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Transmigrated as a Ghost Chapter 21 - 20 Magic Shop And Lively Goose Inn

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Marcus spent around an hour searching around for a magic shop before he gave in and asked a patrolling guard where to find one.

"Excuse me sir I was looking for a magic shop could you give me directions."

The guard looking a bit disgruntled before he took a good look at Marcus and enthusiastically responded.

"Certainly miss, on this side of the river there is however, only one small magic shop, but I would be more than happy to lead the way for you."

"Thank you and lead the way."

'Wow when I first opened my mouth the guy acted like I ruined his day, but once he turned around and saw me, he acted like it was the best day of his life, does he have some kind of disorder or something.'

As Marcus followed the guard, he saw many other building to take note of. The first was the Lively Goose Inn he had been recommended, followed by a weapons shop, a bank, and something that nearly made Marcus stop, a building with a sign saying adventures guild.

'Damn I wish I could head in there right this moment but if I stop now, I may not find the magic shop and I can always come back later. Since this is a fantasy world, I was hopping there would be some kind of adventures or mercenary association that I could take jobs from to make money.'

Marcus lamented that he could not immediately run in a sign up to be an adventure, but he continued to follow the guard to the magic shop. While traveling to the magic shop the guard kept asking question of Marcus, such as how long have you been in town, what is your favorite food, where are you staying, and finally are you single At that question even with as dense as Marcus is he was able to pick up what the guard was trying to accomplish.

'This guy is hitting on me, sorry dude, I may currently be piloting a woman's body, but I still have the soul of a man and am not interested.'

Marcus tries to subtly hint that he has no intention of going out with him, but the guard was not taking any hints. After a few more minutes of walking, they finally arrived in front of the magic shop called Katrina's Magic Cache. Marcus thanked the guard and bid him farewell before stepping into the magic shop. Once inside Marcus saw all types of strange things, from weird ores, parts of monsters and beasts, and an owl sitting by the front desk. Other than Marcus there was currently no one else in the store giving it a bit of an eerie feel.

'Okay this is kind of creepy but there are some books over there, and maybe I can find one with spells for one of the magic types I know.'

Marcus started to peruse the books that were on the shelves in search of ones containing fire, lightning, or iron magic. Unfortunately, Marcus ran into a major problem, even after searching through all of the magic books the cheapest one on fire magic was still eight gold.

'Holy ** all of these books are expensive, forget gold I do not even have one silver, after paying for my ID, and the entry fee, and tipping that performer all I have left is sixteen copper. I guess I should have expected magic to be expensive, most people cannot just purchase a magic skill like me they have to work hard to obtain it.'

Dejectedly Marcus left the shop and was unhappily surprised to see the guard still waiting for him.

"Ah miss Irene now that you have finished up your business, my shift just ended, and I was wondering if you would accompany me for dinner. I know a great restaurant that serves delicious fish caught right from the Tortoise River."

'Great I really am not in the mood to deal with this guy, sure you helped me out a bit, but I understand how guys think and I know you did not do it out of the kindness of your heart.'

It took Marcus a few minutes to finally get the guy to give up on dinner, after which he stormed off yelling, "that after all the help he had given this was how you repay me."

'Well at least that is done, now I need to go and get a room at the Lively Goose Inn since the sun is starting to set. I wonder why he was so persistent on trying to go out with me, now that I think about, I have not seen what Irene's face looks like without her horrible scar, let's see if I can find a mirror or something.'

Searching around for a bit Marcus manages to come across a building with a clear window that has a dark interior so he can see his reflection.

'Fuck no wonder I have gotten so many looks from people, Irene is hot, if it were not for her scar when I first saw her, I would have noticed then, but her face is incredibly beautiful. She also has striking purple eyes and while her hair was brown when I first saw her, it is now the most gorgeous platinum hair I have ever seen. This is both going to be a blessing and a curse, certainly people are more likely to be friendly to me at first, but I also stand out like a sore thumb.'

Once Marcus was finished inspecting himself, he retraced his steps in search of the Lively Goose Inn. When he passed by the adventurers guild, he almost went inside but decided against it. After a few minutes of searching around Marcus found himself in front of the Lively Goose Inn as the last dregs of light were disappearing. Marcus then entered the inn and was immediately struck with the strong smell of food and booze.

'Wow that smells great, other than the one stew I had at the village chief's house all of the food I have eaten has just been roasted on a fire.'

Marcus began to salivate a little at the smell of delicious food, but soon snapped himself out of it and walked over towards the front desk to rent a room for the night.

"Hello, I would like to rent a room for one night how much would that be."

The woman manning the front desk looked up at Marcus with and apologetic look before telling him, "I am sorry, all of our rooms are booked for tonight, if you want to stay here tomorrow though we should have some rooms available then."

'Fuck me, I knew I should have rented a room first, but the allure of magic got the better of me.'

While Marcus was frustrated about not being able to get a room and thinking up his next move two guys slowly approached him and started speaking.

"Hey there, miss if you need a room tonight, we do not mind sharing ours with you, but we will of course need a little compensation in return."

Marcus was completely stunned, these two random goons really came up to him and were offering a room if Marcus would have sex with them.

'This is so stupid do these guys really think that is going to work, do I look that desperate to have a room here, I would stay up all night standing in a park rather than sleep with these idiots.'

"No thanks, I will find another inn, and even if I can't, I would rather stay up all night than sleep in the same room as you two."

The men looked a little peeved at Marcus' response and one of them quickly reached out and grabbed Marcus' butt and said, "No need to be shy we won't bite, unless you ask us to."

Marcus quickly slapped the man's hand away and appraised both of the men's levels. Finding that they were only level eight and seven. Marcus swiftly implanted his foot into the groin of the man who had grabbed his butt. The man crumbled to the ground in an instance holding onto his most precious area and wallowing in pain. His friend then tried to backhand Marcus in retaliation, however Marcus caught his arm, grabbed his shirt, and slammed the man into the ground.. Leaving the two idiots that had just assaulted him writhing on the ground Marcus left the Lively Goose in search of another inn.


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