached Chu Kuangren with overwhelming joy in her eyes.

Chu Kuangren was slightly taken aback.

Since when was he so close to Yu Zhi

She was displaying a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement to him.

“Miss Yu Zhi, long time no see.”

Chu Kuangren smiled faintly.

“Without you, I couldnt have successfully refined the Jade Nectar and got the white lotus to recognize me as its master.

Thank you so much.”

Yu Zhi may have been busy refining the Jade Nectar, but she could still sense the incidents happening in the outside world.

“Dont mention it.”

Soon after, Iceworm Ru Xue and Shi Ying entered the palace too.

“Since there are still some Opportunities of Fortune in this palace, I may as well give them to you all,” the Nine Heavens Deity said with a smile.

She appreciated Chu Kuangrens help and did not mind giving him a favor as a reward.

“All of you may go ahead and get them,” Chu Kuangren said while looking at the Iceworm Ru Xue and Shi Ying.


With that, the two women went forward to look for the Opportunities of Fortune, and the rest of the sky-prides left sadly after looking at each other.

With Chu Kuangren around, they had no chance of getting any of the Opportunities of Fortune.

In the meantime, Chu Kuangren reminisced with Qing Feng and Yu Zhi.

He learned from Qing Feng that after the Immortal World merged, the original Sycamore Mountain was integrated into the jurisdiction of the Phoenixs Nest.

As the Godly Phoenixs strange Azure Phoenix, Qing Feng was treated with high respect.

On top of her gradually developing Azure Phoenix bloodline, her status in the Phoenixs Nest was no lower and might be even better than all Phoenix Bachelors and Phoenix Maidens.

The Azure Phoenixs Eye could see into the delusions and peep into the long river of fate.

To the Pheonixs Nest, every Azure Phoenix was equivalent to a prophet.

“Hows Chu Hong doing”

Qing Feng asked about Chu Hong.

“Shes doing very well.

She has gotten a lot of Opportunities of Fortune from the Heavenly Dao Spires, and shes now in a closed-door meditation,” Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

“Thats great.”

After reminiscing, Shi Ying and Iceworm Ru Xue returned joyfully.

One could tell from their faces that they had found themselves huge gains.

“Its good to have you all in this era.”

At that moment, the Nine Heavens Deity looked at Chu Kuangren with a sense of relief in her eyes.

Then, her figure gradually dissipated.

“Senior…” Yu Zhi looked at her and took a deep breath.

“Thank you, Senior.”

“This is your destiny.

Theres no need to thank me.”

The Nine Heavens Deity smiled before looking at Chu Kuangren meaningfully.

“Young Junior, you have a great mission to complete.

I look forward to seeing you grow.”

“Take care, Senior,”

Chu Kuangren bowed at her.

“Perhaps we may meet again.”

The Nine Heavens Deity disappeared after leaving an unexplainable statement.

“Do these old antiques like talking in riddles” Chu Kuangren shook his head and chuckled.

“Well, she said there was a calamity in the ancient Immortal times but refused to say what kind of calamity it was.

She said we would know when we get to a certain realm.”

Yu Zhi was also quite helpless.

However, the statement certainly piqued some interest in Chu Kuangren.

A calamity

He thought of the Void Egg, which Xu Wu said would have a huge impact on the universe.

Could that be the calamity that the Nine Heavens Deity mentioned

Or perhaps, did she mean something else

Well, it was useless for Chu Kuangren to think too much about it as he would eventually figure it out one day.

Now, he had to improve himself as much as possible.

“Ive done exploring the Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realm, and its time for me to leave,” said Chu Kuangren.

The women nodded and planned to leave together with Chu Kuangren.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, the Luo clan was facing an unprecedented catastrophe!

“Wang Clan Leader and Lin Clan Leader, do both of you really want to do this”

The Luo Clan Leader looked at the two Gilded Immortals, whose cultivations were not lower than his, and said with a stern gaze.

“The Feng clan is currently annexing the Long clan, and one day, the rest of the Eight Golden clans will be in trouble.

To resist the Feng clan, we, the Wang and Lin clans need to improve our strength as soon as possible.

Since the Luo clan is also one of the Eight Golden clans, our strength will definitely increase tremendously if we annex you,” a middle-aged man in golden armor said.

He was the Wang Clan Leader.

“If you want, the Luo clan can ally with you all to fight against the Feng clan,” said the Luo Clan Leader.

“Theres no need.

It will be difficult to divide interests if there are too many allies,” the Lin Clan Leader in a blue robe said.

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