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Transmigrated as a Ghost Chapter 3 - 2 Arriving On Mirrion

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After being told to enjoy my new life, I am suddenly surrounded by a bright light and everything becomes a blur. I feel like I am moving at an incredible speed and then I see it. A huge planet full of vibrant colors comes into view.

'I guess that must be Mirrion, it definitely looks huge in comparison to earth.'

In that brief moment where everything was still, I was able to get a good look at Mirrion seeing dozens of continents one which looked completely purple and vast oceans that could swallow the entirety of my former world.

Then the moment was over, and I began hurtling towards the surface of Mirrion at an incredible pace.

'Oh, ** are they going to smash me right into the surface was this all just some sick game and they are going to kill me again right away.'

Thankfully when I hit the surface there was no huge ker splat and I appeared to be perfectly fine.

I look around to get my bearings and notice that I am on a road that cuts through the middle of a lush forest.

'Well, if there's a road there must be civilization not too far from where I am, at least they did not drop me in the absolute middle of nowhere.'

I then I check out my new body which seems to be exactly like my old one except that I have some new clothes. Instead of the clothes I died in I am now wearing a light-colored shirt that's almost white maybe beige, some black pants, and some brown leather shoes.

'Now that I've checked out my physical person lets take a look at my status and see what cool ability I was given as well what type of blessing I got.'

'Okay here goes nothing STATUS!'

Name: Marcus Ferrous

Age: 28

Race: Unbound Ghost

Level: 1

HP: 150/150

MP: 140/140

STR: –

AGL: 12

VIT: –

INT: 14

SPR: 15

Stat Points: 0

Skill Points: 0

Unique Skills: Personal Status

Skills: Small Item Box

Blessing of Iron

Race Abilities: Invisible, Ethereal, Chill Zone, Float, Possession, Undying

Specter Powers: Ghost Sounds Level 1

'Wait what the **. Unbound Ghost, level 1 what the hell is going on here. I thought I was supposed to be a human and I'd get to start off with at least some levels. Where is the special ability that I asked for, I certainly did not ask to be turned into a **ing ghost. This is bull** that system administrator or whatever must be **ing with me. Do you think that this sick joke is funny I bet your laughing your ass off right about now. You better hope I never find you or I'm going to wring your neck.'

After Marcus cursed out the system administrator for a few more minutes he finally decided to look at his status again and check out the particulars of his abilities.

'Whatever complaining hasn't gotten me anything, so I'll just have to deal with it. I traded 39 levels for being a ghost, so the powers have to be good right. Let's check out the description of my race maybe it has some cool secrets that I have yet to uncovered.'

Unbound Ghost is a unique race that has never existed before on Mirrion. As a Ghost this race has no physical body leaving it without a STR/strength or VIT/vitality score with HP being determined by their SPR/Spirt stat instead. An Unbound Ghost unlike other ghosts is not bound to a place or goal or has an affinity for light or darkness. This Unique race is completely neutral and free to follow its own desires.

'Hm so I'm some sort of completely new race that has never existed before I guess that's cool still not happy about being a ghost but at least I'm not stuck on this dirt road for all eternity.'

'I have a pretty good idea what the stats do but I might as well check them out to make sure that they don't do anything special.'

STR/Strength is the measure of one's physical might, AGL/agility is the measure of one's ability to move quickly and efficiently, VIT/Vitality is the measure of one's hardness and endurance and determines the amount of HP one has, INT/Intelligence is the measure of one's ability to learn, apply, remember knowledge, and determines MP, and SPR/Spirit is the measure of one's strength of soul, ability to resist mental effects, and increase the power of magical abilities.

'Okay pretty standard the stats all do pretty much what I expected. Next let's check out the blessing I got, hopefully its really powerful.'

Blessing of Iron gives the holder increased Strength and Vitality by making the holders body more durable and gives higher affinity to magic and crafting skills that use metal.

'Its official I'm being **ed with. This blessing is basically worthless to me, as a ghost I have no Strength or Vitality and there is no way for a ghost to be able to craft anything either. Unless I'm able to get some magic that involves metal later on this Blessing of Iron is completely pointless.'

'Finally, all I have left are race abilities and specter powers but from their names alone I have a pretty good guess as to what they all do already.'

Invisible: Makes the user unable to be perceived by normal senses.

Ethereal: Makes the User untouchable they have no physical form can pass through most matter and are unaffected by most forces in the world.

Chill Zone: The users presence lowers the temperature in a given area effect can change based on mood.

Float: Allows the user to move in three dimensions.

Possession: Allows the user to take control of a body. Effectiveness is determined by the difference in SPR stat.

Undying: The user is incapable of dying through normal means such as aging, thirst, hunger, suffocation, or disease.

Ghost Sounds: Allows the user to create sounds of chilling wind or quite wails. Power and range affected by level of skill.

'It's official this suck. I basically don't even exist no one can perceive me, and I can't physically come into contact with anything. The only way for me to affect the world is to give out free A/C, make spooky sounds, or possess someone. When I asked to be untouchable, I did not mean it so literally. It's like some kind of asshole genie granted me my wish and I got a curse instead of what I really wanted.'

'However, staying on this road forever isn't going to get me anywhere, guess I'll have to borrow people's bodies until I'm able to get an ability that allows me to interact with the world. Wait what the hell has the ground gotten closer or am I getting shorter.'

Marcus then looked down to find an unpleasant surprise in store for him. His body had sunk into the ground up to his thighs and he was slowly sinking even deeper.. His body soon was completely swallowed, and he could no longer see anything except the dirt in front of his face.


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