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The fierce battle between the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist and Chu Kuangren was still ongoing.

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist had broken through to the threshold of the Gilded Immortal Realm by utilizing the Damage-reversing Technique, and his combat strength was horrifying.

His Black Hole Celestial Demon Physiques might was completely different from before.

However, Chu Kuangren also resisted using the Black Hole Celestial Demon Physique, and the two black hole energies collided!

Chu Kuangren, unfortunately, fell into a disadvantageous position.

“Chu Kuangren, I must defeat you, the Celestial Demon King, with my Celestial Demon Physique today.

Lets see if you can still call yourself the Celestial Demon King!” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said loudly.

Following the burning of his life essence, his gaze became more frantic.

By then, his survival was no longer his top priority.

He wanted to kill Chu Kuangren to prove that that was all there was to the Celestial Demon King.

“How pathetic of you.”

Chu Kuangren said while shaking his head, “Youve sacrificed everything, yet you still cant hurt me.

Youre pathetic!”

At that, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoists face darkened.

Although he had become more powerful and had even broken through to the Gilded Immortal Realm, Chu Kuangren remained unscathed!

How was that possible

He had risked his life, yet why could he not hurt Chu Kuangren

“Since youre about to die, I shall let you taste the Celestial Demon Kings power!”

Chu Kuangrens gaze turned cold, and in the next instant, a crown emerged above his head.

Then, the overwhelming Celestial Demon aura spread out and shook the universe!

It was the Celestial Demon Crown!

At that moment, Chu Kuangren was like an ancient Celestial Demon who had walked out from the chaos.

His domineering aura nearly suffocated all sky-prides at the scene.

It was frightening and shocking how that particular space was trembling insanely because of Chu Kuangren.

Even the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist was trembling, and a sense of surrender emerged in his heart.

The Celestial Demon King was the king of all Celestial Demon Physiques!

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist was no exception to it as well.


“Im now in the Gilded Immortal Realm, and my cultivation is more powerful than yours.

I refuse to believe I cant kill you!”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist yelled furiously, “Black Hole, Supreme Disintegration!”

Soon after, the most powerful Celestial Demon Physiques divine ability erupted with a loud bang!

The Celestial Demon Crown on Chu Kuangrens head sparkled, lighting up the universe with its Immortal Sparks.

Then, he said indifferently, “Its not like Ive never killed a Gilded Immortal before!”

As he raised his hands, a frightening black whirlpool formed out of thin air.

It was the Black Hole Celestial Demon Physiques divine ability, the Great Black Hole Disintegration!

As the two black holes collided, the earths plates shifted, and everything in the surroundings started to change.

The mountains and rivers shook in all directions!

Trees, rocks, beasts…

Countless beings twisted and shattered under the terrifying energy field of the black holes collision!

The space within a thousand-kilometer radius almost turned into nothing!

Only the enchanted boundary that the Nine Heavens Deity cast was still holding up.

The rest of the sky-prides had also started casting various techniques to resist the energy.

Fortunately, they survived after seeing the situation earlier and retreating for some distance.

If they were close to the impact, they would surely die even if they were sky-prides.

“The black hole energy is undoubtedly one of the most horrifying energies in the universe.

Its too frightening.”


They both are monsters!”

“Chu Kuangren is the greatest monster between the two.

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist has risked his life, yet he still cant hurt Chu Kuangren.

Does Chu Kuangrens strength have a limit!”

The crowd was discussing fearfully while looking at the black holes further away.


At that moment, a figure was sent flying backward into the void while spitting out a mouthful of blood.

His Immortal body was shattered, and his aura was weak.

“Its the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist!”

“Hes defeated!”

Someone could not help but exclaim.

Although the crowd was astonished, they did not find it unbelievable.

They wondered if anyone in the young generation could be Chu Kuangrens opponent.


“W-Why are you so powerful Why am I still not your opponent even though Ive broken through to the Gilded Immortal Realm!” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist roared frantically while looking at Chu Kuangren.

However, with the Celestial Demon Crown on his head, Chu Kuangrens expression was indifferent.

“Ive killed a real Gilded Immortal before, so whats a Gilded Immortal who has been forced to strengthen through a secret technique to me”

“I-Impossible!” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist kept mumbling.

He was having a mental breakdown!

Having come from the Immortal Hall, his cultivation journey had been smooth, and he had never encountered any obstacle until he met Chu Kuangren.

Since then, not only had he been humiliated continuously, but he also failed to hurt Chu Kuangren even when he was about to die!

However, Chu Kuangren did not show sympathy to the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist.

He raised his hands, and a surge of horrifying black hole energy erupted, shrouding the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist!


With his life essence almost burned out, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoists cultivation level was no longer in the Gilded Immortal Realm.

In the fact of such energy, he could not resist anymore, and the black hole energy crushed him into a cloud of blood mist!

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist had fallen!

Then, everyone saw a pounding heart in the air.

It was the Celestial Demon Heart that Chu Kuangren intentionally retained as he wanted it for other purposes.

Other than that, there was also a large pitch-black seal.

It was the Mountain Ghoul Divine Seal, which was the Mountain Ghoul Houses treasure and an Embodier Immortal Weapon.

Chu Kuangren kept the Celestial Demon Heart and wanted to grab the Mountain Ghoul Divine Seal.

However, a huge hand emerged from deep within the void to grab the Mountain Ghoul Divine Seal and took it away.

It happened so fast that Chu Kuangren could not react in time.

Moreover, he felt that he probably could not stop the act even if he reacted,

“The East Sovereign Immortal Halls great one has acted to take away the divine seal.”

Chu Kuangren immediately guessed it out in his heart.

“Judging from the aura, the person that acted should be a top-notched Arch Gilded Immortal elite.”

Lil Ais voice resounded in his mind.

Chu Kuangren nodded.

An Embodier Immortal Weapon was precious to the historical Immortal Hall.

After all, an Embodier great one was extremely rare to find in the current era.

The Embodier Immortal Weapon contained the Dao principles of the Embodier Realm, and to a certain extent, it was equivalent to having an Embodier great one.

Therefore, they would not sit by and watch such a thing fall into Chu Kuangrens hands.

However, Chu Kuangren did not care about that as well.

It was merely an Embodier Immortal Weapon, which he already had some of them.

He even had the Innate Source Supreme Treasure, and it was more precious than the Embodier Immortal Weapon.

Once his Pocket Universe was fully developed, the Innate Source Supreme Treasure in it could also breed a bunch of those treasures.

With that, Chu Kuangren ignored the matter.

At that moment, in the palace not far away, golden Immortal Sparks rose into the sky.

Daoist chimes rang, and a golden lotus blossomed.

A slender figure stepped out of the Immortal Sparks with a surging Immortals Core that shocked the universe!

It was Yu Zhi!

She had porcelain skin, and the blood vessels under her skin were like golden veins and chalcedony; they were extremely mysterious.

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes.

“This aura… Its Golden Jade Pool Physique!”

He had once cultivated the Jade Pool Immortal Scripture and knew about the Supreme Immortal Physique recorded in the Immortals Scripture.

However, the Immortal Scripture that he had cultivated was an incomplete version, and there was no cultivation method for the Immortal Physique.

However, things were different for Yu Zhi.

She possessed the West Ruler Matriarchs inheritance, so it was not surprising that she had the Immortal Physiques cultivation method.

On top of that, she had successfully cultivated the Immortal Physique.


It looks like Im about to obtain another Supreme Immortal Physique.”

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